Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!  Sorry I've haven't been around, but I've been super busy with work.


    RR:  Due to being really busy, this hasn't happened since Sunday, but it will happen today after work as long as their isn't any lightening.  I did manage to run on both Saturday and Sunday, which was nice.  Today I'm shooting for around four miles.


    NRR:  Final grades were due last night and I had assigned a lot of work, so I've been grading like a crazy person since Monday.  I got everything done last night and it feels great!  We still have another week and a half of school left, but there is nothing left to grade and that's always a relief.  My mom's visit this weekend and my bridal shower were both really great.  We had a good time, it was nice to have her out here for a few days.  Today is just work, a run, then DF and I are going to look at a couple of houses.  Also, our wedding is exactly one month away from today!


    FR:  Um, this has been less than stellar since my mom's visit, but I'm fixing this today.


    I'll make it back for shouts later.  Have a great day!

      rtr: so is the last week of school just a fun week?  wow 4 weeks till wedding!!!! so exciting!!!!!!


      nrr: sorry I've been mia for a few days.  Work has been nuts, still is but I missed you guys! Hopefully it will calm down here starting next week.  Going to Kansas City this weekend with a friend for some pre-birthday fun.  Going to a Kenny chesney concert, good food, relaxing, etc.   Nothing exciting in my life.  HOpefully I haven't missed anything exciting here - I miss catching up!


      rr: crossfit is going great.  I really enjoy just having something different to do - especially since its been in the upper 90s this week and really too hot to run.  I'm getting little muscles :-)!  I've been trying to get some extra running in as well.  Crossfit really does focus more on strength so I feel that I need to get a bit more cardio to keep myself even.  Trying to run a mile each day I do crossfit, then a few miles on my off days.  I've just been so busy lately that it usually doesn't happen!


      fr: i'm trying to eat clean.  This week has been good excepts one lunch.  Also trying to reign in the dessert eating!


      wr: 153, so not happy with this number Sad



        mia-do you have classes all summer? eh, sometimes wine and apps for dinner happens. haha.

        seattle-that is so great dbf's parents got the house! does it need a lot of work?

        rtr-end of the year is always crazy busy. hope you get out for a run!

        ou-i'm glad you are enjoying cross-fit. bet a little change is nice!

        RR: 10 miles this morning, it was gorgeous out, first day this week it was sunny in the morning. i guess more rain this afternoon.

        NRR: out to inspect bridges today, weather looks good--its mostly driving. have to go 2 hours north for one of them. at least out of office.

        FR: little too much cereal last night after dinner. oops


          Happy Thursday!

          RTR: Things are really moving for you!  Only one month until your wedding - WOW!!  Glad you had a nice time with your mom.

          OU: I'm heading to Portland for my birthday fun.  Older DD and her friends want to take me out.  They told me bring workout clothes and some dressy-ish clothes.

          SJP: Yes, classes all summer.  Have a good bridge day. : )


          RR: going running with friends after I get my hair cut this morning.

          NRR: Today haircut, run, friends are taking me out for a b'day b'fast and then heading to Portland.  I need to get some resumes out this morning before all that happens.

          FR: We'll see what the weekend brings.



            Sorry I never made it back yesterday... will try to be better today!


            RR- Did some practice climbing and belaying with DBF yesterday, was fun.  Can't wait to do more!  Today is a 3 mi lunch break run.  My boss is running her marathon this Sunday, and the weather forecast for hers is sunny and a high of 78... sheesh, we seem to have bad marathon weather luck around here.  Hope it cools off for her a bit!


            NRR- Had a nice relaxing night with DBF.  We made shrimp pasta w/veggies, watched some TV, and went to sleep super early.  He was still super tired from his crazy mountain climbing, poor guy!  Tonight I am going to dinner with mom and grandma, so that's always fun.  Then need to do some laundry and start getting things organized for school next quarter.  Glad tomorrow is Friday, I've been tired this week for some reason!


            FR- Thinking chicken & rice w/salad tonight.  Still been pretty good this week!


              Good morning!


              RR: Had grand plans to get up and run this morning, but I really needed the sleep. Been going on 5 hours a night for a few days, so 7 hours last night was great. Hot yoga this afternoon.


              NRR: Yoga, dinner, pack me and DH for the lake and the boys for the grandparents, and possibly watch some tv. Nothing exciting tonight.


              FR: Had a huge cheeseburger last night. Can't remember the last time I had one, but man it was good!


              WR: I seem to be stuck at 125. I have dropped to 123 a few times, but I always seem to go back to 125. Maybe I need to shake up my routine. They always say the last 10 lbs are the hardest and it really is true.



              rtr - Yay for finishing grading!! I'm so glad you've had fun with your mom. Can't believe the wedding is only a month away!


              ou - I'm glad you are enjoying crossfit! Your little trip sounds like so much fun! I'm sure you will have a blast.


              sjp - I bought Big B some Coco Puffs a few weeks ago, but he refuses to eat them. I've had a few bowls and it is really easy to eat too much. That stuff is addicting!


              mia - enjoy your birthday breakfast with your friends. That sounds like such a fun way to celebrate!


                Good Morning!


                I didn't have the patience to read/post with the weird formatting yesterday. Apparently my need for paragraphs is higher than I thought. Smile


                RR- 6 on Tuesday and 11 yesterday. Then 2 with the dog and DBF that were about half run, half walk. I managed a pretty decent pace even with 3 groups of the cruise ship tourists stopping me and asking where something was.


                FR- Still doing okay, but not great.


                NRR- Back into work for a few hours tonight. Don't have to be there til 5 or so, so I still get a good chunk of my weekend.


                rtr- One month count down! Great to hear your moms visit and bridal shower were a success. It must be a great feeling knowing your can have a break from crazy work in the near future.


                OU- How great that your muscles are starting to get some definition! How does your running feel with cross fit? I need to reign in the dessert too. Don't beat yourself up too much over your weight. I'd say let it adjust to the change from running to more cross fit. Also remember you are gaining muscle!


                sjp- I had cereal for dinner. : )


                Mia- Have fun b'day festivities! Is it your birthday today?


                Seattle- It's great that you're still enjoying your climbing so much!


                Java- I've been stuck on the last ten pounds for a long time now. Granted, I have not been consistent and proper eating habits. ...I guess that's where I need to start. I think the last ten lbs are so hard because your body is finding where it's comfortable at. But just so you know were in the same boat. I'm at 125 too and my goal is 115.


                  Back from an unexpectedly sunny (and speedy!) 3 mi lunch break run... felt good!


                  rtr - hope the weather holds up so that you can get a run in tonight!  woohoo for all your grading being done... time to start looking forward to the wedding!  It's coming up so fast!!  Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your mom as well, that's great that you get along so well!


                  ou - hope work starts to settle down for you soon!  your KC trip sounds awesome...  Kenny Chesney concert would be a blast!  I can never find anyone that would go with me since none of my friends like country music!  yay for eating clean and getting muscles!


                  sjp - yay for being out of the office on a sunny weather day!  hope the drive isn't too bad and everything goes smoothly.  I think the house doesn't necessarily NEED a lot of work, but DBF's parents definitely have some plans to remodel it in some pretty big ways - it's a little outdated, the bedrooms are really small, they want to open it up a bit, repaint, redo the kitchen, etc.  It'll be a big ongoing project for sure!


                  Mia - have fun in Portland!  Always nice to get away for a weekend.  I think the weather looks pretty nice down there too!


                  Java - glad you were able to get more sleep last night - I could not handle 5 hours!  I am a big baby when it comes to sleep.  Your weekend away at the lake sounds like so much fun, hope you enjoy it!  And possibly enjoy some more cheeseburgers too?  Sometimes there's just nothing like a big juicy burger, especially if you haven't had one in a while.  Dang, now I want one...!


                  snowden - way to rock the running the past few days, sounds like you are doing great managing to fit it in even with the life craziness!  Glad you have most of a weekend ahead of you! Smile