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    Anyone awake out there???

    nrr: interesting day yesterday.  Had to go to a meeting near home yesterday morning, and one of our dogs has been sick so I stopped by home to check on him.  Discovered a leak in our hot water line when I was there so ended up staying home so plumber could come and such.  It's a good thing I got home when I did.  Incredibly hot water spraying in a small closet - there was a massive steam build up going on and a lot of water collecting.  Could have been a huge mess!  After plumber came I just relaxed because I had some personal days to blow anyways.  Went to crossfit, blew out my back (again) so the rest of the evening I spent trying to combat the pain.  I have no luck sometimes!


    rr: so did 6 miles on Saturday that felt great.  It was nice and cool and overcast, great running weather for july.  Yesterday was crossfit, we were doing a move that makes your back an easy target of strain, and I wasn't paying attention and let myself pull it out again.  uggg - thankfully had a chiro appt today anyways!


    fr: I am trying so hard to be good, but I always fail!!!  majorly.  Really need to figure out how I can control what I eat better. No one around me really cares about what they eat which makes it soooo difficult. (just went back to look at last weeks posts and notice I complained about this last week as well! hahaha - so taking everyones advice from last week...  I agree java, I am much better when I have healthy food in the fridge to eat and keep me from eating out, my problem is the people at work go out and you feel like you are shunning them if you don't go and they do not eat healthy at all!)


      Good Morning!

      RR: Running this morning early to beat the heat as much as possible.  Probably 5 miles.  Crossfit last night was good.  Small group since school recently got out and it's a holiday week.  I was beat last night though after running in the am and crossfit in the pm.  Not going to make crossfit until probably either Friday night (if they have it) or Saturday since I am heading out fishing this afternoon.

      NRR: Ex will be coming to get dogs this morning.  Need to get as much of my school work done as possible.  Pack for the fishing trip.  Shop for food to take along.  Will be a busy day and I'll have to stay focused.

      FR: Did really well yesterday.  I did have a piece of fruit in the evening but other than that just veggies and lean protein and some nonfat dairy.  Felt pretty good.  Eggs with lots of veggies for b'fast, big salad for lunch and a Vietnamese Beef Salad for dinner that my friend brought over for me.


      OU: sounds like a not so fun forced day off yesterday.  How is your dog?  Does your landlord pay for the water heater fix?  Hope your back feels better quickly.




        mia-dbf just does catch and release but i think if they catch legal size they could keep them. It is a stocked area so not a lot of the fish are legal, though not sure they want to anyway. A lot of work!

        java-sun + water + kids is the epitome of exhaustion. glad you had fun though!

        seattle-are there a lot of people at the lake when you go? nice to have water so close.

        mc-counting calories is annoying, but sometimes it helps for a couple days to figure out portions/counts again and retrain ourselves. did you like the kayak?

        snowed-how far of a walk to work?

        rtr-i am not doing a fall marathon at the moment. i should have signed up for the marathon, but did signed up for a half in october. not sure if i can switch. otherwise just a few halfs in the fall i think. woohoo wedding countdown!

        ou-oh no! what is wrong with your back?! ugh, i hate the lunch thing at work. i usually don't go bc its expensive and i like to eat the lunch i packed. maybe you could walk at lunch or something? that way aren't tempted when you go out?

        RR: 10 misty miles this morning. I am glad the rain held off, it wasn't cold so that was nice. i don't mind the drizzle during a run. think i'm going to lift tonight. trying to lift 2x a week, and i did it last week, so keeping it going.

        NRR: drizzle here. i went to bed super early last night and slept like a rock. feeling better today. dbf has a deadline tomorrow and is short on time so he may be working a little later. gives me time to lift before we make dinner and hang out though. no excuses!

        FR: chicken fajitas tonight i think.


          Good morning!


          RR: a few miles with Winston very early this morning. Got up to run farther than I did, but ended up spilling coffee grounds all over the place, so I spent a lot of time cleaning that up. It was 60 degrees, which was great!


          NRR: Not too much going on tonight - I hope. Just cooking dinner, dishes, laundry, etc.


          FR: bbq chicken tonight!



          OU - Oh no!! I hope your back feels better.  I'm glad you were able to catch the leak before it did too much damage.


          Mia - Have fun fishing!


          sjp - I wish I enjoyed lifting - I can't stand it! Good job mixing up your routine!


            Good morning!


            RR- Got my 3 mi run in this morning before it gets too hot... although it was pretty warm already!  The whole 10 day forecast is full of sunny and high 70s/low 80s, which I love, but I may have to try and be a morning runner for a while!


            NRR- Not much on the agenda tonight except getting ahead on homework.  Hopefully today and tomorrow will go by quickly, I am looking forward to a four day weekend!  My company gives us Friday off and paid which is really nice.  DBF and I are thinking of going backpacking on the coast over the weekend since it's supposed to be nice there too.  We had a fun BBQ at the park last night, there was some shade and a nice breeze off the water and it was lovely.


            FR- Probably leftovers tonight, it's hard to feel much like cooking when its warm out!


            Back in a bit for shouts!


              Hi all,


              RR: If it's not one thing, it's another. I stubbed my toe on the pool where we were rolling kayaks on Sunday and didn't think much of it, but now my toe is bruised and black. DH thinks it's broken but I think it just got whacked pretty hard. Anyway, was going to run today but will do a yoga strength class instead. Also, massage tonight--really looking forward to that.


              NRR: Band practice tonight, then getting ready for trip to southern CO to see DS ... leaving either tomorrow or Thursday morning. Very quiet at work, which is good because I have lots to do.


              OU: Darn it on your back! It's so easy to let your attention drift and put something out of whack. Hope the chiro gets you on track quickly. I agree on the peer pressure and food. I really just find it to be a domino effect when I go out for a drink with coworkers that I eat too much bad food.


              Mia: Great that you're getting out early for your run. Glad you liked Crossfit. Food plan sounds really healthy. Staying focused on school will be a challenge but getting that knocked out before the long weekend will be great.


              SJP: I loved the kayak ... took it on the river last night and it's really responsive, very stable, but could surf it, too. Now just need to find one used, which is hard because it's a fairly new model. Your misty 10 miles sound great!


              Java: Perfect running temp! Is Winston turning out to be a good running companion?


              Seattle: Ah, good luck on the morning running. I am hit or miss on that. We have both Thurs-Fri off as holidays, too, which is super nice.


                Morning. Not really awake, but I'm up.


                RR- 4 easy miles after work last night. Rode my bike home from work where it's been hiding since I bought a car. Hopefully that'll give me more time today before work to get in a run.


                NRR- I was useless at work yesterday. Just to tired and wore out to have any motivation. Today is my Friday and I don't care if every single plane breaks down I'm not coming in on my weekend.


                FR- Meh.


                OU- Sorry about the back! That really sucks! Do you have a past with back issues? I have the same problem as you food wise. I don't have anything helpful to say other than I feel ya! I can do good for a bit then its over and I'm terrible for a while. Rinse and repeat.


                Mia- Nice job on the great eating!


                sjp- Walk to work is only 3 miles. So not to far, but far enough that I need to have a bit of time. I was sitting at my computer yesterday realizing I was starving and thinking what I should have for lunch when I suddenly remembered I had to walk to work. Chicken fajitas sounds great!


                Java- Glad you got a run in while it was still cool out.


                Seattle- Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you!


                MC- To bad about your toe! Glad it doesn't hurt to bad that you can still do yoga though.


                  Hello, long lost friends!

                  Life has kept me busy, busy, busy for the past few months.  I've tried to follow along from time to time but there just aren't enough hours in the day.


                  Quick update...


                  RR.  I ran a 1/2 in March and a Full in May - neither of which I was happy with my result.  Oh well.  There will be other races.  Since the full, my running has been non-exsistent.  My PF has been incredibly painful and nothing seems to be working.  I finally made an appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor for next week.  He was the Team Physician for the USA Running Team.  Hope he can get me back on track.

                  NRR.  Boy - where to start.  Most of you know that DH and I have been looking to relocate for a while, to the Front Range.  I went through the application and interview process this past Spring.  I had 5 interviews and 4 offers.  I decided to take a teaching position in Fort Collins for next August.  DH and I put the house on the market in early June and had 3 offers in less than two weeks.  The downside is DH still doesn't have a job there.  He's had two interviews (one today actually) and another coming up on Friday.  I'm hoping one of those works out for him.  In the meantime a position that I've been interested in for several years in my school here came open unexpectedly.  I've been given an interview for that position next Monday.  No idea how that's going to shake out but we're going to have a big decision to make if I'm offered that job.

                  As for everything else - same old same old.  M is getting big - talking up a storm and very active!  So much fun!  We went to OH to visit family earlier this summer which was stressful but good.

                  FR.  Been extremely lazy about this and hoping to get back on track.  Haven't gained, but haven't lost.


                  So - that's life in a nutshell!  Hoping to make this a more regular occurrence!