Weight Loss Dailies


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    Morning! ou its your favorite day! haha

    java-have to live it up in the summer at the lake while you can--but i agree i prefer to eat my normal foods, even when i'm away, junk is good, but i like to eat heathly stuff first. big B must be excited to go back to school?

    mia-december!!! holy cow, that is forever. hopefully something opens up earlier. is it a new facility?

    snowed-where do your brother and dad live? that is great they visited.

    rtr-i like that 'lets eat at every favorite restaurant!' haha. i personally like the burbs, but am not much of a city person, and my 'city' is small either way. must be excited to have some space though!

    mc-oh no! i hope your back feels better soon, does it flare a lot?

    RR: 10 easy miles outside, was pretty humid and foggy to start but was nice. stretched a lot. my hips are pretty tight. might lift tonight. we want to keep the p90x routine up, since we both like it, and it works!

    NRR: not as dead tired today. last night, we got groceries and just relaxed/went to bed early. i have to do laundry tonight but otherwise, just hanging out!

    FR: still eating leftover chicken from the wedding, should be gone tonight!




      RR:  I'm planning to run later today, probably just 3.1 miles.  I also might go for a walk.


      NRR:  Working on some packing today, then hanging out with a friend later tonight.  I might go to a park near here and read for awhile.


      FR:  Ethiopian last night was delicious!  Not sure where we'll go tonight.



      Foco:  I'm sorry to hear you hurt your back again.  Hopefully the chiro will get you sorted out in no time.  Have you read anything good lately?


      SJP:  Do you just do the P90X videos when you feel like, or are you planning on doing the whole 90 day program?


      Have a great day!


        Good Morning, I think.

        RR: Going for a run as soon as I get a text from my running friend.  He's a contractor so he fits his runs in where he can.

        NRR: Did some school work yesterday but had a really hard time staying focused.  Hoping to focus better today and get more done. Also cleaned some.  Kind of a lazy day.

        FR: I feel like I'm gaining by the minute.  There is food in the house not normally here with DD home and it's all my trigger foods.  Cereal, cookies, etc.  I try to fill up on the good stuff but then I have a cookie or something and forget it.


        SJP: pictures looked great.  I loved your dresses and you can definitely wear them again.  Where did they  or did they go on a honeymoon?  Did you catch up on any sleep last night? Yup, the facility is a new one. I would have liked to have gotten in on the first round of training because maybe that would have gotten me some seniority.  LOL


        Snowden: Glad you had a nice time with your brother and father.  Did they stay with you?  Is your brother older or younger?  Do you have to reserve the forest service cabin?


        MC: sorry you had another back flare-up.  I hope the new chiro is able to help you.  My stomach is my own doing I'm thinking.  Between stress and the carb type foods also spicy foods.  I know better.


        RTR: Yes the december start date is definite, unless they can fit me in Sept. which would happen if someone decided they didn't want the job, or didn't pass drug or background stuff.  The training starts every 8 weeks.

        HOw is packing progressing?  I hate packing but I hate unpacking more.  I still have boxes in my house that I haven't unpacked.  MOst of it is memory type stuff that usually stays in boxes anyway I suppose.


        Seattle and OU: HOpe school and work are going well for both of you.  Miss you!!!





          RR: Hoping to squeeze something in after work.


          NRR: Another busy day. Work, dog needs food, kids need picking up, and I have a meet and greet kind of thing with the other kindergarten moms tonight. Wish I had more hours Sad


          FR: Meh.



          sjp - I've always wanted to try P90X - I've heard some mixed reviews though.  Good to know you enjoy it. Glad you got some sleep last night!


          rtr - sounds like you have a very nice day/evening planned!


          Mia - Enjoy your somewhat lazy day!!




            RR- I actually ran yesterday! 3.5 miles. I felt pretty good doing it, knees did well. Just a matter of getting my fitness back now.


            NRR- Pickup broke down.... again. Lame. 3 times in 6 months. I got a nicer vehicle with a payment to avoid this crap. Oh well I guess.


            FR- Reining back in my self control, or trying to at least... well I know I need to.


            sjp- My family is from Colorado. It was the first time they'eve visited. My mom has come up twice in the winter months.


            rtr- How exciting to be moving!


            Mia- My brother and dad stayed in a hotel. They were welcome to stay in my apartment, but it would have been pretty crammed. You do have to reserve the FS cabin. They are a whopping 35 bucks. My brother is 2 years older than me. Old enough that we had different friends when we were kids, but young enough that we can get along now and have a good time.


            Java- I hear ya! I wish I had more hours too.