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Finally the Fridailies (Read 12 times)


    Morning! Friday!!!

    rtr-i had a storebought veggie burger the other night, but sometimes do make my own, which i really like. the black bean ones are the best.

    snowed-great! it stinks to have a major heat wave/drastic weather change for a race. this is your first?

    RR: 8 miles on the treadmill this morning, it was raining pretty hard and i just wasn't feeling being soaked this morning. i am still a little sore from p90x. going to fit in another lifting session in the next couple days. we'll see since we leave for wedding tomorrow.

    NRR: golf was fun yesterday. my 2 coworkers and i played. it was gorgeous out, sunny, breezy and not busy there at all. tonight we are just relaxing, packing and then tomorrow long runs and headed south for the wedding. supposed to hike sunday if the weather holds out.

    FR: veggie burger on salad last night too, its my go to.


      Good morning!  sorry I haven't been around much, it's been a crazy week.


      RR- 4 mi lunch break run today and then climbing at the gym after work.  It's a cutback week (which I'm glad about since I was sick earlier in the week!) so probably 6 mi tomorrow.


      NRR- Just been super busy juggling work, school, working out, DBF, friends, family, etc.  I am taking two classes right now and they are both pretty busy since summer quarter is shorter than regular quarters (and both of them got off to a slow start due to tech issues so are playing catch up).  Plus my work has cracked down on hw/internet use so I can't get as much done at work as I'd like.  Understandable, but still kind of a bummer!  Only a week and a half left or so and then I should be done until fall quarter!  DBF and I went out to dinner with my mom and brother yesterday to celebrate our one year anniversaries at our jobs, woohoo!  Not sure of weekend plans, the weather is looking iffy but I think it's supposed to get nice again starting Sunday.


      FR- Ate a ton of mexican food and drank yummy margaritas last night... oh well, it was a celebration!


      Hope all of you are well, I will try to be better about checking in again!




        RR:  I tried this again today and it still didn't go very well.  I ended up running about 3.5 miles and walking the last .75 mile home.  I've just been feeling lethargic this week, which I think has something to do with adjusting to being back.  Also, the complete lack of running for three weeks doesn't help.  I'm going to try again on Sunday.


        NRR:  Not too much going on here today.  I ran with a friend this morning, now we're meeting up shortly to play cards.  Tonight I'm cooking for DH, then probably we'll catch up on some Breaking Bad.


        FR:  I'm making portabella caps and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.


        SJP:  Have fun at the wedding!  Is this your sister's wedding, or a different one?


        Seattle:  Wow, you've been busy!  That's too bad about work cracking down on hw/internet.  I suppose it's their prerogative, but if you're getting everything done and being a good employee, what's wrong with catching up on some homework?  Yum, I could go for a margarita!  Congratulations on being at your job for a year!




          RR- Nothing yesterday. Easy 3 or 4 soon. Marathon tomorrow!

          NRR- I already had dreams about the race last night. Ans this morning I woke up in a panic at 7:05 thinking my race had started with out me.

          FR- I took carbo loading to a whole new level and let me inner fat girl out.


          sjp- This is my first marathon. I ran a half on a whim a month ago and did okay. Have a good weekend and I hope the wedding goes well.

          seattle- You certainly sound busy!

          rtr- When I took a week off from running earlier this summer it took me two weeks to feel back to normal.


            Good Morning or Afternoon depending on your location.

            RR: We'll see. Half tomorrow bright and early.

            NRR: Woke up with really bad stomach cramps last night, still have them off and on this morning.  Kind of weird.  Older DD is miserable with her sore throat, wish I could do something for her.  She's not able to sleep or eat.  Drove to P'land and back yesterday - long day.  Ex was over helping younger DD with something last night and all he did was complain that he could be spending his time doing something better.  He was very annoying.

            FR: Yesterday had trail mix and then dinner and that was it since I was driving for 6 hours. Dinner was roasted veggies and chicken.  Some watermelon also.


            SJP: your day is just about over and then starting your long weekend.  Have a great time at the wedding.


            SEattle: congrats on your and DBF's year anniversary at your jobs.  Sounds like a fun evening last night. Is your brother done with grad school?


            RTR: Does it feel weird to use DH in your posts?


            Snow: Have fun on the boat.  Will DBF go support you at your marathon?  Is it far from your house?



              I am a happy camper, I found out this afternoon that my work experience at my current job meets the "experience" requirement for CPA...  I was afraid I'd have to find another job or internship or something to qualify for that so I'm glad I don't!


              sjp - I love how awesome you are at balancing running, lifting, hiking, etc!  Sometimes I get too frazzled if I try to do too much.  Just need to get better at multi-tasking, I suppose!  I am not very good at hiking so I am usually pretty tired and slow at it if I try to run beforehand, but I don't want to skip a run for a hike...  oh well.  hope you have a great weekend!


              rtr - congrats on the wedding!  I saw that you posted when you got back, so glad the day was awesome!  Your honeymoon sounds fantastic as well.  I bet it's a little tough to get back to reality after waiting so long for it to get here!  I know, I'd rather be productive at work than just surfing the internet, and it's not like my homework isn't in the same subject as my job (accounting), but oh well!


              snowden - good luck tomorrow!  Can't wait to hear all about it!  I love carb loading... probably way more than I should, haha!


              Mia - which half are you running tomorrow?  hope the stomach cramps are gone by then!  My stomach felt awful the first part of this week, it's just no fun.  So lame that Ex was complaining about spending time with DD...  I would be so annoyed by that!  My brother is done with grad school, woohoo!  Now he is back up here in the PNW and looking for jobs Smile


                Snowden:  Good luck with your marathon tomorrow!  Maybe create a special weekend post to tell us how it went!


                MIA:  Yeah, it's a little weird to call him my husband and write DH!  It's pretty fantastic though!  Good luck on your half marathon tomorrow!


                Seattle:  That's awesome that your job will count towards your degree!  That must be quite the relief!


                  Seattle: I'm running the Tacoma Narrows Half.  I've run it a couple of other times and was supposed to run a couple of years ago and thought it was on Sunday instead of Saturday so missed it.  Last year I didn't sign up, so I'll try again tomorrow.