Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fridailies! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I got home late from work last night, so I didn't run.  Tonight I'm planning on doing a longer run, probably 10 miles.  I kind of like doing longer runs after work, instead of on Saturday mornings.  Plus, DF and I have plans tomorrow afternoon, so this will be a good time to fit it in.

    NRR:  Friday!!!!  That's really all I have to say about that.  I'm excited for the weekend.  Tomorrow DF and I are going to look at wedding rings, then hopefully meet with the Realtor.  Sunday I don't really have too many plans, just relax, maybe run and get ready for the week.


    FR:  The usual.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    MIA:  Congrats on the interview!  What’s the job?  I don’t really have any time off before the end of the year, I think just Memorial Day.


    Foco:  I kind of wanted to see Admission, but then I heard from everybody that it was pretty bad.  Maybe I’ll catch it when it comes out on Netflix or OnDemand.  Nice job on the 10 miler!


    SJP:  That’s nice that the landlord is showing the place a bunch at one time, so you don’t constantly have to leave.  Hopefully someone who saw it last night will take it.


      Good morning!


      RR - Rest day yesterday, today is 6 mi run before work this morning and then an intro to climbing class at the gym this evening.  It is for women and taught by women so should be a fun way to learn some more technique and such.  Tomorrow I have a 12 mile run.

      NRR - Yesterday was kind of a weird day...  super gray and I just felt kind of blah the whole day.  On the bright side, I brought dinner to my Grandma yesterday and we talked for almost 2 hours, she seemed really happy and sharp and on top of it more than I've seen in a while so that was great.  Nice to hear her telling funny stories about my mom and aunts when they were little! Not sure what is up for the weekend aside from homework...  DBF might be going out of town with some of his guy friends but hopefully I'll get to see him at least a little!

      FR - No idea, the climbing class is from 7-9 so I'll probably do an early dinner and then a snack after...


      Back for shouts in a bit!


        Hi all,


        RR: Going to try my best to squeeze in a 6-miler at lunch today but it's a hectic day.


        NRR: Heading to Wichita this evening with my mom/sister for my aunt's 90th birthday celebration. Will try my best to squeeze in a run tomorrow amid the festivities. Then driving back on Sunday. Lots of car time.


        Mia: Fantastic that the interview went well! Very, very cool.


        RTR: Hope your 10 mile run goes well tonight -- I really enjoyed doing mine in the evening earlier this week. It was great to not have to rush to get it done, and it was a beautiful evening. Also nice to have it done so I don't have to worry about it this weekend.


        Seattle: The climbing class sounds really neat. It's great that you got to spend some time with your grandma. I'm really looking forward to seeing my aunt this weekend -- she's always been such a go-getter, with a million things going on all the time. She was still tutoring high school students in her 70s! Have a great run tomorrow on your 12.



          MC-sounds like a tough course in a couple weeks. hilly races are tough, but so nice to tell that war story! enjoy your trip this weekend.

          Mia-yes everyone is moving out of the house. If my roommate was staying, she/us would find additional roommates. Hard for landlords to pick who lives with us. Its a really nice house, so easy to find people that want to live there. congrats on the interview!!!!!! that is fantastic news

          rtr-realtor?! exciting. sounds like a great weekend. enjoy your run this afternoon, temps must be better these days?

          seattle-that sounds like a really cool climbing class. have fun! so great you get to spend time with your grandma. i bet she really loves that.

          RR: 8 miles this morning. my cold was a little worse last night so i didn't sleep all that great. race tomorrow. looks cold and windy--which is bad bc its at an air base and is wide open and notoriously windy, even if its not 'windy'. haha. shall be interesting.

          NRR: picked up my sisters wedding dress last night, its so pretty. otherwise really tired. landlords are showing the house again from 4-5 today, they are very picky, haha. but luckily we are at work this time. no big weekend plans, racing, then sunday night we are going to see pentatonix, the group that won that show 'the sing-off'.

          FR: eh, nothing exciting. i need groceries but with a cold, just not feeling it



            RTR: Sounds like a nice weekend ahead.  The job is at a big medical practice NEARBY!!!! (meaning only about a 15 to20 minute drive).  I am interviewing for a "financial counselor" position which helps patients with insurance questions and payment of bills.

            Seattle: How lovely to spend time with your grandmother.  The climbing class sounds pretty cool can't wait to hear about it.

            MC: Hope the car trip is enjoyable.  Do you all get along in small enclosed spaces.  ; )

            sjp: UGH! Sorry about the cold.  One of the worst part of moving is people coming into your space.  Hopefully they'll find someone quick and then you can concentrate on packing.


            RR: Not sure, it's icky out today raining and windy.

            NRR: Interview this morning!  Send positive vibes everyone.  I have a good feeling but still a bit nervous.  DBF came here last night, I made us dinner - chicken with jalapeno cheese and green chile on top (SPICY!), spanish rice and a salad.  We had some wine and just relaxed.  My mind was going in lots of directions last night so I didn't sleep the greatest though.

            FR: I always seem to control my eating better when DBF is here with me or I'm up there.



              Morning Everyone!


              RR- Nothing yesterday. Planning to go out, ease into a run and just see what happens today.


              FR- This week I have had bar food, pizza, ice cream, and ice cream again. Time to get back on track.


              NRR- DBF and I went out on our boat yesterday! There wasn't a single cloud in the sky. The water was kind of rough for a first trip out. Someone from DBF's work came with us who knows the waters well. It was so, so much fun! A bit stressful at first getting started, but everything's all new to us and we just took our time. Then I got called into work. Lame. First week off from chaos and I had to work both days of my weekend. I keep telling myself I'm going to cut back on the coffee, but my life hasn't slowed down yet like I thought it would.


              RTR- Oooh, wedding ring shopping! Fun! Hope your 10 miler goes well! I really like ten miles as a distance. For me right now its the distance I can fit in without being gone forever but still get a good work out in, while keeping the pace comfortable. Realtor? Buying a house?


              Seattle- Enjoy your climbing class. Hopefully they teach you techniques to climb with the body parts you have more strength in. So many guys climb with their arms and pull them selves up. I was learning to find a different route up that let me use my legs to push myself up.


              MC- A family car trip sounds awesome! Enjoy your family time!


              SJP- Hopefully your cold leaves soon. Have a great race tomorrow! Even if it is windy I bet you'll kick butt!


              Mia- Your interview is probably going on right now, or over. But, positive vibes your way! I can't believe that close is 15-20 minutes away. I'm used to my little town I guess, though I used to drive that far in Colorado. Your chicken dinner sounds really good. I'll have to remember that so I can try it.


                I just realized I misread my training plan this week and I was supposed to do 8 today, not 6...  and 5 on Tuesday, not 6.  not sure where I got those numbers but oh well, at least I'll only be short a mile!


                rtr - happy Friday!  a nice long run sounds like a great way to kick off the weekend.  Woohoo for realtor stuff and looking for wedding rings, sounds like an exciting weekend!  Hope you find some good stuff Smile


                MC - ooh, 90th birthday how fun!  I hope all the festivities are lovely.  It's great to see people who age so happily and gracefully!  Smile


                sjp - good luck on your race!  Glad you have a relaxing weekend to look forward to.  I hope your cold feels better soon and the weather holds up...  it is supposed to be pretty rainy and blustery here all weekend too!


                Mia - your dinner w/DBF last night sounds delicious!  Fingers crossed that your interview went well, the job sounds great!  Let us know how it went!


                snowden - woohoo for getting a nice day to take the boat out!  I bet that makes up a bit for having to work.  I need to get back on track too, I've been kinda stressed and blah this week which doesn't usually equal good things when it comes to eating healthy haha.  I am thinking some technique will be good!  My DBF does the guy thing of just doing a pullup when he needs to reach something, maybe I can learn some things to share with him too!


                  I made it out for a glorious 10.2 mile run in the sun after work.  It was about 60 degrees and it felt amazing!  Now I'm going to spend the rest of the evening catching up on some shows from earlier in the week and maybe enjoying a glass of wine or two.  Call me old, but I'm quite excited about this.


                  Seattle:  Good luck with the 12 miles tomorrow!  Your climbing class sounds really fun!


                  Foco:  I agree, it's nice to get it done so I don't have to think about it tomorrow morning.  Have fun at your aunt's birthday party!  My grandpa will be 90 in a couple of weeks too!


                  SJP:  The temps are glorious here today!  I'm super happy about it.  Good luck tomorrow on your half!


                  MIA:  How'd the job interview go?  That's awesome that it's so close.  It seems like you were always driving for WW.


                  Snowden:  Yes, we're buying a house!  Our lease is up at the end of August, so hopefully we'll find something we like in time.  I like what you said about going out, easing into your run and seeing what happens.  That's a nice attitude to have about a run.  How was it?


                  Have a great weekend!