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    Good morning!  How was everyone's Memorial Day weekends?


    RR:  I ran a 25k trail race and had a great time!  I actually pr'd by 12 minutes!  My previous pr for this race was 3:02, last year I ran it in 3:18 and this year I ran it in 2:50, so I'm quite pleased with it.  I also fell three times, which is a pr of another sort!  Yesterday I didn't run, but it was such a beautiful day that DF and I ended up walking about four miles.  Today I'm not sure if I'll run or take one more rest day.  If I do run, it will be an easy three.


    NRR:  This weekend was a good one.  DF had off yesterday, which rarely happens.  He works for a private company so he gets very few federal holidays off.  We went to a wedding on Saturday, I raced on Sunday and yesterday we hung out, went to Barnes and Noble, saw Fast and the Furious 6 (so ridiculous, but slightly enjoyable), cooked dinner, then watched the Bachelorette.


    FR:  The usual.


    I'll try to make it back for shouts later today.  Have a great day!

      Hey all! Wanted to stop by real quick and say hi, and let you all know I didn't fall off the face of the planet!


      rr: not much running - been doing more crossfit.  I try to get in about 12 miles a week still, which is good for right now.  I desperately needed the running break.  My back is doing a bit better.  Still really sore - could use a massage or something!


      nrr: Had a busy weekend.  Went and got a new couch on Saturday. Helped with clean up efforts of Sunday.  Went to parents house on Monday - not too much relaxing in there!  Last week was nuts and crazy.  My commute went from 45 min to 1.5 hours each day because of traffic, and I was having problems with my back and work was crazy.  I was a mess.  Hoping this week is better!!!


      fr: made oatmeal, chocolate chip, craisin cookies - they were awesome!



        mia-glad you got some time with DBF, you two seem to really enjoy your time together.

        rtr-congrats on the trail race pr!!! that is fantastic. the trail race festival here was this past weekend, but we didn't enter this year, good thing, it poured all weekend! glad df got the day off too!

        ou-that is so great you helped relief efforts! how far away do you live from there? why the long commute?

        RR: great running this weekend! it poured so i ran 7 on the tmill at my parents saturday, 8.5 soggy miles outside sunday and 6 mi yesterday. today i ran 9 miles before work. super happy and no pain at all!

        NRR: had a great weekend at home. my nephew/niece are so stinkin' cute. my nephew is a little chatterbox and we had fun. made cookies, played with trucks, watched madagascar 3 and hung out. good mix of relaxing and activity at home.

        FR: oh we ate so much food. i didn't do too bad, i just at way too much, not necessarily unhealthy.


          Good morning! I hope you all had a good weekend!


          RR: ??? Not sure what I'll have time for today. Something.


          NRR: Had an ok weekend at the lake. The boys had fun, but my brother and SIL came, and she pretty much sucks.  They gave me $20 for the food (we spent around $300) and then ate most of it. Her and her friend used up all of the apple juice I had bought for the boys to make mixed drinks TWICE. Her friend got so drunk on the boat she was falling over and throwing up - in front of my kids. And when it was time to clean up and leave her and her friend sat on the coach and continuously turned up the tv so they could hear it over my cleaning. We did all of the cooking, all of the dishes, and all of the cleaning and she just did as she pleased. She finally got up and helped me clean after my brother came in from helping DH put up the boat and asked her why she was sitting on her butt while I did everything. We will have to have a long talk before she goes with me again. Ok vent over.  DH and I had a lot of fun at The Band Perry, so that was a good break.


          FR: Need to get back on track. Did ok this weekend, but I did splurge a bit.



          rtr - Congrats on the PR!!! Sounds like a very relaxing weekend too!


          OU - I drove by the damaged area on our way back from the lake - it was incredible to say the least.  Hope the traffic gets better soon. So glad I don't have to take that route.


            Hi all,


            RR: Still sticking to the 3-milers for now. Ran on Saturday, did a short hike yesterday, then a little over 3 this morning. It was so beautiful running this morning, and it's starting to heat up here, so it's good to get out in the morning.


            NRR: Really great weekend with lots of parties: Niece's on Saturday, neighborhood music jam Saturday night, then another grad party Sunday. Yesterday, DH and I took the dogs up the canyon and did a short hike, lots of stick throwing in the river for the dogs, then had a casual dinner at a restaurant/music venue that's right on the river. Really fun and relaxing! the only bummer is my back flared up again on Saturday. So frustrating. I had a regular doctor appointment this morning for an annual exam, and she made a referral to a physical therapist, so I'm going to try that next. Really getting tired of it.


            RTR: Yay for your PR -- that is fantastic! Sounds like a great weekend all-in-all.


            OU: Great to hear that your back is doing better. Really too bad about the commute taking so long -- that can't be helping the back situation.  How often are you going to Crossfit? I think 12 miles plus the Crossfit sounds like a good plan. You can probably feel yourself getting stronger every day.


            SJP: You're getting your mileage back up there again -- great that it's pain-free. Your nephew/niece sound really adorable.


            Java: Ugh, that SIL sounds like a true nightmare. The whole incident sounds like something out of a sitcom except not very funny. How weird for your kids to have to see that, too. At least it sounded like your brother recognized and acknowledged the situation. At least the Band Perry was good -- that helps!

              sjp: The city that was hit is between where I live and work, and it crossed the major highway so everyone wants to drive by and see how bad the damage is (driving 5mph on a 70mph highway).  Backs up traffic majorly.  There are only 2 other roads that go through, the rest are all closed down still.  Driving nightmare!  It was really awesome to help the people out on Sunday though - just moving rubble and offering encouraging words.  The lady I was helping was just ecstatic because her golf clubs survived!  so glad the pain in foot is gone - hooray for pain free running!  and I love madagascar 3 - such a good movie!!!


              java: which lake did you go to?  Murray?  Sounds like bro and SIL need to be on the do not invite list for awhile.  I would be soooo aggrevated at that!  One reason that I'm so glad I don't have a boat - seems like you "develop friends" that are just interested in partying on it!


              mc: sounds like a great weekend - bummer on the back though.  It's such a pain, i've looked like a grandma for days now.  Sitting for long periods of time is definitely the worst!!!  I am doing crossfit 3x a week, which ever days I choose.  Can definitely feel the arm muscles, hoping I feel the leg ones when I really start running again.


              rtr: are you out of school yet?




                RR- Had some decent running this weekend. 14.4 on Saturday which really kicked my ass. Sunday I went out and kept it easy on the trails for 8. Sunday's run was the first I didn't feel like I could keel over and die at any minute, so I think I'm back in the groove!


                FR- Nothing special to write home about.


                NRR- Worked through the weekend and yesterday and today is my work-Friday. DBF and I are hoping to get on on the boat tomorrow. Hoping the weather stays nice as it's been perfect the past few days.


                rtr- Sub 3, awesome! I fall all the time on trails too. Sometimes at the end of a run when I'm tired and forget to pick my feet up and sometimes near the beginning of a run for no reason other than lack of paying attention. Glad you had a great race! That's a huge PR.


                OU- Sounds like a busy life right now! Nice job keeping up with your fitness.


                sjp- Wow on the miles! That's so great that your foot seems to be all healed up!


                Java- I would be pissed too! Glad you managed to have a fun weekend even around a terrible person. I can't believe getting that drunk around kids!


                MC- Man, I hope this PT can help out with your back. That must be so frustrating!


                  Hi again!


                  OU:  School isn't out for us until June 24th, so there's still a bit left!  How do you like crossfit?


                  SJP:  Nice job upping the mileage without any pain.  That must be a relief!  Yikes, I'm not sure I would have done my race if it was pouring the entire time.  It was muddy enough.


                  Java:  Wow, I have no words.  Except to say that I would never go back to the lake cabin with them again.  I'm not sure which part of their actions are more appalling, but I'm pretty sure each one individually would be enough to make me mad, but all together?  Yikes.  How rude!


                  Foco:  I'm sorry to hear that your back is acting up again.  Hopefully the PT will be able to help you out.  That's great that you got up early to run.  I think I might need to do that this week, but I'm not sure I'll make myself do it.


                  Snowden:  Wow, that's some crazy running you did this weekend!  I know what you mean about being tired at the end and not picking up you feet.  That was definitely the cause of one of my falls.  Nice running this weekend!


                  Have a great day!