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    Morning! Almost through the week, got the music on at work!

    mia-i always bring my lunch to work, my coworkers make fun of me becuase its always the same, pb/bagel, carrots, yogurt and then other random snacks. i will go out to eat sometimes but its expensive! i know job searching is tough, hang in there!

    snowed-that is cool, free class then volunteering. seems like a good system! how often would you volunteer with the EMT's?

    seattle-you always make me want chicken nuggets!!!

    RR: 10 miles on the treadmill, its cold and super windy here today. supposed to get some snow tonight, nothing big, just a few inches. wore new shoes and shins instantly felt better!

    NRR: not too much going on. feel like i'm getting a cold or something, throat is thick. i really don't want to get sick, this will be the first weekend with sun/no snow in 5 weekends. we want to hike!

    FR: someone brought in girlscout cookies...danger!


      sjp: I always brought my lunch to work too.  I think the reason I'm finding the job search hard is because I'm not exactly sure what I want to do.  I really like working with people so I don't think I want to be stuck behind a desk, but I also see positives in a desk job.  I was looking into being a "wellness coach" or a "Life coach" and that looks very appealing but I'd have to take some classes and get certified first.  Checking into that now.


      RR: Not really sure what I'm going to do today, maybe just walk/run the hills in my hood today.

      NRR: Yesterday I had some dental work done so my jaw felt like I was punched last night.  I also got a massage and it was okay.  I got a new person because the one I had booked with was injured.  The new person was okay but didn't spend enough time on my shoulders where I hold all my stress.

      FR: much better yesterday because there was no trigger stuff in my house.  I need to make sure I keep my triggers out of here.



        Good morning!


        RR- Rest day from running today, thinking of going to the climbing gym for just a short climbing session after work tonight.  Don't want to go too crazy before the half on Saturday!


        NRR - Had a nice relaxing night with DBF yesterday, we just cooked up some dinner, watched TV, gave each other massages and fell asleep early.  Hoping to get lots of homework done tonight so I don't have to worry about it too much over the weekend!


        FR- Going to try making chicken alfredo w/rice noodles instead of regular pasta... we shall see how that works out!



        Back a bit later for shouts!


          Hi all,


          RR: Going to do 6 at lunch with coworkers. Should be fun, and it's a beautiful day! I missed yesterday because of general work chaos.


          NRR: Heading to Austin conference tonight, and as soon as I get back next Wed, DD will arrive with boyfriend. So that will be fun, but I have some conference calls creeping in even though I'm trying to clear out my work calendar. She has to meet with her (future) adviser if she decides to do grad school here. Her boyfriend is still waiting to hear whether he got into grad school here (at CSU). Will pack running shoes and aim to get out for runs as many days as possible in Austin.


          FR: We are really low on food in the house, so I've been eating toast instead of eggs for breakfast. If I needed convincing that eggs are better than bread for me breakfast-wise, this little experiment proved it once and for all. I'm starving and it's only 9:30. Thinking of heading to the bagel place and getting a bagel egg sandwich. In fact, I can't stop thinking about it! Maybe that will serve as lunch.


          SJP: I eat the exact same thing for lunch every day, too: Salmon on mixed salad greens, walnuts, tomatoes. Apple with almond butter. Every single day. Glad your new shoes feel better! Amazing what a difference that makes.


          Mia: I bet it is tough to keep spirits up with your job hunt. My DH went through that not so very long ago. He decided to take some classes in the field he thought he was going to like, just to make sure it felt right. That was a good thing to do. He then forged ahead with that career path and is really happy. So maybe taking a class or two in your interest area will point you in the right direction. A friend of mine who just lost her job got a part-time position as a water aerobics coach and working at a tennis center that's expanding (she's super-good at tennis). She mainly did it so her gym membership would be free, but she is liking it so much (especially the not-being-behind-a-desk part) that she's going to get certified as a personal trainer and aquatics instructor.


          Seattle: So excited to see how you do on the half this weekend! You have been working so consistently, on running, strength, everything. I bet you rock that thing! So nice that DBF gives you massages--he sounds like a keeper! :-)




            RR- I ran 6.66 miles yesterday. I thought about going for longer but I really just didn't have the time. Today I'll run, but probably not my usual weekly long run due to lack of time.


            FR- Over did it last night for dinner. I got that stress eating bug that's been going around.


            NRR- I had fire drill last night and I was so tired I was in a bad mood the entire time. I just should have stayed home. I debated with myself over staying home but I would have felt guilty just sitting on the couch. I have a hard time saying no to things/people and it's starting to catch up to me. I'll be glad when this EMT class is over and done with. EMT midterm tonight. I didn't get the chance to study yesterday so hopefully I will today, or I'll just wing it.


            sjp- I've been a volunteer on the fire side for just over a year. When I get my EMT cert in about a month I can start going on those calls too. The system is set up so volunteers go through training and then get a pager and we all respond from home with our gear in our cars to the scene. Girl scout cookies are dangerous! They are everywhere!


            Mia- I'm getting better about not keeping trigger food in my house. I told DBF he is not allowed to bring home ice cream or pizza. I just can't say no, or stop eating til its gone. Makes for multiple bad food days in a row.


            Seattle- Let us know how the rice noodles taste, I've never had that before.


            MC- I bet you're glad to be back into running more frequently. And your lunch sounds good! Do you do canned salmon?


              RR: Got the 6 in with coworkers. They had been doing intervals and weights earlier in the week, so they were sore, which matched my general trying-to-get-back-into-it mode.


              Snow: I am so glad to be running again. I felt like in just two weeks, my legs were starting to get mushy again. Yikes. I do use canned salmon from WF. It's pretty good. Although not as good as salmon just pulled from the sea and grilled, I must say.


                Mia - my office is hiring for a compliance/admin assistant type position - it's entry level and I'm not sure if it's something you'd be interested in, but I'd be happy to pass your resume along if you'd like!  feel free to message me on FB or whatnot.  I can't promise anything but I can put in a good word for you!


                  Seattle: I messaged you on FB.  Thanks!