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    Morning! wish it were the end of the week, but we're getting there

    mia-nope no holiday, just taking a couple days off. i never take vacation and dbf and i have been traveling for 3 weekends straight--and are busy every weekend until labor day, so we need a break! trail marathon seems like fun, unless its loops?

    seattle-how many classes are you taking?

    java-oh that is so cute that big B wants to exercise, what a great example you are for him!

    RR: 8 easy miles this morning. didn't do p90x last night, so will tonight. i've been battling headaches in the afternoons.

    NRR: eh, still bored. did some laundry last night and went to bed super early--feeling better today. nothing much else happening. waiting on the weekend!

    FR: made veggie stir fry last night. was good, haven't had it in a while


      Good morning!


      RR:  I ran for the first time in three weeks this morning.  I ran 4.4 miles and it just goes to show why I don't take long periods of time off from running.  It felt awful.  I'm sure I"ll be back to normal after a few runs, so I'm not worried about it.  The only exercising I did on the honeymoon was a bunch of snorkeling.


      NRR:  So, I"m a married lady now!  The wedding was literally the best day of my life.  Everything turned out better than I could have imagined and we had the best time!  I wouldn't change a thing about that day.  The honeymoon was fantastic as well.  We went to Moorea and Bora Bora, where we snorkeled, went swimming with sting rays and sharks (not the dangerous kind) and relaxed on the beach.  We got back late Sunday night and DH had to go back to work yesterday.


      FR:  Lots of delicious stuff on the honeymoon, nothing too exciting since I've been back.


      Did I miss much while I was gone?


      SJP:  I'm sorry to hear you've been getting headaches lately.  Any idea what's causing them?


        Morning!  It's been cloudy and overcast here in the mornings which makes for good sleeping.  I had lots of trouble getting out of bed today.

        RR: a run at some point, either with TP after she is done with her son's golf tourny this morning or with youngest DD when she gets home today.

        NRR: Looking forward to both DD's being home for awhile.  They both have plans to travel some this summer off and on, so we'll see how that goes.  I have some busy weekends coming up - half marathon this weekend locally, trail marathon in Bend next weekend, party across the state for one of DBF's friends the following weekend, then a wedding the last weekend.  August is going to fly by. Still no word on the job. :-(


        FR: Doing okay, eating a limited amount of non produce carbs this week since I have some runs coming up.


        SJP: Good idea to take a couple of days off.  Do you know why you are getting the headaches?  I hate headaches.  The trail marathon is an UP and DOWN - point to point.  Should be great training for the Rim to Rim.



          RTR: Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS!!  So happy your wedding day was everything you hoped for and more.  Your honeymoon sounds awesome!!  Anymore news on the house purchase?



            MIA:  Thanks!  What's going on with the job situation?  Have you been interviewing lately?  When's your marathon?  Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention it, but we bought a house!  If all goes according to plan, we should settle on August 15th.  We put in an offer about a week and a half before the wedding, agreed on a price after some negotiations, did the inspection the Monday before the wedding, then applied for the mortgage the next day.  It's been a crazy few weeks for sure!


              Good Morning!


              RR- Yesterday was a rest day. Today I'll run some. Marathon is on Friday. I honestly have no clue if I'm ready or not.


              NRR- Went back to work yesterday and was basically punched in the face with work politics/drama. I did not miss that place while I was gone. Glad it's now my weekend.


              FR- Planning on trying to change things up a bit after the marathon. Add in some strength training. And actually focus on a little weight loss/ healthy eating.


              sjp- I love veggie stir fry! So good and so easy!


              rtr- Congratulations! How awesome that your wedding day was so perfect! And your honey moon sounds fantastic as well! Running will come back no problem after a few runs.


              Mia- Wow, you'll have a busy August! How far is Rim to Rim? Is it a scheduled thing or something a lot of people do on their own?


                Snow: Friday is a strange day for a marathon.  The Rim to Rim is just about marathon length, I think it's 25 miles.  It is kind of scheduled - not like an organized marathon but I'm going with a group of 30 women and it is an organized trip, if that makes sense.  Reservations needed to be made almost a year in advance for lodging.  We'll all meet up in Vegas on Friday, A bus is taking us to ST. George, Utah that afternoon, then we'll get in a shake out run on Saturday and some girl time.  Saturday night we go to the lodge at the Canyon and Sunday morning we start the run/hike really early.  Stay on the other side Sunday night where our stuff is being transported.  Monday back to Vegas and some of us are staying over on Monday night and leaving Vegas on Tuesday.



                  Whoops I meant Saturday! Rim to Rim sounds fun!


                    Good afternoon!


                    RR: No running today. Went to yoga at lunch and now I'm sitting here all sweaty.


                    NRR: Not much going on. Karate tonight, then dinner and bed. Trying to plan little b's birthday party (he will be 2 in a week and a half - CRAZY!!). The bakery where we have gotten all of our cakes forever closed, and now I can't find a new one I like. He may be cakeless. Cry


                    FR: Meh. Not being as strict as I was before our vacation, but still doing ok.



                    sjp - sorry about the headaches. Any ideas what is causing them?


                    rtr - WELCOME BACK!! And congrats on your new DH! Your honeymoon sounds perfect!


                    MIA - sorry you haven't heard about the job yet. I know that is frustrating. Enjoy your time with your DDs!


                    snowden - good luck at the race!! Sorry about the office drama - it is by far my least favorite thing ever.