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    Hi all,


    It's Sunday night, but next week is a nightmare so I thought I'd check in since I probably won't have time for several more days.


    RR: Well, the streak is technically not really alive since I had about 2-3 days where I can't claim much. BUT I'm not letting that stop me from continuing it. Having my mind set on exercising every day has definitely increased the probability of it happening almost every day. And I did go about 12 days unbroken. I definitely need to come up with a 15-minute set of exercises that I can do anywhere, so I'm working on that. The day we flew to Pensacola was the first trial: We woke up at 3 a.m. that morning, and didn't get to bed until late because of visiting with relatives, and I just flat didn't get it done. There were two more days like that during the break. BUT I did have a nice long swim at the Y with my cousin who has done a few triathlons (she's trying to get me to sign up for the Danskin one in Denver this summer), and I did the Pensacola Beach Turkey Trot 5K on T-day. It was freezing! Temps in the 30s and 40s all week.


    NRR: Brutal week coming. I leave the house at 3 a.m. tomorrow for work meetings in California, then fly to Wash, DC on Tues for a workshop on Wed. Will bring either swimsuit or running shoes.


    Seattle: How was your half? Can't wait to hear the report. I hope the weather was better than expected.


    Mia: You've been getting a lot of running in--very cool that it's feeling good. You seem to be completely back in the swing. Very interesting dilemma about sticking with State Farm or pursuing the medical route. The long-term potential of State Farm is certainly hard to ignore.


    RTR: How did the mini-Thanksgiving dinner go?


    OU: Good for you to get a break from work this month. Sounds like you're ready for it! Sunny San Antonio sounds terrific -- it's going to get down to 10 degrees for highs this week in Colorado.


    SJP: How was the drive home -- weather not too bad, hopefully. My DS spent Thanksgiving with some of our friends in Cape Elizabeth. He piled on some neoprene and went surfing! Not sure I could brave that much cold. But surfing in Maine sounds like a riot.



      mia-i'm sure you'll figure out quickly if you'd like to stay at state farm. there is no reason you can't look while working there and if something great comes along, you'll at least be in a position to make the best decision for you. hope you had a great thanksgiving!

      ou-ooh, that is great having some vacation coming up. warm/sunny places sound great right about now.

      rtr-how did your mini-tgiving go? ugh, traffic is the worst--it makes me so angry because i always get stuck when i really need to get somewhere.

      MC-good luck in your travels this week. that is busy! hopefully you get in some exercise, and good for you keeping up with the streak. brrrr. ocean here is around 40* this time of year i think, since typically is warmer than the air.


      seattle-how was the race?! i'm sure cold, but fun anyway!

      RR: same mileages. was freezing at home though. 10 wednesday on the treadmill, 11 on thanksgiving was a little breezy but okay. friday was really cold but i was okay and saturday was brutal and i think about 15*. the sun helped a little bit. even managed ab ripper while at home.

      NRR: had a great time at home per usual. watched the niece/nephew on wednesday, thursday had family over, friday we played with them again all day, and spent the night in my parents cabin friday night. its a tiny 16x20 cabin my dad built on thier land, no electricity or anything but fun to go hang by the woodstove. it was about 80* in the loft where dbf and i slept. yesterday dbf and i got a xmas tree--so fun! we feel like grown ups.

      FR: lots, but i'm not much on leftovers so pretty much had turkey on salad after the big 'meal'


        Oh man… what a weekend!


        RR – Ran the Seattle half marathon yesterday.  I thought with the speedwork I’d been doing lately I’d have a shot at a PR, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards this time around.  It’s a fairly hilly course and there was a decent amount of wind, but really my legs just felt dead/tired from the start and I couldn’t stay on pace.  I have no idea why… but somehow I still managed to finish only a few minutes slower than my PR despite feeling like I was running incredibly slowly the whole way.  At least my previous fast pace is now close to my current slow pace?  Hah.  Planning to take a few weeks to continue building miles, and then will try Hal Higdon’s Advanced plan for my next half marathon in the spring.  I need a PR after getting stuck somewhat close to it four races in a row!  Today will be a rest day…  I am tired!


        NRR – Very busy weekend!  Went over after work on Wednesday and spent the next two days with DBF’s family.  It was super fun, but tiring – we stayed up really late both nights and I got a little too tipsy having girl time with DBF’s sister on Thanksgiving night, hah.  Friday watched the Apple Cup with DBF at my mom’s place (go Huskies!), Saturday went to the expo and hung out with DBF and our friend that ran the half with me yesterday.  Sunday was the race, eating a ton of food at Red Robin afterwards, and trying to get back towards the grind by doing some homework and reading.  Tonight I am going up to my brother’s place to watch the Seahawks in Monday Night Football – my usual commute goes right down to the stadium and I am not even going to bother with that for a home game!  Hopefully get a bit of homework done after that as well.  I have final on Sat and one due on Sun and then I will be done with winter quarter!


        FR – Wrote a novel up above, but all I have to say is I enjoyed eating way too much food and probably drinking too much as well over the long weekend, and will be enjoying some grilled chicken and veggies tonight.  Hah.


        Back a little later for shouts!