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    Nice to have a somewhat normal week to get back into the routine!


    RR- Today will probably be yoga/abs or maybe a rest day, trying to ease back into things slowly.  DBF and I didn't start Insanity over the weekend because his foot was hurting, but hopefully we'll be able to get going on it tomorrow!


    NRR- Had a lovely weekend - it was sunny out which is always super nice.  DBF and I got Thai food and wandered around to a bunch of parks, watched the sunset, then went home and snuggled on the couch to watch Breaking Bad.  Got to visit one of my friends' new baby yesterday, and had a nice family dinner as it is my mom's b-day today and my Grandma's on Thursday.  Looking forward to a chill day at work and hopefully cooking up a nice dinner and relaxing tonight.  Got my textbook for school which starts today so will probably do a little work on that too.


    FR- Got some good groceries over the weekend and looking forward to cooking more!!

      Difficult to eat well over Christmas/New Year's.  Too many cookies, too much beer and wine.  Even Cheetos and tasty nacho chips and dip.  Arggh, the humanity!  But at least I stayed away from soda, and managed to moderate the snack intake.  Lost a half pound of weight over 2 weeks.


      RR  ran 4 miles yesterday, soccer game tonight!



        seattle-sounds like a great weekend! hopefully dbf's foot feels better soon so you can start insanity. i've heard good things about those workouts. feeling settled in your place? do you have roommates there?

        ofs-holidays are tough to navigate if you are trying to be healthy! sounds like you nailed it though, you still lost weight--better than gaining!

        RR: ran inside this weekend, it was icy/frigid again. this morning was 7 miles and 30 min elliptical as its a cutback week. thinking we are doing ab ripper 2 tonight.

        NRR: had a great weekend at home at my parents. i really needed it after the fiasco with dbf's parents at xmas. we opened our christmas presents and the boys went to a monster truck show with my nephew. so fun to play with the kids. also shopped with my sil and we got new softshell jackets on clearance for $25-40.

        FR: went out for bfast yesterday with my parents...hadn't been for a while, got a spinach egg white omelet, was really delicious.


          ofs - I feel like everyone is kind of in that same boat after the holidays!  props to you on keeping away from the soda and snacks... that's more than most people probably manage (including myself!)


          sjp - glad you had a nice weekend at home after the craziness of the holidays!  I love going out to breakfast...  actually I just love breakfast in general, hah!  I have gotten most of my stuff unpacked and starting to feel a little more settled in.  I love the place, it's so close to work, in such a fun neighborhood, great view of the city, etc!  I have one roommate who works nights mostly so we have kind of opposing schedules and I have the place to myself a lot so far.  She is super nice and chill so it's been fun chatting with her when we are both there at the same time!  Smile


            Hi all,


            Happy New Year!


            Seattle: Will be good to know what you think of Insanity! I love Thai food .. and I am really looking forward to starting Breaking Bad at some point, but am almost afraid to start because I've heard it really sucks you in. Sounds like you had a great holiday break. That is really cool that you are so quickly settled in, are so close to work, can take in some of the city life, and have a cool roommate!


            SJP: Was fun to see your 2013 recap: Wow on the mileage! So sorry the holiday time with DBF's parents was especially trying. Ugh. At least your parents/family can be the welcome antidote. I am in the market for a softshell jacket, too! I got a gift certificate I'm itching to use for that. Stay warm: sounds brutal there. On his way back to Portland, my DS got stuck in Chicago  for the next two days so is missing his first couple of days of school. :-(


            OFS: Many congrats on keeping the trend going even over the holidays! 4-mile runs help offset a number of bad food choices, too.


            FR/WR: Doing some experimenting with food/drink to see whether I can finally get these stupid extra pounds off. I am down 8 pounds since the scary-high level of Thanksgiving, which I guess is a fairly good win considering the holidays. But I want to get down another 15. I really think I have to give up alcohol almost completely: Even if I account for the calories, I do not lose weight when I drink. If I go 4-5 days with no alcohol, I can drop 2-3 pounds without changing much else (and keeping calorie count about the same). At any rate, I am really focused on veggies and eating most of my bread-type carbs early in the day. No alcohol, day 6.


            RR: I haven't exactly kept up my streak, but I'm still doing some activity most days and it's been fun to mix it up over the break with XC skiing (which my DH loves to do). I've done some 5 and 6-mile runs over break. A few hikes. Went back to swimming this morning, which felt good. I have not been home much for yoga, so looking forward to adding that back in.


            NRR: Had such a great time over the holidays with family! I did not think about work for 2 weeks. Today was the first day back, and it was painful.