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    Good morning!


    RR:  I don't think I'll have time for this, but if I do, I'll probably only be able to fit in three miles today.


    NRR:  Yesterday I had professional development all day, which was actually pretty interesting.  For one of my sessions I went on a historical walking tour of Philly.  It was so nice to be out and about walking around, instead of in my classroom for one day.  Today I have work, then hopefully DF and I are going to look for some more houses.  There aren't a lot for sale, so the things that are on the market get snatched up pretty quickly.


    FR:  Cherries were on sale yesterday at Whole Foods, so I bought what looked to be not very many and it still cost me six bucks.  Oh well, I love them, so I'm quite excited that they'll be a part of my lunch today.



    OU and Java:  I'm so glad to hear both of you and your families are okay.  I can't imagine what everyone down there is going through.


    Mia:  Good luck with the job!  I hope they are wise and hire you!  Also, I'm impressed you ran twice in one day!


    Snowden:  Congrats on becoming an EMT!  How do the calls work?  Are you on call for certain periods?


    Foco:  Parenthood is on my list of shows to watch, do you like it so far?  I'm glad to hear you figured out what was bothering your back!


    Seattle:  Climbing outside like that sounds scary.  I think taking an extra class so you're more comfortable is an excellent idea.


    SJP:  Hurray for your foot feeling better!  That's funny about everyone being excited to go fishing!  Will you be joining them?



      seattle-month end is busy, that is nice to not have big plans. does the weather look good for the weekend? looks kinda cold/rainy here...I am not fishing. just the boys, turns out I hate fish, haha.

      MC-that is so great you have a standing desk, i've always thought that would be good once in a while to trade off sitting all day. i don't know that i could stand all day, but having an option would be good.

      snowed-are you liking EMT work? that must be a tough sleep schedule though...

      mia-They are fishing for bass for the pond. its a 2-3 acre pond, so not tiny and can handle a fair amount of fish, bass are also hearty and can survive the winter. my nephew is 3 1/2 now, he is a little chatter box, so cute. my niece is also just starting to walk! I am not surprised dbf missed you! glad you got to hang out again though.

      rtr-no fishing for me, just the boys are going. i would have to get a license and i know i'd hate it/be bored and be fighting bugs. haha. good luck on the house search, its tough to find a good fit in a decent price range.

      RR: another painfree 3 miler this morning then 60 min of elliptical. i was super sweaty. going to keep it easy and then maybe try longer run this weekend at home.

      NRR: rain here again. dbf got stuck at work last night so we didn't run errands. we may go tonight instead. its so silly but we are just so thrilled to go home and watch tv together/eat dinner without roommates. we'll get used to being grownups eventually Smile

      FR: still doing well, want to keep it going.


        Good morning!


        RR: 2.5 slow miles this morning. Worried that my back would bother me, but I was fine. I felt bad leaving Winston behind, but I was afraid that if he yanked on his leash too hard I might fall over!


        NRR: Karate tonight for Big B, then home to cook dinner and do laundry. Had a tough talk with Big B last night about the tornados. As hard as I have tried to shelter him from all of this (he has a fear of tornados anyway), he has heard things when we had the news on and had some questions. Right before he went to bed he came into the living room and asked me if some of those kids in that school died. I immediately knew what he was asking and decided to be honest and told him that most of the kids made it out ok, but that some did die. He cried for them a bit (and so did I) and we talked about how his school has a basement, which is much safer than being out in his classroom. He asked if my house from when I was little was still there (I grew up in Moore) and I told him it was, which seemed to make him feel better. It was just so sad, and so hard for me to explain since I don't really have any good answers for him. Before he went to bed we said a prayer for all of the families affected and talked about how great our community is. I hope he's done asking about this now - too hard for this mama.


        FR: Lots of salads lately!



        rtr - the Philly tour sounds great! I have a dear friend who is an opera singer in Philly and one day I plan to see her sing. I'll need some tips from you! I saw some cherries on sale at WF too, but they still seemed so high. I love them so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get some while they are still in season.


        sjp - I'm so glad you are feeling better!! You'll be back to your regular 10 miles in no time!


          RR - I wound up skipping my run after work yesterday... it was pouring rain and I was really tired and had some other stuff to do. I feel pretty guilty about it now, but I am trying to remind myself that I am not going to lose any fitness between marathons (I ran 30 miles last week!) and that I need to make sure I am recovering properly from the first one. So, running 5 mi over lunch today. And then climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.

          NRR - Really enjoyed a cozy evening yesterday. I put on my sweats, curled up with a glass of wine and a blanket and a good book (I am reading Unbroken right now, it's so good - can't believe it took me this long to get around to it!). I got a little bit of homework done as well and went to bed early, which I needed. Hoping for another productive day at work and then relaxing with DBF after!

          FR - Pan fried pork chops w/parmesan asparagus and roasted red potatoes, I am cooking dinner for DBF tonight!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Good Morning!

            RTR: Isn't it weird how the housing market picked up all of a sudden?  Not complaining, my house has increased in value about 20,000 since I bought it.

            SJP:  so glad your heel is feeling better.  What is your sister going to do now that's she graduated or did she already have a job? How has DBF's mom been lately?  Any contact?

            Java: sorry you had to have such tough conversations with Big B.  This is so hard for children to comprehend.  My DD's were always petrified of tornadoes and then it became being petrified of big rain storms and thunder/lightening.  I remember going to Disney and all the rides seems to have some sort of storm and they cried the whole time.  Hugs to all of you.

            Seattle: You definitely deserved a rest day.  Your body needs to recover so don't feel guilty.



              RR: Not sure, waiting for a text from the running buds.  If I don't get one, I'll force myself to go out on my own.

              NRR: I was so tired yesterday after my interview.  I spent the afternoon doing homework but I fell asleep at one point.  I had set my alarm just in case.  Went to neighborhood bunco last night, all the other peeps there were in their 20s and early 30s with young children, I felt out of place.  Today more homework, oil change in car and probably sending out some resumes.  Hoping this will be the last week for that.

              FR: I got into some candy yesterday UGH!  It's mostly gone now so I'll be good.



                Hi all,


                RR: Had an early morning breakfast with my boss's boss, so didn't get out this morning but I'm looking forward to a 3-miler tonight. My back is feeling exponentially better so I'm going to continue the easy, short runs.


                NRR: Took some work folks out for dinner last night, which is always fun. Tonight I need to do some house-cleaning. I think DH is going to be home tonight but can't remember his schedule exactly. We don't keep very good tabs on each other when we're traveling!


                RTR: That walking tour sounds really interesting, and I bet it was so great to be out of the classroom. Hope the house hunting goes well.


                SJP: The standing desk is coming ... should be here in a day or two. I am excited about it. I think I can rig it so that I can bring it back down at times for sitting when I need a break. That is sweet that you're having so much fun being together without the roomies. DH and I kinda went through that again when DS went to college. Terrific that your run went well again.


                Java: I am so sorry about what you're all going through, and I can't imagine how hard it must be on Big B. I think it's really good that you were so honest with him. It's just heartbreaking that so many of the victims were children.


                Seattle: Sounds like you just needed a day off! You reminded me that I've been wanting to read Unbroken.


                Mia: Hope you hear good news on the job very soon and the resume-sending days will soon be over!


                  java-aw, that must have been a heartbreaking conversation with Big b, i really respect your honesty with him though. I know its not easy, but a solid explanation (even if difficult) is going to make him better

                  mia-My sister has a full-time job, she did school at night while working, she was a very busy girl! Dbf's mom hasn't done anything lately, though he hasn't talked to his parents much recently. We might try to go visit in a couple weekends bc they are moving to see if they  need help or whatnot. its never a fight until we have a scheduled visit. i am surprised we haven't had a 'when are you coming home' call though...how was the interview? promising?


                    sjp: His parents are moving?  Into a smaller home?  What do they think about you living together?  When DD mentioned spending the night with her BF near my ex MIL, she was very shocked.  LOL  Always hard to tell with interviews - 3 people were in the room and 2 asked me questions, one was just  listening because she was going to be the trainer.  It was short, maybe about 20 minutes.  Not sure if that's good or not.  I feel like I should've asked more questions possibly but I only asked a couple.  I think my answer to their questions were good though.   I guess it will come down to if the other interviewees have that kind of experience and how well they interviewed.  In other words, I have no idea how it went.  LOL



                      Mia-yes, dbf's dad's company was sold so he took a similar position elsewhere, so are moving about 45 min from where they are now, however, its still only a 2 hour drive for us. they are downsizing also. his parents have seen our place and seems super excited about it, so we'll see. haha, interviews are tough. I have sat in on interviews before and the biggest thing is personality--they can train you but want to see how you'd fit. However, that is a tough thing to figure out in 20 minutes. My fave question to ask in an interview is what they like about working there, if there isn't a good answer, you may be glad not to get hired!

                        Hey everyone!  Late start today...

                        rr: ugh hurt my back last night doing deadlifts.  Going into chiro today at 3, till then I am limping around like an old lady.  Can't get the muscles to relax enough to stretch it out...  not sure if I will be able to do anything tonight.  Depends on how it feels when chiro is done.


                        nrr: trying to get back to normal life.  My commute to work has gotten 30 minutes longer due to detours and congestion which is not cool in the mornings when I would rather be sleeping.

                        I look like an old lady today.  I have to stand up once and hour so my back doesn't completely freeze up.  my butt and chest are totally sticking out like a high school pom girl though!!!  Not sure if I can stand the pain until 3!!!


                        fr: bad day yesterday - office went out for comfort food, onion burger, fries, milkshake...oops!


                        java: heartbreaking telling Big B, good to know but so hard to tell him.  Glad his school has a basement!!!  I am going to write letters to all my representatives about get a law that all OK schools have to be equipped with some type of storm shelter, i think it is time this happens!


                        mia: crossing my fingers on the job interview!!!  how sweet that the man missed you!!!!  Bet you guys are so cute together!  Pictures from graduation on FB were great!  DD glad to be finished with school and on to making money??? (to decide school was so much better)!


                          OU: Ouch on the back, I know just how you feel. If you can get to the point where you can stand up straight, try easy walking for as long as you can to get those muscles to stop bunching up. Also, my chiro advised against deadlifts--not sure if that would apply to you, but just passing it along as something to think about.




                            RR- Yesterday I got in 7.5 on the trails. I fell like I'm getting my running mojo back slowly but surly. Today I hope to get a longer run in.


                            NRR- For everyone who asked about EMT stuff... I really like it so far. But it also scares me. It's such a "learn on the job" process, but it's a bit nerve racking going into a call and feeling like I don't know anything. I was on shift last night and responded to a medevac(patient comes in on airplane from outlying islands to come to the hospital) call at 5 am. Which is early considering I went to bed at 1 am. It will take some getting used to getting up at odd hours and using my brain. I can stay at the FD over night but choose not to so I respond to calls from wherever I'm at(same as as a fire call) and then ride in the ambulance with the patient to the hospital. After we're done at the hospital the Engineer(driver) takes people back to their cars.


                            FR- meh.


                            The sun has been out for a few days now and its so WONDERFUL!


                              I am glad I took yesterday off...  had a lovely 5 mi run over lunch break, felt great and I caught a dry period so it was nice running weather too!  In other news, I was randomly rubbing my arm earlier and realized that I actually have bicep muscles now!  Woo climbing!


                              rtr - a walking tour sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekday!  Have fun house hunting!  I think DBF's parents are really lucky to get the short sale house that they got, everything is so competitive now!  My company invests in real estate and what you said about everything getting snatched up quickly is so true, even on the larger scale (like multi-family housing).  I hope you can find something great!  Smile


                              sjp - the weather here is looking kind of cool and gray - I feel really lucky that in 2-3 hours we can be over the mountains and in the dry sunny side of eastern Washington.  it's really crazy how different the two sides of our state are.  I think DBF and I will be heading east of the mountains since it looks pretty sunny and a fair amount warmer over there!  I don't like fish either... people think that's really weird with me having grown up in Seattle!  so glad you are running pain free again and enjoying being with DBF.  I cannot even tell you how excited I am to be at that point with my DBF.  haha.  only one more month and then he will be at the new house!!


                              Java - oh man, I didn't realize you had grown up in that town...  my knowledge of OK geography is pretty awful so I didn't realize how big it was.  It sounds like you handled the situation with Big B exactly right... but it must be so tough to have to talk to such little ones about hard stuff like that.  He sounds like a very empathetic and amazing little guy!  I have been eating lots of salads lately too - it still amazes me that I never really ate salad ever until the past year or two!


                              Mia - I was tired yesterday too!  I think the sudden gray gloomy weather is just making me want to curl up and take a nap.  Keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news from the job interview, it sounds great!  my favorite question to ask that for some reason interviewers seem to love is "what kind of qualities or skills are you looking for in this position?"  Even if it is listed on the ad, it shows that you want to make sure that you're a good fit, and then when they tell you, you can reel off some examples of how you fit those atributes.  I know it was a couple of years ago now, but do you have any tips for NODM?  Info about the course (I don't think they've changed it), where you stayed, where to eat, etc?  Smile


                              MC - glad that you are getting some runs in and that they are helping your back feel better, woo!  what do you do for work again? I am really bad at remembering what people do!  I am only halfway through Unbroken so far but it is so good and I am having a hard time putting it down!  I love running and I love WWII history in particular, so it is right up my alley.


                              ou - ouch on your back!  I have always been nervous doing deadlifts for that exact reason... it just seems like one of those lifts where if you do it even a little bit incorrectly/too fast/whatnot it is really easy to tweak something.  Hopefully your chiro can fix it pretty easily!  Are you liking crossfit aside from that?  Bummer on your work commute getting longer - I am thinking about everyone in OK and hoping that they can get things cleaned up and back to "normal" as quickly as they can!


                                snowden - cross posted with you!  Nice work on the trail run, it's always such a good feeling getting back into the groove of things.  I am so impressed by your being an EMT!  I am one of those people that need routine or else I freak out, plus I get super stressed out making mistakes or not knowing what I'm supposed to be doing at work.  I can't even imagine having that feeling in high stakes situations like that... you are amazing!  I probably missed it somewhere, but are you still continuing your other job or is the EMT gig pretty much full time?