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    ou-so are you loving cross-fit?

    seattle-any crazy adventures planned this weekend?

    mc-ah, a sweep would be nice, but not happening i guess! only good thing is they can win in boston....have fun at your 5k, do you dress up as a celebrity?

    RR: 10 treadmill miles, then i think i'm going to do 5 after work for a 'long' run today. i have a friend coming in town and don't want to disapper for 2 hours. we did ab ripper last night, that is so hard!

    NRR: my friend from college is getting divorced. they were married 6 years, together 14 so its a bit of a shock. she is coming to visit this weekend to get her mind off it. i feel awful and don't know how to help her.

    FR: coffee because i got 5.5 hours of sleep because of baseball game ouch


      Good morning!


      RR:  I'm planning on stopping by my old trail after work for a nice three mile run.  It's cooled down a bit here, so I'm breaking out the capris and long sleeve shirts.


      NRR:  Work is busy as always.  Today 150 of my 180 students had an exam and a 5 paragraph essay due, so that means a lot of grading!  Other than that, DH and I are still working on the house.  Hopefully some more painting upstairs so we can get new carpets soon.  This weekend I think we'll just work on the house, then one of my friends might come out and see it.


      FR:  I made the most delicious sweet potato chilli in my crock pot earlier in the week.  It was my first time using the crockpot and I have to say that I am quite a fan of it now.


      SJP:  I'm sorry to hear about your friend.  They must have been high school sweethearts.  I'm sure you're helping her just by letting her come and visit and get away for awhile.


      Foco:  Your dead celebrity 5k sounds fun!  Do you know who you are going to dress up as?


      OU:  Congrats on your half pr!  That’s awesome that you made it under 2 hours!  30 something is definitely not too old to pack up and move to NYC for a couple of years.  You could time it perfectly with starting teaching!


      Seattle:  Oh, I really like running in the fog!  Usually because it’s nice and cool.  How’s the rock climbing going?


      Have a great day!


        Good morning!


        RR- Today will be 3-4 over lunch, hopefully some sort of faster running.  Tomorrow will be a 12 mi long run and then not sure what else, maybe a swim on Sunday if I have time.


        NRR- Went over to DBF's last night, cooked up some dinner, watched a movie and fell asleep super early, it was nice!  One more busy day of work to get through and then it's the weekend!  I have some homework to finish up tonight but hopefully it won't take too long.  Tomorrow I am going to a coworker's baby shower after my long run, and then DBF and I are making homemade pizza for the Husky game in the evening.  Sunday will probably be mostly studying and getting ready for another week!


        FR- Thinking spaghetti tonight!


        Back for shouts in a bit!


          Hi all,


          RR: Running a fun 5K tonight: For those who asked, my costume is "Cruela de Vil" -- it's pretty much the same costume I wear to every occasion. To make Cruela a "dead" celebrity, I'll just zombie up a bit. This is a not-very-serious run, obviously! I'm more focused on the margarita I'll get at the end. Plus, it's a night run ... it's starts at 7 p.m. tonight. Might actually be kinda cold.


          NRR: Race fun tonight, possibly going to visit my sister tomorrow night for dinner (she lives a couple of towns away), and then we're having friends over for dinner on Sunday. It seems that on the weekends when we're not traveling, we must pack the time with catching up with people. Will be fun but I know I'm going to be tired when I get back to work on Monday.


          SJP: Dang, sorry about last night. But it will make for a more exciting series! So sorry about your friend ... that is so rough. Did you just hear about the break-up? Sometimes those things come as such a shock because the couple tries to keep it quiet until they know for sure it's not going to work.


          RTR: See above for my "dead celebrity" dress-up plan. :-) So running after work is working OK for you? I find that I can make it to yoga after work, but if I haven't run by 3 p.m. or so, I just completely lose my motivation. Don't know why.


          Seattle: Have fun on your long run tomorrow. Are you gearing up for another race soon, or are you just continuing to sprinkle in long runs as a long-term plan? Mmm, I haven't made homemade pizza for way too long.


          Mia: You must be incredibly busy these days: Good luck with the current temp job, and great news on the permanent job starting soon!


            sjp - nothing too crazy this weekend, just one of my favorite kinds of fall weekend - long run, football, pizza, and beer!  hooray for that!  so sad about your friend, that is great that you can spend time with her and hopefully help take her mind off it.  hopefully you can sleep in a bit over the weekend too and recover from all the late baseball games!


            rtr - I just bought a new crockpot, do you have a link to the chili you made?  it sounds delicious!  good luck with all that grading, hopefully you can get through it somewhat quickly!  DBF and I haven't been climbing as much as we'd like since our new gym only has one small climbing wall, but hopefully we will be able to start doing at least once a week or so now that we've kind of settled into more of a routine.  I miss it!


            MC - enjoy the race tonight and the margarita after!  sounds like a great way to warm up after a cold run.  I know what you mean about weekends, if mine aren't busy they are usually busy getting stuff done that I didn't have time for on the other weekends or during the week... yay laundry haha.  I am training for the Seattle half marathon on Dec 1...  hopefully I will finally get a PR this time after being stuck a minute away from it my last *three* halfs in a row!!