Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fantastic Fridailies!!! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!  Clearly I'm excited by the fact that its Friday, especially since its Friday before spring break.


    RR:  I'll go for a run after work, probably around six miles.  Yesterday was a rest day, so I feel all refreshed.  I'm running a 5K on Sunday, so that should be fun too.


    NRR:  Epic grading session went on until 9:30 last night, still more to get done today, but I think I can get it done.  Then I am free for a week!  I have big plans of relaxation, hanging out with some friends and with DF too.  We're going to do some wedding stuff, and we might start looking at houses since we're planning on buying soon.  All in all, it should be a great week.


    FR:  The usual.



    Snowden:  Nice job on the long run the other day!  You’ve been doing a great job getting long runs in!


    MIA:  What kind of “arting” will DD be doing?  Also, how was Cirque du Soleil?


    Foco:  Is there anything interesting in your veggie stockpile?


    Seattle:  Thanks for the recommendation about climbing.  If I can ever find an affordable climbing gym I’ll try it out!


    OU:  Good luck with the 20 this weekend!  I always had to psych myself up for those too.  I’m sure you’ll do great!


    SJP:  I found my running group because one day I was out running on a popular running path around here and there were a bunch of ladies running together, too many to just be friends, so I thought maybe there was an all girl running group.   I did a google search, and sure enough, there was.  Who did you pick to win March Madness?



      rtr-oh how exciting about buying a house! does dbf work near you at all? hope you get all the grading done so you can enjoy spring break! that group sounds like fun. and awesome you took initiative to find it. i picked indiana, we'll see. i won the office pool last year, so pressure is on!

      snowed-oh wow, i didn't realize you did FD full time also. busy lady!

      RR: 10 on the treadmill this morning, gym felt more crowded because they are replacing all of the machines. it will be really nice, excited for new treadmills.

      NRR: some bad news. my coworker (and friend from college) found out his/and wife's dog has cancer. she is only 7 and is hte best little dog. she is in the office every day. its so sad, i feel so badly for them. tough, when you can't do anything, and the dog is young.

      FR: headed to the bar after work to watch some games with dbf. might meet some other friends out too.

        morning all! TGIF!!!! Although a little bitter sweet since it will be back to the grind after this!


        rr: did 5 miles last night.  Went out with a fast friend last night so first 3 miles were like 9 min pace.  Slowed down a bit for the final two.  Hips and everything are hurting today, but massage this afternoon!!!! Hopefully that will help a lot!  Suppose to do another 5 before my 20, we will see how many of those get done today/ tomorrow.


        nrr: great basketball yesterday.  Definitely my 2 favorite days of the year watching all the crazy tournament action.  No big plans for the weekend outside my long run.  Just relaxing and starting back in on homework for next week.  6 weeks till end of semester!


        fr: went out to a gourmet hot dog place after run last night.  Had a chicago dog and fries - yum!


        wr: 148.2, I'm not too concerned about the weight because I've been retaining water like crazy lately.


        rtr: enjoy break! hope you get tests done so you can relax!


        seattle: do you guys do tax stuff? wondering since you are switching software so close to tax day!


        mc: i will trade out dogs half way through a run.  do 2-3 miles with each one.  That way they both get one on one time, neither gets left out, and my arm doesn't get ripped off!


        sjp: I lost my first dog to cancer 5 years ago, she was only 6.  It was so tough because you don't think that you've gotten to spend enough time with them.  It's like having a kid!!!  feel sorry for them :-(


          Hi all,


          RR: Got about 3.5 in yesterday with co-worker. It was windy and cold! Today I'll do 6 at lunch. Sunny but cold.


          NRR: So excited because DS is coming home tonight for spring break. We pick him up tonight and think we're going to head straight to the mountains to do some fishing and general goofing off with dogs.


          RTR: Good for you on the grading progress! That marathon session is definitely worth being free for a week, i'm sure. Wedding stuff sounds fun, as does house hunting. So many exciting changes! In my veggie stockpile I have some of those colorful sweet peppers -- red and yellow. They're very pretty and go great with hummus.


          SJP: New treadmills will be great -- will they have some cool features like built-in TVs? So sorry about your friend's dog. I've had to go through losing 3 dogs now (since I was a teen-ager), and it never gets easier.


          OU: Basketball will be really fun this year! So many upsets already. You have a good dog scheme. I will ponder that.


            Good morning!

            RTR: Yay! for spring break. Enjoy!   Cirque was awesome, those acrobats are amazing!  DD Is doing some kind of art with books, painting them and carving them. Not really totally sure since I haven't actually seen them.

            SJP: very sad about your friends dog. How is your foot feeling?

            OU: enjoy that massage.

            RR : running with friend after dd leaves for school

            NRR : last night was so amazing.  Dinner was great, show was good. So much fun.

            FR : think I have a good mind set again  Dacian do thiS. 



              MC:  going to the mountains sounds great. Do you have a cabin there?  Enjoy time with your DS.



                Morning All!


                RR- Bagged the run yesterday. My day was just too busy. Sun is out again so I'll get in some good miles after my breakfast.


                FR-... had cookies last night... too many... felt nasty. First really major slip up in a while and it really affected my body. Not wanting to do that anytime again soon.


                NRR- DBF and I test drove a boat yesterday. We were already pretty convinced on buying it but actually getting on it in the water sealed the deal in our minds. DBF later made the guy an offer while I was at EMT class that was accepted. The loan lady at the bank has Friday's off so we have to wait til Monday to get things really going.


                rtr- woo hoo! spring break! Hope the rest of your grading goes quickly so you can get your relaxation on! Have an awesome 5K.


                sjp- You'll have to make your mark on a new treadmill that you'll always run on. Just don't pee on it or anything Smile. Come up with a "runners" mark. Sad about the dog Cry.I hate when things like that come up.


                ou- Hope your 20 miler goes good! When is your marathon?


                MC- Mountain time sounds fantastic! Enjoy!


                Mia- A good mind set will take you a long ways. It's so tough breaking bad food habits.