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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'll be running after work today, somewhere between 4-6 miles.  Tomorrow's a rest day and Saturday I'm going to run between 12-13 miles.  I have a 25k trail race the next weekend and I haven't run more than 10 in a long time, so I want to get in a bit of a longer run before the race.


    NRR:  Today is work, running, then DF and I are going to have a date night.  We might go to a nice restaurant and eat dinner on the patio if its nice out.  After that, we'll probably watch some Breaking Bad.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.



    SJP:  The big day is July 13th, so its coming up pretty soon!  When is your sister getting married?


    OU:  How did round 2 of cross fit go?  Did you work out your arms again or focus on a different area?  I think my slump is the change of weather.  I’m actually running a 25k trail race Memorial Day weekend, so  hopefully I’ll snap out of it soon.


    MIA:  Mmmm, Thai food.  I haven’t had that in years!  How’s your mom’s visit going so far?


    Java:  How was the Thunder game?  I’ve never been to an NBA game, but I imagine it’d be fun, especially since it’s the playoffs.  I can’t believe its your kid’s last full week of school.  We have another five weeks or so left!


    Seattle:  Jalapeno aioli with sweet potato fries sounds amazing!   Does your running feel back to normal after your marathon?


    Snowden:  Welcome back!  Sorry the bad weather followed you around!  I’m sure its just water weight that you gained and will be off in no time.

      rtr: I agree on weather being a big slump...it's starting to get really hot here and that is always bad for running mojo - who gets excited to die of a heat stroke while running 2 miles?  It feels like crossfit focused on the arms again, but I think it really focuses on full body and since my arms are so weak they feel the brunt of it.


      mia: R2R sounds like fun.  I've always been interested in trail running as well, but we don't have enough trails in OK to make it an exciting option.  I totally agree on mornings alone - I love that my roomie works evenings now so she isn't awake when I get up.  I like it to just be quiet with no distractions.


      java: how was the game? I went to bed at halftime because I didn't think we would make a game of it - but apparently we did.  Oh well, I didn't really want to watch us suffer anymore - poor KD must be exhausted!  I usually am not a cleaner organizer, but I could clean because my school schedule was so busy and it piled up till it exploded.  That and the stupid magazine inspired me...


      snow: what part of CO? I am going to the San Juans in July to hike and camp.  I am liking crossfit, but you can definitely tell there are the people that "drink the water" in it.  I'm just using it as a class type of experience to do my strength training - I have no desire to quite running or start doing crossfit compititions.  Some of these people are like you will never have to train for a race again - and do this comp and this.  Overall the workout are kick you butt, and get out what you put in type of thing.  I am definitely learning alot about lifting and my arms are incredibly sore - which is good!  It's nothing like a plush gym type of atmosphere - more like a bunch of guys in their garage with weights and bars!


      sjp: Oh my gosh the dusting - dust bunnies bigger then my head!!!! (I never dust,maybe once ever two years).  I do feel so much better when I see the areas I've cleaned though!


      rr: day 2 of crossfit, much tamer - it wasn't as HITT focused and more neutrally focused.  Did the rowing machine which I love to do then some over head lifting and "chin-ups" (which was jumping to the chin up position).  This morning my entire upper body is feeling it though, I seriously don't use these muscles enough!  Hope to get in a 3 mile run tonight


      nrr: well my NBA team is out of the playoffs so I can no get back to a normal sleeping pattern.  Can't say I'm too bummed about that!


      fr: so when I first started training for 1/2 marathons I would eat so much, I guess because I was building new muscles and doing more then I ever had before.  Finally got over that, but now I'm back with crossfit - could seriously eat a horse!  Anyways, trying to make sure when I eat something extra that it is healthy...definitely burning a lot of calories if I'm this hungry!



        rtr-that is coming right up! my sister is getting married aug 24th. enjoy date night, that sounds like a fun evening.

        ou-its good to be sore! are you liking cross-fit? seems like a nice change of pace, even if it hurts to move!

        RR: same story. heel isn't as sore, its more at the base of my calf muscle, trying to be careful.

        NRR: last day of the week for me! sister has graduation/hooding for MBA. Parents are coming to my place tomorrow morning. then we are off to my sisters. excited to see everyone.

        FR: nothing exciting. craving iced coffee since its warmer here today


          Good morning!


          RR- Had a good 5 mi run yesterday and a good climbing session w/DBF last night.  We did a lot of overhang stuff which is fun but hard and a great workout!  My abs are sore today for sure.  Today is a rest day which I am glad for!


          NRR- Super busy super busy.  I stayed late at work yesterday and I may wind up doing so again today.  The accountant who is on vacation is coming back on Monday, so it should ease up a little bit, but Monday also starts the beginning of all the month end stuff at work.  I am looking forward to a three day weekend for Memorial Day for sure!  Not sure what else is on the menu tonight aside from cleaning/laundry/hw.  I may try to bake some cookies for DBF if I have enough energy, but we shall see!


          FR- Stir fry chicken & veggies + rice tonight.  Quick and easy and healthy!


          I will try to take a break today so I can actually make it back for shouts this time Smile


            Good morning!


            RR: Yoga tonight.


            NRR: had fun at the game - even though we lost. It was crazy not having to get the kids ready this morning! I sat while I ate my breakfast and had coffee - like a civilized person!! Tonight it is yoga and then pizza making with the boys!


            FR: Been doing really well in this area. Hoping I can keep this up until we go to Mexico!



            rtr - Have fun on your date night! I miss having a nice, long dinner sitting on a patio somewhere! My kids require that dinner take no longer than 30-45 minutes or they get restless. Cry


            OU - Yeah, it was a bit sad to see the season end the way it did after last year, but I guess there's always next year!  I'm glad you are liking Crossfit! I've always heard it's a killer workout!


            sjp - enjoy your nice weekend and congrats to your sister! Glad your heel seems to be improving.


            seattle - I really wish I could try climbing! I've never felt comfortable even trying because I'm so short I'm worried I won't be able to reach everything.  Hope work calms down for you soon!


              Quickly - Java, I am short too (5'3) and while there are definitely times I envy DBF's height/reach (he is 6'3!) I have still been able to climb lots of stuff.  I often climb the same route differently than DBF but the creativity is part of the fun!  There are some short scrunchy routes that I can do a lot more easily than DBF as well.  There is a professional female climber who is super good and she is only 4'10 - so it is definitely doable even for shorties like us!  Smile


                HI all,


                RR: I did OK running last week but haven't done much this week because the schedule was too tight. I got up one morning and tried to do some yoga-type stretching and really tweaked my back so now I'm battling that. Going to chiro today (I feel like a broken record here) to see whether she can get me adjusted/fixed up. I'm going to have to have her start traveling with me, I guess. Anyway, I'm going to try a few miles tonight after she adjusts me and if it hurts, I'll just go for a long walk.


                NRR: Finally back home! I am excited to get my photos from DD's graduation uploaded and shared with family, and get caught up around the house. I think some spring cleaning is in order. Tonight DH and I are going to get signed up for his insurance and off my company's (his insurance is starting to look better, plus they offer Kaiser, which is moving into Northern Colorado). Other than that, just busy at work.


                RTR: 25K sounds like a perfect distance. I haven't started Breaking Bad yet, but it's on my list.


                OU: The San Juans in July will be beautiful ... that sounds fun. We're going to a music festival in Telluride mid-July (not the Telluride Bluegrass Festival but another one cal the Ride Festival) and I'm so looking forward to it. Love it over there. Your experience with CrossFit sounds similar to mine -- my arms got hammered, I loved the rowing (one thing I could actually do fairly well), and general puzzlement at how rabid some folks are about it. And generally down on running, which was interesting. I did meet a few people who are CrossFit Endurance followers, so they were keen on incorporating running with the lifting.


                SJP: Glad your heel isn't as sore now, sounds like you're on the mend.


                Seattle: I am ready for a break from work, too. Hoping Memorial Weekend can be work-free and relaxing. So you already signed up for another marathon, right? You are amazing!


                Java: Your joy at being able to sit down while you ate breakfast made me laugh!




                  RR- Ran 8 miles yesterday that kicked my butt! A weeks worth of bad eating habits and no running will do that I guess.


                  FR- Yesterdays tough run kicked my into gear for eating better, or at the very least as I was before my trip. Lots of fruits. More veggies.


                  NRR- Just getting back into the daily grind.


                  rtr- 25k sounds like a great distance. Not terribly long, but worth the entry fee. And I'm always on the side for trail running!


                  OU- I was in Colorado Springs where I grew up and Denver some where DBF grew up. San Juans a great! I wish I had spent more time in them. I like your take on CF. Get into it what you put out of it, but not joining the "CF is the only way" cult. I think it'd be a great thing for total body fitness. I did one yoga session while I was home and I felt out of shape when I realized how many muscles I don't use.


                  sjp- Sorry your ankle is still bothering you. Has your pain/discomfort changed at all?


                  Seattle- What are your plans now(if any) now what your marathon is over? Still planning on keeping some higher mileage?


                  Java- Nice job eating well! How long til Mexico?


                  MC- Too bad about your back. Are there other options than continuous adjustments? I don't have any experience with back pain, but it must affect a lot of things you do.


                    rtr - sounds like a good idea to get a longer run in before the trail race!  Let us know how it goes, trail running/racing is deifnitley something I'd like to try more of!  Enjoy your date night w/DF!  running feels mostly back to normal, I've just been kind of tired in general this week since I've been so busy but it is going much better than the first post-marathon run I did haha!


                    ou - glad you are liking the crossfit so far!  I am pretty sore this week from rock climbing, it definitely works muscles I have not ever really used before.  It also makes me super hungry when I am runing a lot and climbing a lot, you are not alone in that!


                    sjp - iced coffee sounds delicious!  Congrats to your sister on her MBA, that is so exciting for her!  Hope your calf starts cooperating soon - smart of you to take it easy on it!  Do you think it's more muscular or could it be an achilles issue?


                    MC - welcome back!  hope the chiro helps tonight so that you can get back into a running routine soon!  Sounds like you have been super busy and productive as well!  I sometimes feel like it's easier to be productive after work when I am busy at work... like the energy just carries over into the evening until I get too tired and finally crash.  If I am lazy at work I don't feel like doing anything when I get home either, haha.  I did sign up for another marathon, we shall see how it goes!  I've run fulls 7 weeks apart before but not 4!


                    snowden - hope you aren't having too much of a tough time getting back into the routine of things...  running always feels weird after being on vacation but it is a good motivator to make sure you are treating your body well!  I actually signed up for another marathon on June 2- it's a gorgeous course and I figured if I want to run another (probably just for funsies) I might as well do it while I'm still well trained from Tacoma!  After that I am planning on doing some speedwork, trail running etc over the summer but will still probably try to keep the mileage decently high just because I like it!


                      Snow: I would love to find another option besides the continuous adjustments ... I was down to about once every 3 weeks for a while, so I'm really trying to figure out what set it off this time. Not a clear pattern so far. In the meantime, I get immediate relief from the adjustments, so I'll keep experimenting with timing on those, trying different heel lifts, and keeping my running/yoga mix going.


                      Seattle: I agree, I think doing another marathon while you're still well trained makes sense. I did significantly better on my second HM, two weeks after the first.


                        Happy THursday.

                        rr: no run today but I mowed the lawn.

                        nrr: babysat for a friend this morning.  The baby is 5 months.  She was not happy mom left her.  So I walked and bounced her a lot.  visit is going okay with mom, she is so slow just going to the grocery store takes super long.  tomorrow we are heading down to Portland, so I'll be able to keep her more easily occupied.  She 's bored I think but I'm not sure what to do with her.

                        I have another job interview on Tuesday morning, fingers crossed.  It's part time so that would work well with my school work.

                        fr: doing pretty well.  Always easier when I have others around for some reason.  Making fish (that I caught) tonight.  DBF is coming for dinner and making a greek salad (his specialty).


                        rtr: Hope you have a great dinner tonight. Eating on the patio sounds really nice.

                        OU: lifting always makes my appetite increase.  Sounds like this is going to be a great compliment to running.

                        sjp: We're heading to graduation tomorrow also.  Very exciting!  What is your sister's degree in?  Does she have a job?

                        Seattle: Love that we've been having nice weather this week again.  You are going to love NODM

                        Snow: I hear you on the icky run after a vacation  It's amazing how our bodies respond to different eating and drinking.

                        Java: What a treat to have a quiet b'fast.  : )  I remember those days so well.

                        MC: Ouch!  Sorry about your back.  Not fun. Hope the chiro works some magic