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    rtr-i may do a small local race in a couple weeks--dbf and i haven't decided. then one in mid-december that we are excited about. were you doing philly this year? or next? are you liking your new place after renovations?

    seattle-busy time of year for you! school in full swing, are you liking your classes?

    RR: 10 this morning, fairly uneventful. dbf and i did legs workout last night, not nearly as sore this time, thank goodness!

    NRR: red sox game tonight! i doubt i'll stay up for it all but will watch some of it for sure. otherwise, nothing much going on here, just wednesday.

    FR: made homemade black bean burgers last night, they were pretty good, need to figure out the spices as i sort of wung  it but still tasty!

      Hi guys!!!! Long time no chat - I have been so swamped the past few months with work and school.  I seriously don't have time to do anything!  I miss talking to all of you.  Hope you have been doing great!


      I wanted to stop by to share my awesome racing news from the weekend (In case you aren't my FB friend and haven't heard).  So I drastically cut my miles per week in May and started doing crossfit.  It was an experiment to see if crossfit + 15mpw would be the same as running 30+mpw and beating up my body.  So my big race test was last weekend... and it was amazing!!!!!  I was really worried going into the race that I hadn't prepared enough and decided I would just run and see how I did (not paying attention to my splits).  The weather was really cold (30* - since we had been sitting at 65* in the mornings!) so it was great running weather.  The cross had about 5 miles of hills at the beginning, a flat middle area, then the last 2.5 miles ended on hills.  After mile 4 I was averaging 8:50 pace (wtf!), i figured that wouldn't last so I just kept on.  At mile 10 I was still averaging an 8:55 pace and thought I can really do this.  I bit down and suffered through the final few miles of hills to finish in 1:59:25!!!! (on a long course, 13.31!).  My 13.1 split was actually 1:57Tight lippedx.  I was dead at the end from those final hills, but I couldn't believe how well I did and how easy it felt the entire time.

      I do miss running higher mileage, so once my life calms down I would like to keep up the gym 3x a week and add in another 5 miles of running (about 20mpw).  That could be a really great sweet spot in my opinion.  So anyways I just wanted to share my awesome news with everyone!


      I will really try to get back some more, I miss you all!


        Hi all,


        RR: Missed yesterday but today is really calm at work, so going to do 4 or 5 at lunch today. Maybe yoga tonight, too? I'm signed up for a "Dead Celeb" 5K on Friday night ... it's a night run with costumes and probably ending with margaritas. I'm trying to get my DD and her DBF to run it, too, but the entry fee is kind of expensive for grad students.


        NRR: Really quiet night last night and some lovely sleep ... I don't think I've slept that much in days, and I really needed it.


        SJP: I love the local races that you can just jump in to at the last minute. Go Sox!


        OU: That is such exciting news about your race! So when you were doing 15mpw, did you still do a long run? And you were doing Crossfit 3X a week that whole time -- or more? Did your back trouble go away? Really cool race report -- that must have felt terrific. I really haven't run  much more than about 10 miles a week since I had back trouble in late May. But I definitely need to do more weight training. I don't have that piece in place yet at all, except for occasional yoga with weights.


        Seattle: Getting back to your comment from the other day: Thanks for confirming that hiking poles are a great thing! I had pretty much decided to tell DH and DS to stuff it. ;-) (In the nicest possible way, of course).


          Hmm, there was an accident this morning and it took me an hour and 45 min to get in to work...  most of that on a 2-3 mile stretch.  Sounds like it is even worse now - I'm glad I left super early (wanted to get here an hour before I actually did).


          RR- Was going to do a 5 mi lunch break run, but it will now have to be after work since I got here much later than I wanted.


          NRR- Had a nice night with DBF last night - went to the gym, came home and cooked up some steaks, had some Snow Cap (my favorite winter warmer beer) and watched a movie before going to bed early.  Super busy at work this week which is why I had wanted to get in early... but oh well.  Tonight will be getting a couple hours of homework done.


          FR- Kind of in the mood for comfort food after the way this morning started... haha!


          Will try to make it back for shouts today Smile


            Super busy again at work today... whew!


            sjp - my classes this quarter are ok - they are somewhat time consuming but as long as I stay organized and on top of it I seem to be doing ok.  I am looking forward to future quarters when I can start taking more accounting-related and more relevant classes (right now I am taking business law and excel for business).  I would love to try black bean burgers sometime, you'll have to let us know when you perfect the recipe!


            ou - way to go on the half marathon PR, that is amazing!  Especially considering the low running mileage - I can't imagine running a PR in a race that long on so little weekly mileage so you must be rocking the cross training and such.  How exciting!


            MC - sounds like you are getting a much needed break with a good night of sleep last night and a quiet day at work today, I hope you can take advantage of it and have a great run!  The 5K on Friday sounds like a ton of fun, especially when followed by margaritas!!



              RR: New schedule this week so not much running.  I did run Monday, but didn't yesterday or today.

              NRR: STarted the temp work this week - working for elections.  I went on Tuesday for training, large group of people being trained, and wasn't totally thrilled with what I was going to be doing but figured it's good pay and it's only for 4 weeks so I'll do it.  Went in today and it turns out I'm the data entry/reconciliation person for a couple of areas - so super happy about that.  I like working on the computer with numbers much better than making sure voters didn't mess up their ballots so the computer can't read it (i.e. looking for rips, wrong color ink, stray pen marks, . . . . YAWN!!!)  So today I did some excel spreadsheets and helped in other areas where needed.

              I also got my call that I passed my background check and drug test for the job I'll start in December - so YAY!

              Figuring out how to get my school work done while working full time.

              FR: Finding it easier to keep food on track since I'm working and have a schedule.


              OU: Great job on your half!  Amazing that the crossfit would help so much.

              MC: I had trekking poles for the Grand Canyon hike and they really help tremendously.  Definitely get some.

              Seattle: Yesterday I had to be at work at 8, today at 7 and the traffic was so much worse today.  I figured it would have been worse for the 8 start.  Your hiking pictures were absolutely beautiful.  That was a great trip.  Did you have to reserve camping spots or did you just set up tents where ever?  Did you see many other hikers?  I thought the goats were so cool.