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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm aiming for six miles after work.  I haven't been running much the past couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting back into a consistent running routine.  I didn't run over the weekend because we went skiing, but that was a workout in itself.


    NRR:  DF and I had a great weekend away.  This time I didn't feel like such a great skier.  The conditions were terrible.  There was a layer of ice just under some fresh snow, which made it super slick and I couldn't really control what I was doing.  I still had fun though.  One more week of work until spring break so I am quite excited about that.

    FR:  Too much deliciousness this weekend, reigning it in today.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later tonight!

      Morning all!  HOpe everyone had a great weekend.


      rr: did a terrible 12 miler on Saturday, just never got into it and legs and body hurt.  Then 6 miles last night.  Felt much better, but teh sore body was still there so it wasn't a great run.  Just feeling very burnt out at the moment.  I don't think I had a long enough break between marathon cycles and with every thing else going on, just not feeling it right now.  Just pushing on...

      I"m thinking about doing crossfit when I finish the marathon, just to change things up a bit and because I need some muscle.  Figured that might be a fun new thing to supplement running.


      nrr: woohoo for spring break!!!!  All I have to do is work this week, awesome!!!  Spent yesterday helping the running store move locations, who knew that shoes could weigh so much????  tonight I am baby sitting my nephew - so excited!!!  He's only 3 months so still doesn't do much, but I just love holding him and making faces at him!


      rtr: bummer that the slopes weren't in peak condition, atleast you had a great time away!  good luck getting through the week!



        mia-a run on the beach sounds fabulous.

        rtr-do you have any races coming up? sounds like an awesome weekend even if the skiing conditions weren't great.

        ou-crossfit looks so awesome, but SO expensive. 145/mo? seems insane to me. i'm sure marathon + work + school are tough to handle, maybe some sleep, relax and a massage will help you feel less drained? enjoy your nephew tonight!

        RR: 14 miles on saturday, was a bit cold for my liking, but sunny so that helped. 6 miles yesterday, it was cold and windy. 10 this morning on the t-mill.

        NRR: weekend was fun. saturday i ran, dbf and I went to my sisters to hang out with her puppy and relax while she had a seminar for church/marriage.  then we went out for dinner and such. yesterday my sister and I visited a roommate from college that had her second baby. it was good to catch up with her. NOW it looks like 10-16" of snow. I'm hibernating.

        FR: tried another raspberry beer at a store near my sisters. it is good!


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a great 18 mile run on Saturday - felt really strong and great the whole time and wound up running 4 min negative splits. Yesterday was the Seattle St. Patrick's Day dash - 4 mi run with DBF and 15,000 of our closest friends. My family has made a tradition out of it so it's always fun! DBF and I ran together the whole time and averaged ~9:30 miles, so I was happy with that! Today is a running rest day (cutback week) but will do some climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.

          NRR - DBF was feeling sick/tired on Saturday so we mostly just hung out at the house and watched movies all day. We went to his roommates birthday party but only stayed for 20 min or so. Hopefully he will be feeling better soon! I got a lot of homework and studying done yesterday so I am feeling pretty good about my final tomorrow - just trying to take it one day at a time and not stress out over the business at work too much! Getting in a last study session after the climbing gym tonight and not much else planned.

          FR - Enchiladas with spanish rice for dinner.


            monday again. . . really?

            RTR: Glad you had a good weekend despite the bad skiing conditions.  Yay for spring break!!!

            OU: Enjoy your time off of school.  Sounds like you have a little bit of training burnout.  Have fun babysitting tonight!!

            SJP: DBF and your sister's DF get along?  What kind of puppy do they have?

            Seattle: Sorry DBF isn't feeling well, but at least you didn't have to stay at the party.  Great job on your long run!!  Sounds like you are more than ready for the marathon.


            RR: just the one run for me this past weekend on the beach.  it was cold, wet and windy but I did stop and enjoy the scenery a few times.   I am heading out this morning with my buds and possibly my younger daughter to run.

            NRR: Had a very nice weekend with TLC(might have to start referring to him as DBF soon).  We just enjoy each others company quite a bit.  He was out fishing most of the day on Saturday so I entertained myself.  Wish weekends didn't go by so quickly.  Need a job to help the weeks go by faster.  Younger DD did come home for her spring break so we'll do some stuff this week.  Today I have a memorial service to attend : (

            Only about 6 more weeks until I go on my Danube River Running Cruise.  So excited!!!  Also only about 8 more weeks until older DD graduates from college.  Wow!!!

            FR: Too much eating out this weekend.



              Good Morning!


              Just a quick pop in.


              RR- Ran just over 10.5 yesterday in new shoes. Brooks pure drift, Good run, good shoes. No running today. Monday is a busy busy day for me.


              FR- Snacked way to much last night. I had the calories but I wasn't really hungry and it was bad snack food. Feel kinda gross this morning.


              NRR-It's been snowing a lot lately. Seems like spring because lots of eagles are showing up but it's definitely winter weather.


              Have a good day everyone!


                Hi all,


                RR: Well, last time I said I was back, but I wasn't really back. Now I'm really back. I did 6 yesterday and yoga sculpt, and will do 6 again at lunch today. I have now put myself in somewhat of a bind because I have a half marathon coming up on April 21, and I've really let my mileage slip the last 3 weeks. So I'm doubling down now.


                NRR: My running hiatus was caused by a crazy 10-day sprint with busy work trip to Austin (long days and nights), DD and her DBF here for spring break mid-week, and getting my thesis revisions completed and my defense scheduled. So happy to have March 28 staked out for my defense. I think I'm almost done! Also, DD's DBF found out that he got in to CSU, too, so we were doing a little apartment hunting last week. So happy that we'll have them in town. They are really fun.


                RTR: I am in the same boat as you with running--need to get back on track. Great that you were able to ski, not great that the conditions were bad. I hate skiing on ice.


                OU: Great that you actually did a 12-miler even though it didn't feel all that great. I did CrossFit a bit and really liked it but decided to do a combo yoga/strength thing in the end. But so many people swear by CrossFit. You might check out the CrossFit Endurance site for runners, too.


                SJP: Hanging out with a puppy is the best! It's weird, I love the blueberry beer that's so prevalent in Maine, but not really a fan of raspberry beer.


                Seattle: Wow, glad your 18-miler went well! The St. Pat's run sounds really fun. Cool that it's a family tradition!


                Mia: Only about 8 weeks until my DD graduates from college, too. Isn't it crazy how fast that time goes? Your beach runs sound awesome. So great that you and TLC are so comfortable with each other ... I love it how you can each go and do separate things, as well as things together, and it works out. That's such a great situation.


                Snow: I've heard so many great things about the Brooks Pure Drift ... glad it was a great run. Any sign of spring is great! I have been eating some not-so-good things the last week or so, and I'm ready to eat better now.


                  rtr - enjoy your run today!  It's nice to do fun things like weekends away but sometimes I start to miss my routine.  Bummer on the snow conditions, that's great that you guys had fun anyways though!  Smile


                  ou - yay for babysitting tonight, that sounds like fun.  I am excited to be with you on the "all I have to do is work" spring break mode soon haha.  Sorry your long run didn't go as hoped - great work getting it in anyways though!  I am loving the marathon training right now but I can't really see myself doing more than one a year (at least at this point in time), I feel like I want to focus on other things too and I'd be worried about getting burned out on it.  Crossfit sounds like a fun way to mix it up!


                  sjp - man, that sucks that winter is dragging on so much for you guys - it is here too, but at least we don't have to worry about snow!  Glad you had a relaxing weekend!


                  snowden - hope your busy day goes well - yay for new running shoes!  I feel like our weather is in that typical March skitzo pattern of switching from sun to rain to wind every 30 min!


                  MC - welcome back!  sounds like you have been crazy busy - glad the end is in sight!  Woohoo for having DD living close to you, that will be great.  Good luck getting back into the running routine!


                  Mia - sounds like this spring is an exciting time for you!  Yay for calling TLC DBF soon... how fun!  Hope the memorial service goes well and isn't too hard Sad


                    I made it out for a cold and rainy 6.4 miles!  Since I've been a slacker lately, I'm pretty happy that I made myself get out there and run despite the crappy conditions.  Of course it felt good, especially once I was done!



                    OU:  I'm always in awe of people who do more than one marathon in a year!  I could never get myself interested in training for another one for a solid six months after I finished one.  Maybe take a couple of days off from the running to give yourself a break and stop the burnout.  I also agree with the massage idea!


                    SJP:  Yes!  I have a ten mile race at the beginning of May and a 25k trail race at the end of May, so I definitely need to start getting the miles in!  Holy buckets, 10-16" of snow!  Do you have off work?  When's your sister's wedding?


                    Seattle:  You have been killing it with the running lately!  Very impressive!  I hope DBF feels better soon!


                    MIA:  Are you going to Budapest on your cruise?  What are all the cities you're stopping in?  I love Hungary.  I studied there for a semester in college.


                    Snowden:  Nice job on the long run yesterday!  That's awesome that you see a lot of eagles!  Do they fly South for the winter?


                    Foco:  So close to your masters being done!!!  Good luck with your upcoming half!  Do you have a goal for that race?


                    Have a great night!


                      RR: Friends wanted to run 13 miles today, so we did.  My gluteus maximus was feeling it at the end.  Nice to know I could do it though.

                      NRR: Went to the memorial service this afternoon.  Wow, that was tough.  A reminder of how short life is and that it is important to tell people how much they mean to you.

                      FR: Not much to report in this area.


                      Snowden: Are the Brooks shoes minimalist shoes?  How do your legs feel after running that far in them?

                      MC: What plans does your DD have after she graduates.  Mine doesn't really want to talk about it right now.  She is busy with her senior art project, her thesis and also is in the midst of crew season.  She sounds exhausted.

                      Seattle: I feel kind of old to have a DBF but oh well.  LOL

                      RTR: Here is our itinerary "Starting from Budapest, we'll travel the river on board the AMA Dolce, a small enough ship that our group will be about half of the passengers. Stops in Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria; Durnstein then bicycle the Wachau Valley to Melk, Austria; Linz, Austria; Passau, Germany; and finish in Vilshofen, Germany. "  Sounds like a lot of site seeing for just a week.  I'm getting very excited!