Weight Loss Dailies


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    RR:  I haven't gone running yet today, and I'm on the fence about it.  My hip is a bit sore, so still debating on whether or not to go.  If I do go, it'll be an easy 3.1 miles.


    NRR:  Not too much going on today.  Just a lazy summer day.


    FR:  Not sure what the plan is for dinner tonight, I think we might go out.


    Have a great day!




      RR- I'm on the fence about running today too. I probably would have but I slept in really really late. So most likely tomorrow.


      NRR- Same story here.


      FR- We seriously need to go grocery shopping. I've out dinner out every night since I've been back from TX except for one. I'm still carbo loading!


      rtr- Glad you're enjoying your lazy summer!


        Hi all,


        RR: I got my run in last night ... a little over 3. Felt OK. Not sure I'll get anything in today but still hoping to keep up my 3 miles daily for the week.


        NRR: Nothing much, just having DD, her boyfriend, and a friend of theirs who is visiting over for dinner tonight. Work is kinda blah today.


        RTR: I'm on the same page with you regarding running today.


        Snow: I'm carbo loading on watermelon ... I seriously ate half a (kinda small) watermelon yesterday. I love it when it's really in season, as it is right now.


          Hi Snowden!  Where is everybody today?


          I didn't go for a run, but I did go for a 4.4 mile walk.  It was great, I've been listening to this Ken Follett book on my ipod (Winter of the World), so I just listened to that while walking.  I don't normally listen to stuff while running or walking, but I haven't been driving much lately and I want to find out what happens.


          Snowden:  What did you do in Texas?


            RTR- I haven't read a Ken Follett book in a while. I hardly read during the summer, but during the winter I can easily read a book a week. In TX I mainly ate and drank. ...oh and a week of fire training. Smile


            MC- I LOVE watermelon too!