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    java-enjoy vacation!!!!!!!!

    mia-hope the job leads turn into something--always good to get them from friends who can put in a good word for you.

    seattle-it was hot during the race, oh well, its july! haha. saw the pics of you and your mom climbing, did she like it?

    snowed-yes last race was with my sister--but was a 6k so super short, but also blazing!

    RR: well, half went okay, i really died around mile 8-11, it was on a trail here called back cove, that is a little inlet of the ocean but there was no breeze and it was killer. just so exposed. i felt good through the first 6, then just got too hot. i managed a 1:52 so decent, but just not my usual race pace. today i ran 10 miles, my legs feel just fine since i didn't run too fast yesterday.

    NRR: another week. don't have too much this week. its going to be really hot/humid so just trying not to sweat to death i guess! probably a bike ride 1 of the nights after work and then thursday getting stuff ready for the bridal shower. i have a golf tourney friday.

    FR: they gave out Yasso frozen greek yogurt popsicles. omg, they were delicious. not super sweet which was really nice, so awesome after the race.


      Good morning!


      RR – Ran 6 mi on Saturday, climbed yesterday (took my mom and her friend and her friend’s daughter with – none of them have ever climbed before and my mom is terrified of heights, but they all did great and had fun!).  Today will be a 4 mi lunch break run and then climbing with DBF after work.


      NRR- Had exactly the low key relaxing weekend that I needed.  I slept in, ran, did some errands and cleaning and homework on Saturday, and then DBF and I BBQd on my awesome deck.  We made some delicious food (halloumi cheese, anyone?), went down to the beach (can’t believe I live 5 min from such an awesome spot) and watched the sunset, and just relaxed and talked.  Hopefully this next week will be a little less stressful than the previous one!  Probably just the usual cook dinner w/DBF and go to bed early after the climbing gym tonight – we are boring on weeknights and I kinda like it!


      FR – DBF and I are both focusing on eating healthy and cooking more rather than going out to eat, so probably some variation of chicken/potatoes/veggies meal that is so easy and pretty tasty and healthy too.


        Good Morning!

        RR: Felt so good to take a rest day on Friday and I pretty much took another one on Saturday.  By Sunday I was feeling so much better so I ran 10 on a trail near DBF's house.  Wasn't a great run because my hip was talking some but it felt better after.  Today running 5 with my friend and then crossfit tonight.

        NRR: Had a very nice weekend with DBF.  Some of it we just did our own thing, I went for a run, he went for a ride, I had to take a job assessment and do some testing for one of the jobs I applied for so I did that Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we drove out to where my youngest goes to college (took the back roads through the mountains) and took her out to an early dinner, then headed back and hit up some fruit stands on the way home.  PEACHES AND CHERRIES YAY!!!

        FR: Stuck with healthy eating pretty much.  chicken and veggies one night, salmon and veggies another night.  When we took DD out it was pasta which was my first carbs in over a week, my tummy wasn't happy.  Also it was a chicken dish but when they brought it out it was fried chicken - ICK!!  I ate a couple of bites but not much of the chicken.  Who would serve fried chicken with a pasta dish?


        SJP: I hate running in heat like that.  Good job toughing it out!!  I have a half coming up Aug 3, and I'm hoping its not too hot.  It was freezing the first year I did it.  I heard from one job Friday afternoon and they sent me an assessment and some tests to take.  Did those on Saturday morning so I'm hoping to hear today or tomorrow.


        Seattle: Sounds like a perfect weekend.  We had such great weather. DBF has a fantastic deck also, so while he was doing some of his stuff, I sat out there and read.  So peaceful.



          Good Morning!


          RR- 11 yesterday. I finally had a good strong feeling run. Felt like I could have kept going. But...stupid work. Easier/shorter run today soon.


          FR- I need to get this under control more. I haven't had ice cream(my weakness) in a few weeks, but I have had every other sweet in the world.


          NRR- 2 more days of work before my "weekend" then I leave for Texas for a bit where I am going to die in the heat! But I'm looking forward to a break from work.


          sjp- Wow! 1:52 on a trail race in the heat! I'm impressed! Do you do much trail running?


          Seattle- Your weekend sounds really really wonderful!


          Mia- I love peaches and cherries! I just love fruit! The Chelean Produce from somewhere in WA comes up to Sitka once a month. They were just here Saturday. I got peaches and cherries!


            Snowden:  you may have told us, but what are you doing in Texas?  Yup, Chelan WA, that is a big area for produce and camping.  Lots of produce stands on the way home from DD's college.  Love the Farmer's Markets this time of year also. It's pretty amazing but since I pretty much cut out grains I haven't craved sweets as much.



              Back from a hot and breezy but good lunch break run!


              sjp - my mom had fun watching everyone climb and was proud of herself for trying it.  not sure if she actually liked it but I don't think it was bad as she had feared so that was a victory in itself (she is terrified of heights!).  way to go toughing it out on a hot race - that can make such a huge difference.  frozen yogurt popsicles sound like a perfect treat after a hot race!  hope you can find some ways to stay cool this week Smile


              Mia - we've had such a gorgeous spring/summer here, it's crazy!  so nice and sunny every day almost.  sounds like you guys had a great weekend too - all the farmers markets are so good right now!  I have been eating so much fresh produce lately.  fried chicken in pasta definitely sounds weird to me!


              snowden - glad you had a good run - it's so nice to have runs like that to build your confidence if it gets a little low.  have fun in Texas!  are you visiting family or vacation or?  hope you can stay cool down there and enjoy your break from work!

                Hey all, checking in super late today!

                mia: fried chicken in pasta, ick - that does sound gross.  Potential lead on a job? or just a part of the interview application process?


                seattle: jealous you can just walk to a beach whenever - i bet you guys have so much fun!  Will the new place have such a great opportunity?


                sjp: good job on the half, even in the heat.  We have a break this week, in the 70s so everyone is out running and enjoying it!


                snow: texas? you are going to die! -so hot down there this time of year.  What part of texas?


                rr: got in 3 last night because it was 70* and awesome!!!!  Also did a killer crossfit workout yesterday morning.  I had woken up with a sore back though and the workout aggravated it, so I spent a majority of the day icing and stretching.  I think my yoga stretching class on Saturday just made it upset.


                nrr: pretty low key weekend.  got lots of cleaning at my house done which is good for the weekend before vacation.  Went to see Despicable Me 2, cooked out, nothing too exciting.  Ready to get this week over with so I can hit the road for vacation!


                fr: made a really great veggie pasta dish this weekend.  It is on the cover of the August Real Simple magazine.  It had corn, zucchini, and tomatoes.  YUM!!!! had it with salmon.  Not sure what dinner is tonight - need to figure something out.


                wr: I am up to 156... was talking to friend about whether it looks like I have gained weight over the last 2 months of crossfit. She told me it did not look like it - and that muscle weighs more then fat.  I know that I had very little muscle before I started, so maybe some of this weight gain is just that transfer over.  My clothes are not tight (not loose either) so I guess that is a fairly good sign that it isn't fat I am gaining...


                  ou - the new place is about 2 miles east of my current place - so it won't be *as* close but still only a 10-15 min drive!  glad to hear the crossfit and the healthy eating are going so well - I think sometimes the number on the scale is tough to judge by, especially when you are starting to lift heavy weights - it seems like it sort of takes a while for the body to adjust to that and as your friend said, muscle is more dense than fat so even if you are getting more muscular and losing fat it may not reflect how you think it would on the scale!  I have just thrown mine out at this point and am going by how I feel and what I see in the mirror!