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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning a run after work today, probably four to six miles.  I'm looking forward to getting out there, hopefully it won't be too cold.


    NRR:  Nothing exciting going on here today.  Work, a run, then hanging out with DF.  That's all I got here.


    FR:  I'm still staying under my calories on MFP.  It feels good to not let myself get off track and get back in the routine of it.


    MIA:  I'm sorry to hear the job isn't going well.  Is it the work that you're doing that is hard, or just the people you work with?  Either way, that can't be fun.  Hopefully they'll start accepting you and things will get easier.  Have you talked to the doctor you work for about the situation?  At least TLC man is there to listen to you vent.

    Have a great day!




      RR - Ended up skipping the gym yesterday to finish up hw, but at least I got my run in over lunch. Today is a 6 mi run after work. My goal is to get in 2 runs of 5+ miles and a hike or two in while we're in Palm Springs and I'll be good with that.

      NRR - Busy day at work yesterday and then finishing up homework in the evening - today will probably be more of the same, plus laundry and packing. I need to go to the DOL over lunch to renew my license, so hopefully that won't take too long. And then up bright and early to the airport tomorrow!

      FR - Grilled chicken w/veggies and roasted red potatoes.



        Yesterday  I was dragging all day. Like constantly drinking caffeine and not feeling its affects kind of dragging. I ate way too much food. I wasn't necessarily hungry for it all but I felt like my brain needed it. ... Although it wasn't really good food. It was definitely an oops day.


        RR- I got 7(??) in on Monday night after work. It was my first dark run in a long time. Once I got used to the light it wan't too bad. I actually enjoyed running and being one of the few out. But I ended up staying up way to late. After the run I showered when I got home and then started EMT homework at midnight. I'm definitely not used to studying and such anymore. I'm hoping to get out today for 5 or so miles to clear the system.


        FR- Like I said, not great. But I am logging everything and its an eyeopener. I think I'm even doing better than I was with eating before just because I see the numbers.


        NRR- Work Friday! I should probably get a lot done at work tonight since I only accomplished around 2 hours of work yesterday.


        rtr- Enjoy your regular day, those are really nice sometimes. Hope your run goes well.


        Seattle- Have an awesome trip! It sounds like it'll be a blast!


        sjp- awesome job on your 10 mile race! You were really booking it! How does your body do on transitioning from a lot of treadmill to outside?


        Mia- I hope your job gets better. Try to remember how much you were ready to leave your old job and push through. I had been working at my current job a number of months when I seasonal employee came back. She wouldn't give me the time of day or even fake a look of some sort of respect until (in her mind at least) I showed that I could do my job. Why?? No clue, people suck. But, I guess I'm suggesting just to keep plugging forward and I think things will get better. So good you can vent to TLC.


        Have a great day!


          Hi all,


          RR: 6 at lunch today, which was good. I really needed to break the running drought today. Beautiful day ... just wish we were accumulating more snow.


          NRR: Just trying to juggling the job work and thesis work (which isn't progressing very well) and distractions like going to hear bands and etc. I really need to buckle down on my goals.  DH and I have our anniversary coming up on Thursday and neither of us have any idea how we want to celebrate ... maybe a quiet one at home?


          FR: Really need to go the grocery store. Lunch was a weird assortment of an apple with almond butter, some veggies leftover from yesterday's work meeting, and a Nature Valley bar. Yikes.


          RTR: Good job keeping up with MFP! And for plowing through all of those essays over the weekend.


          SJP: Great pace on your race, holy moly. Your hike coming up sounds great!


          Seattle: Good job getting a bunch of running in before Palm Springs. Yes, XC is an incredible workout, especially for me because I'm not a very technically proficient skier. I feel like I'm in one of those slapstick comedy movies. I don't know why I'm so much more controlled on downhill skis.


          Mia: Ugh, such a disappointment that the job isn't going well. Really great that TLC can talk you through it. I suspect that it will get better, but I've been through so many ups and downs at my company that I've learned to ride out the storms. I have a limit, though -- if a storm gets too rough, I would definitely think of other options. Your gut will guide you, I'm sure.


          Snow: You're getting in some solid miles, and great pace, too! Starting EMT homework at midnight sounds brutal. Sounds like you're burning lots of calories in various ways, so maybe your food intake is right where it needs to be!