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    mia-did you get your jeans returned? too big isn't a bad reason to exchange! i don't think we have eddie bauer around here anymore. and gnocchi primavera sounds awesome.

    seattle-that is a fancy spread for your mom and brother, did it turn out well?! and yay for finally having a space for just you and dbf. that will be great.

    RR: 5 easy miles, but it was freezing! it was 45*. then i did elliptical for 20 min to warm up followed by foam rolling. might p90x tonight or tomorrow.

    NRR: it cleared off yesterday so we went to the driving range after work, whic was quick but fun. then i went to walmart really quickly for a few things bc it is right next to the driving range. tonight nothing going on, tomorrow maybe 9 holes and sunday race day! and football! win.

    FR: eh, didn't get groceries yet


      Happy, happy Friday!

      RR: Had a rest day yesterday, supposed to run with friends this morning, we'll see if they still go or not.  It was pouring and there were thunderstorms all night.  Still raining out, but not as hard.

      NRR: Had a nice surprise last night and DBF decided to come here after work.  He's been super stressed at work and said he needed a distraction.  I'm happy to help distract him.  We went for pizza at a place nearby and had a margarita, then just came back to my house and vegged.  Other than that, went to the mall with DD during the day and finished my schoolwork for the week.

      FR: Did great until pizza and margarita last night but I didn't over indulge.


      SJP: Yes I did get the jeans exchanged.  I actually ended up getting some $ back.  I had ordered a size up and tall and I was swimming in them.  I was surprised I could still fit in the smaller size but extremely happy.  Their talls are so tall that I only needed a regular.  I got a pair of jeans and a pair of cords in the exchange.  I haven't been to a mall in ages and there was some good people watching there.  Good luck on your race this weekend!!!  What's the distance?


      P.S. - Up super early since DBF was here and has a long ride into work from my house (another reason it was so nice of him to head here last night. ), he forgot his computer and just came back and brought me a coffee from Starbucks.  Of course he got another kiss or two from me.