Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  Yesterday turned into an unscheduled rest day, since I had a lot of papers to grade before interim reports go in today.  I will run today.  I'm not sure how far, though.


    NRR:  I am pumped that it's Friday.  This has felt like the longest week and its only been three days.  We don't have any plans, just relax and hang out.  Hopefully I'll get some quality running in.  Does anyone have some good weekend plans?


    FR:  I tried a skinny mocha at starbucks yesterday and it was gross.  Just a warning to anyone thinking about getting one. I'll stick with a regular nonfat one from now on.


    Snowden:  I think you asked yesterday.  MFP says my daily calorie intake should be 1350 (I have my goal set to lose one pound per week).  I do eat back some exercise calories too, since that's not enough when I'm running.  What is yours set as?


    Have a great day!

      morning all - TGIF!!!! I'm glad that we have a 3 day week to get back into this work thing...


      rr: did 4 miles last night and about froze my legs off.  I only had my light weight tights clean and they are way to thin for 35*, they are made for 50s.  Hopefully today I can get to the gym and do 2 miles of incline on the treadmill.  Marathon I'm doing has a 2 mile uphill stretch.  we have nothing here to simulate that so once a week I'm going to do 2 miles on the mill at a 3% incline.  start by walking and slowly integrate running in so that when I get to that point in the race I've got some legs under me.


      nrr: my friend had a pipe break in his house yesterday so went there and helped him clean up last night - big mess, hope that never happens to me!  getting hair cut and colored today, nothing exciting just maintenance.  My college team plays in there bowl game tonight so settling in for football after work!


      fr: did okay yesterday.  forgot about hamburger buns being so bad until after I ate mine, so things to remember for next time - substitute in whole wheat toast and save 100 calories!  I love the bar code scanner on MFP though - totally awesome!!!!  If anyone wants to friend me, my screen name is daisycrazy7


      snow: exciting for your first race!  which marathon are you doing?  that's cool that you are taking all the classes - is that just to help you with the volunteer skills or are you looking at a career change?


      jkr: enjoy the last few days of freedom from school!  have you been able to go visit DBF as you choose while you've been home?  My mom is old fashioned and I would never get away with an over night trip if I was staying home - so I stopped going home for long periods of time my sophmore year of college!


      seattleBlush'm not sure what I am going to do about training and eating.  I figure it will take about 6 weeks to get to a point where I will need to up my calories for longer runs.  I might just adjust the days before my long run days to be a heavier calorie day and try to leave the rest the same.  I really want to conquer both training and weight loss - i think it just takes a lot of forethought!



        rtr-i am not huge on the mocha's, i got a skinny peppermint one at christmas and didn't love it. i do like the skinny vanilla lattes, those they have figured out! good luck with grading.

        ou-that is tough about a pipe breaking, nice of you to help out, water damage is awful. good luck to ou in football! do you watch with a bunch of friends?

        RR: only 6 miles this morning, was coughing a little bit so it made it hard to run longer. did 25 min of elliptical also. don't want to push it if my body is trying to recover.

        NRR: not really worse today, but not better. throat is on fire but otherwise feel pretty good, not sure what is going on. hoping it doesn't get worse. no weekend plans right now. both DBF and I need to get better.

        FR: eh, cough drops make everything taste funny




          RR -5 mi tempo run over lunch today, 8 mi hilly trail run tomorrow.


          NRR -Had fun at dinner with my brother and uncle, it was fun to see them (and go to one of my favorite pubs again).  DBF and I fell asleep really early after, so that was nice.  Tonight going out for mom's birthday (it's Sunday but dinner is tonight) and brother's going back to school dinner.  It will be fun but I will be glad to not go out the next few nights!


          FR -thinking of getting rosemary chicken w/mashed potatoes & veggies, I've had it before and I know it's good and it's healthier than most other stuff on the menu...!


          Mocha related - I actually really like skinny peppermint mochas from Starbucks, but I think it's an acquired taste - I really didn't like it the first time I had one!


          Back for more shouts in a bit!


            rtr - I know what you mean about being glad it's Friday... hopefully this comparatively short weekend won't fly by too terribly quickly!  I am not sure what the plan is, hopefully just running and having a relaxing weekend with DBF and family.  It's my mom's birthday on Sunday so I think I will go with her and grandma to get manicures and pedicures, and maybe cook some dinner and watch a chick flick... should be fun!


            ou - I have eaten hamburgers with just a lettuce leaf wrapped around them before... it's kinda messy but it tastes good and saves even more calories (even if people may look at you funny haha).  Good luck to ou in the bowl game tonight, exciting!  I am just going to try to focus mostly on eating healthy during marathon training, and not restricting myself too much if I feel really hungry.  I am excited to get back up in miles again!


            sjp - youch on the sore throat, I hope it goes away soon - that's just such an awful feeling.  Way to go getting a run in anyways - definitely good not to push yourself too hard when sick.  Hopefully you and DBF can have a lazy relaxing weekend and both feel better quickly!


              RR- Thinking I'll go out for a shorter run, maybe 3ish miles. I want to jump into running again but I also don't want to do too much since my foot is still a little tender.


              FR- Eh... Okay but not great. I'm in a definite lull with food lately.


              NRR- Nothing new here I guess. It's "overcast" today which is an improvement. Not raining yet.


              rtr- I haven't done mpf in a few months because I got really discourage by it. It set me calories at 1250 and I just couldn't do that. I kept bumping them up. But I'm thinking of starting again and just tracking what I actually eat and slowly bring the calories down instead of going full swing into it.


              OU- good plan for the incline on the treadmill. I've recently been wondering where in this town I can find a long hill. I think I might have to do the same. For the fire dept. I am initially just getting a lot more skills, but I love it so much I have it in the back of my head to always work hard because I might want a career change. I am doing the Sitka Cross Trail Classic Marathon and Half Marathon. It's the first race held here that's longer than a 10k I believe. So far all the runs have basically been fun runs.


              sjp- Hope you kick this cold soon.


              seattle- I really like that you always say what you're going to eat, or plan on eating. It gives me so many ideas! I always get stuck on the few things I'm used to cooking. DBF and I haven't cooked in so long its terrible.


                Just back from an awesome 5m tempo run... it's warmed up a lot since earlier this week, the sun was out a bit, and it felt good to let go and go a little fast again.


                snowden - overcast is definitely better than rain!  good call on taking it easy back to running - don't want to reaggravate it again!


                  Hi again!


                  So that running thing didn't happen again.  Oops.  I had to drop my car off at the shop, then walk the mile home in the freezing cold.  By the time I got home I decided I didn't want to go outside again.  I was also feeling lazy.  I just got my transmission replaced two months ago, and now I find out my transmission fluid is leaking.  I call the shop to ask when they can look at it and they tell me basically I need to bring it in today or Monday (they're closed over the weekend).  Apparently if I drive on it with leaking fluid, I'll void my warranty.  Basically, they did a shitty job and if I don't give up my car again, I'll void a warranty.  Boo.  Anyway, I'm frustrated and sometimes when I get in a frustrated mood, I'd rather be lazy and not run.  I figure I'll get in a nice run tomorrow.   Thanks for listening to my rant about my car!


                  OU:  Have you used the social part of MFP yet?  Not just the forums, but having people comment on your daily and what not?  I haven't added any friends on it since I'm not really into it for the social aspect, I just like to use it to track calories.  That's really smart about running on a treadmill at an incline to prepare for your marathon.  That sounds like a long hill!  Sometimes those are worse than short, steep ones.


                  SJP:  I hope you feel better soon!  You must be feeling crappy if you're cutting your runs short.


                  Seattle:  Nice job on the run today!  Your plans with your mom sound really fun.  What chick flick will you watch?


                  Snowden:  Congrats on registering for your first marathon!  That's super exciting!  Also, that's awesome that you're taking all those classes.


                    Hey everyone! Late post for me... it's been a crazy/long day ugh.


                    RR: At least I got to start the day off with a good run this morning! Did 16mi, but really should've only done 12mi. Hah. I finished my first out and back, decided to pick up my iPod and head out for a few more cause I was "feeling good". Yeah, that lasted until I had to turn around and run the 4mi back to the car. Straight into the wind, uphill, and my stomach was upset. Ugh it was rough! And my legs are now toast. Short run tomorrow pinky promise.


                    NRR: After my run I got back to my car and saw my mom had called my cell phone a few times and left a voicemail. My grandparents had gotten into a car accident at the mall (about 45min from our house) and she needed me to go pick the up. They were completely fine, but their car wasn't drivable. My grandma has been the only driver for 5yrs now... grandpa had a stroke and has problems with his vision... but now her mental status is starting to dwindle and she really, REALLY shouldn't be driving anymore. She just got in a car accident back in July by running a red light. i've been the passenger with her once since then and NEVER AGAIN. It's bad. Today she was in the parking lot backing up and hit the accelerator waaaay too hard... slammed into a concrete pole and a truck behind her. So my sister and I went and waited with them for AAA to come, then drove them to the car dealership for insurance stuff, and drove them around to run errands... ended up spending 5hrs in the car. And dealing with two 80ish year olds all day is not easy at all. I love them to death and would do anything for them... but my goodness today was long. And now we have to seriously tackle the issue of my grandma driving... not looking forward to that since they live out in the country and if she stops driving they will have to move. Not good not good.


                    FR: Bleh feeling pretty crappy today. Last night before bed I ate two big oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies that I had made earlier this week. They are AMAZING but, unfortunately, not gluten free. I decided they were worth it. Last night. If I had known how I would feel today I don't think I would've made that decision. Haha. Oh well. Live and learn. Soon I'll be back to my place in Richmond and all this good (gluten filled) food won't be around 24/7.


                    Shoutouts up next...


                      Seattle: I thought you had done the marathon distance before. I had done a few trail races before the 50k, but that was by far the best one! Trail running is just so different from road running. Makes me wish I lived closer to some good trails. I figured that you and DBF weren't going to move in with his parents… haha I seriously don't think I could ever, ever do that. What an awesome situation that you two might be renting from his parents! That would be so nice for all four of you. The stuff you cook always sounds absolutely fantastic… I'm hoping that when I move in with DBF I'll be more motivated to cook every night. I love cooking for other people, but when I'm alone at my place I just don't want to do it. Hope you have fun out at dinner with your family tonight!


                      Snowden: Wow that's so awesome you're starting the EMT class in January! I've always thought that sounded like a really great career. Do you think you'll ever make a career out of firefighting and EMT? It must be tough to fit all of that in with your regular job. Congrats on registering for the marathon! I've never heard of the Sitka Cross Trail Marathon… cool! It's the first year the race is being held? That will be fun! My first marathon was also my first race ever… I think it was so fun that way I absolutely loved it.


                      Runtravel: How is the wedding planning going? Did y'all set a date yet or find a venue or get a dress? Bummer about the skinny mocha from Starbucks that's so disappointing! Especially since it probably wasn't cheap hah. No exciting weekend plans here. Just spending some time with my family before I head back to Richmond at the end of next week. Um that's super frustrating about your car! Ugh I'm sorry about that. Hope you can get in a happy, worry free run tomorrow.


                      Ou: Ugh I hate when I don't dress warm enough for a run! I almost always overdress now because I am just so incredibly miserable when I'm cold. I much prefer to take off layers and have something to carry than to risk being cold. Good call on the hill simulation with the treadmill. I've been spoiled with lots of flat running at my parents' place over break. I'll have to get used to hill running when I go back to Richmond. Ugh not looking forward to it! So much harder on my knees. I've been out to visit DBF twice over break, and he's been here once, so it actually hasn't been too terrible. My parents don't care about the overnight trip, which is really nice. They know I spend every weekend at his place when I'm not on break. But he lives 2.5-3hr from my parents' house, so making the trip out there is not nearly as easy as it is when I'm at my place. I hate being long distance! Can't wait til we are closer.


                      Sjp: Ugh I hate running with a cough. I (stupidly) did that for weeks and weeks this Fall and it was the worst. Felt like I just couldn't clear my lungs and it actually took a lot more effort to run and cough hah. You're smart not to push yourself. Rest up this weekend and I hope that both you and DBF feel better.