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    Good morning!

    RR:  I'm planning a run after work today, probably 4-6 miles.  Last night I had a great swim at the pool, 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Work, run, then DF and I are hanging out.  I'm going to pick up some extra hours by helping out a girl who's missed a lot of school due to illness, so that might start today after school, not sure yet.  I hope I make it home in time for a nice run in the sunlight.  It's great that it's been staying light later.


    FR:  I'm making black beans with mixed veggies for dinner tonight.  I have an avocado to go with it, so it should be delicious.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Snowden:  Nice job on the 10 miler!  That’s awesome!  I’m sorry to hear DBF got the flu, I hope you manage to avoid it.


    MIA:  Nice job on the running lately.  It sounds like you had quite a nice, relaxing weekend.  That doctor sounds weird to say your hormones were off.


    Foco:  Great job on the mileage last week!  An annual ski trip sounds like a great idea!  We’re going skiing again in March and I can’t wait.


    Rerun:  Welcome back!  I like your attitude about how the runs won’t suck for very long.  That’s very true!


    Seattle:  Your vacation sounds glorious!  That’s such a nice surprise for DBF.  How did he react last night?


    OU:  Yikes, I’m glad you’re feeling better.  That’s pretty hardcore getting your long run in.


      Morning! Whew sorry to be MIA. Was busy the end of the week at work and leaving early bc of the blizzard.

      rtr-i have never had ethiopian food before, I wonder if there is a restarant like that here, we are sort of a foodie city. do you have school break soon? or do you get a 2 week break later? our schools have one week in feb and one week in april...

      ou-way to go on your long run this past weekend, sorry to hear you were sick though. that is never any fun.

      seattle-vacation sounds awesome. that is so great. glad you indulged and enjoyed. hope DBF was super happy and surprised with his friend back last night!

      rerun-great to see you!!! sorry for the slip up but you are back and thats all that matters!

      MC-haha i love rearranging but somehow it always leads to lots of cleaning--after seen all the dust and grossness that lives behind furniture.

      mia-i know its tough not having a job but sounds like your spirits are up. what field are you looking towards? did you like the medical field, maybe another office wouldn't be so clicky and well, 3rd grade.

      snowed-hope you don't get the flu! that would be miserable.

      RR: managed 7 at the gym saturday afternoon after we dug out from the blizzard--lucky the gym opened. sunday i did 10 miles for 71 on the week. yesterday and today were the daily 10.

      NRR: holy snow!!! we got 30" of snow from friday to saturday afternoon and crazy winds. there were drifts everywhere. luckily we didn't have much on our driveway so could get out fairly easily. DBF and i were able to venture out saturday afternoon once it had stopped snowing. trader joes was closed, starbucks was closed, it was crazy to see the high snow banks. they are still trying to clear downtown as there is no where to put all that snow.

      FR: maybe meeting one of DBF's friends at happy hour tonight, we'll see. forgot it was mardi gras, so not sure how insane it'll be out...

        sjp: wow that is crazy about the blizzard.  I saw a time lapse of how much it snowed!  Glad you got your runs in - I could see you running laps inside the house to make a mile so the streak didn't break!!!


        rtr: nice way to pick up extra hours - do you get paid for tutoring?


        rerun: welcome back!  it doesn't matter if you feel off the wagon, as long as you jump back on!!!


        mia: sorry to hear about the job... bummer it never worked out.  Do you think you will go back WW or just look for a different avenue? I think you would be awesome at a running store!  enjoy having time to run and clean house for awhile!  I did make it to class, skipped work while I was sick instead.


        rr: got in 3.3 this morning before the rain hit, we are suppose to get snow today so glad I got it out of the way.


        nrr: crazy busy day yesterday, hoping today is a bit calmer, would really like to just get some work done in the office!  still not feeling 100%, some foods kind of set me off, so trying to be careful about what i eat - it's funny, anything with color seems to be band, so as long as it is white or brown I'm okay!  tonight we are going out for mardi gras dinner - we usually do mexican or something not busy though!


        fr: getting an onion burger, fries and shake for lunch - I'm pumped, I love Mardi Gras!



          RR: Meeting my friend for a run this morning at 9.  We'll probably run about 5 or 6 miles. Yesterday had a great run with my friend from my old neighborhood, where we ran.  It was nice running that route again.  Then I walked with another friend who had a baby a couple of months ago.

          NRR: Worked on taxes yesterday, looks like I'll get a refund.  I still need to wait for my stock information to finish them.  Have to drop my car off this morning so they can work on the transmission, they found a leak when I was in last time for an oil change.  Glad it's still under warranty. : ) They said they'd supply me with a loaner also.  May head to TLC's tonight although not positive.  Any ideas what I should do for him for Valentine's day?  I don't want to do anything too romantic because I don't want to scare him, LOL, I also can't spend lots of $ now.

          I'm going to polish my resume today and do some job searching.

          FR: Cooked a turkey yesterday.  Today I'll take the meat off the bone and freeze some of it and make some turkey soup also.  Getting that out of my freezer helped me get some space back. : )


          RTR: Very nice that you are able to help the girl who was sick catch up.  I bet the students and the parents all love you.  The doctor I worked for was into bioidentical hormone replacement, so she thinks everyone needs their hormones balanced.  Of course it costs an arm and a leg (and a torso) so I told her I wouldn't be able to afford it now.

          SJP: Wow that is a ton of snow.  I hope it doesn't warm up too fast because that could also cause problems if it melted fast.  Not sure what field i want to go into, I did like the medical field so I'll be looking into that but I'm open to lots of things.  I do like dealing with people so not sure I'd want to be stuck in a cubicle somewhere.

          OU: Mardi Gras - I think it's funny that you and SJP mentioned celebrating for Mardi Gras, that is something I have never thought was a holiday.  Maybe it depends on what part of the country you live?





            RR - 7 mi after work today, hopefully it won't be too muddy!


            NRR - Was super busy at work yesterday, and will be today as well - our office is moving (up a floor in the same building) this afternoon so need to spend most of the day getting everything all packed up.  It will be nice to have the move over with!  Had fun at happy hour last night, DBF was super surprised to see his friend Smile  the look on his face was pretty priceless.  Not much on the agenda today except work, run, and homework.


            FR - Turkey chili w/cornbread tonight.


            Back for shouts in a bit!


              Hi all,


              RR: 6 miles at lunch yesterday ... starting to settle into a rhythm here! Hoping for 6 more today but I might go to yoga tonight instead. I'll just see how the day goes. Running midday is just such a great mind reset for me ... really good for working out those pesky work condundrums!


              NRR: Just working on the thesis at night ... DH is helping by heading to his computer almost as soon as he gets home from work. :-) He sets a good example.


              FR: Been really congested lately, thinking about giving up the yogurt (again). I'm just not a fan of dairy but I like that extra shot of protein in the morning. Hmmm ....


              RTR: Good for you to pick up extra hours. Yes, it's so nice to see the light coming back! Where are you skiing in March?


              Mia: I'm getting my master's in technical journalism, which is kind of redundant for me because I've worked in tech publishing for years. But now I'm just on a mission to finish. Sounds like you're getting some great stuff done on job hunting. I did a first run at our taxes a week or more ago but there's one form I can't e-file and I'm hoping TurboTax magically fixes it so I don't have to mail it in.


              SJP: Yes, one thing we learned in rearranging all that furniture is that our vacuum cleaner needs some maintenance. The downside of having 2 big yellow labs! Sounds like the perfect scenario that you got all that snow but were able to get out of your house and down the driveway!


              OU: Hope you continue to mend from the stomach trouble, that sounds vicious. Great that you got your run in before the snow hits!


              Seattle: Office moving is kind of fun ... I always like a change of perspective every once in a while!


              Rerun: It's great that you're back at it again! What are you goals over the next few weeks?


                Saw some scary news this morning, a lady was attacked while running on the loop that I always run at night/whenever it's dark...  I choose to go there because it's fairly well lit and usually pretty crowded and so I always feel super safe there.  Granted, it's probably not as crowded at 6:30 AM as at 5 PM, but still...  yikes.  She ended up being ok (a bicyclist chased the guy away) but it is a good reminder to me to not get too comfy there and to bring my pepper spray with me at all times.  She was right by DBF's house and that is the exact loop I am going to run after work tonight :/




                  Okay it's time for me to buckle down. I've been eating terrible again. I need to go back and look at my goals because I'm pretty sure I'm not keeping them. I think I need something other than "loose this fat here and here" to motivate me. Maybe some inventive to look forward to. Any ideas?


                  RR- Yesterday was a forced rest day since I was so busy. Today I plan on getting out for... something. Last week my mileage was low, but life got in the way some and I honestly think my body needed it. I'm finding I need more of a rest week with lower mileage when I'm increasing my overall miles.


                  FR- ... see above. I'm starting fresh today.


                  NRR-  No flu! Thank you strong immune system.


                  rtr- Your dinner does sound good! I think I'll have to try that. Do you stir fry the veggies or just add them cold sliced?


                  sjp- Wow, holy snow is right! If it's busy you'll just have to join the mardi gras fun!


                  OU- Have fun tonight! I've never really celebrated Mardi Gras. I mean I did the stuff in elementary school but that's it. My guess is the part of the country I get up in, it think mardi gras probably tapers off after the midwest(until drinking age of course).


                  Mia- You and TLC could go outside for Valentines day, maybe a hike or bike ride.


                  Seattle- Turkey chili sounds good! I've never thought of doing turkey instead. Scary news on your running path! Do you listen to music while you run? I guess that could happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime but that's really easy to forget! Stay safe!


                  MC- How much more work do you have to do on your thesis?


                    Good afternoon everyone.


                    While it was nice to be off from work for an extra day, I am glad to get back and have a routine again.


                    FR: My eating just plain sucked this weekend.  Anything that wasn't nailed down, was inhaled.  It was emotional eating at it's finest!!!  Part of it is I have hardly talked to DH with him being in California working.  I guess I miss him. LOL  The other part, see RR.


                    RR: I had that 5K on Saturday and it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!  The very beginning of the race and the very end of it (MAYBE 1/2 mile tops) were the only parts that were not ice.  When I say ice, I don't mean a sheet, I mean icebergs.  The people putting on the race made no attempt whatsoever to try and shovel a path or lay down any kind of salt.  They could have easily gotten the boy scouts to come clear it, attempted to do it themselves or even had people that were on community service to do some clearing being it is part of our county rails to trails.  They just didn't care enough to do it.  There were quite a few people that as soon as they got to the icy part they decided to DNF and I should have done the same. So all I did was aggrevate myself with having a 44:38 5K that was supposed to help pace me for the 10K.  Sunday, however, I did go onto the portion of the trail that is in my town and got close to a 5 miler in.  The difference between our towns portion and the next town up was night and day.


                    NRR: DS had some oral surgery done yesterday so it was just the 2 of us having a nice day for the most part.  He is the baby and the sweet one (he's still only 11) so I try to treasure the 1 on 1 time with him while I still can. LOL  Oh and  also found out why DH was kind of pissy that I ordered new shoes from running warehouse last week.......turns out the town where they are located, is where he is staying while out there working and he had already scouted the place out for me for Valentine's Day.  I told him, that's OK, there are alot of other things there that I like or a gift certificate will be just fine too! haha


                    I will try to get back in a bit for personals....gotta get a report done.

                    Goals for 2013:

                    Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

                    Run HM



                    2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

                    3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

                    5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

                    7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

                    8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

                    9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K



                      rtr - enjoy your run tonight!  I agree, it's so nice to have it not be totally dark out when I get off work!  I am looking forward to a bit of daylight this evening as well.  DBF was really really surprised, it was cute!  Smile


                      sjp - have fun w/Mardi Gras tonight!  I didn't even realize it was here already...  not a ton going on in Seattle for it I don't think.  Glad you guys weren't snowed in for too long!


                      ou - way to go getting your run in this morning!  Enjoy all the yummy food coming up.  Glad you are starting to feel a little better... being sick at work when you're super busy is no fun!


                      Mia - turkey and turkey soup both sound delicious!  Maybe you could have a relaxing evening in and cook some dinner for TLC?  DBF and I usually keep it pretty low key!  I need to do my taxes soon...  I just keep putting it off b/c I'm afraid I will have to pay!


                      MC - I know what you mean about the lunch break runs... so nice to just get out and clear your mind in the middle of the workday.  Sounds like you and DH have been super productive!  Our new office is pretty nice so I think it will be good!


                      snowden - turkey chili is delicious and so filling too!  I don't listen to music when I run (people think that's weird sometimes, especially for long runs haha) but I do need to be more vigilant about always bringing my pepper spray.  It's kind of a bummer that nowhere is really safe.  I am with you on the struggling for motivation especially in the winter...  hopefully we will figure something out!  Glad you managed to avoid the flu!


                        I made it out for a nice four miles in the beautiful weather (seriously, it's about 50 degrees here now!).



                        Jen:  Yuck, that 5K sounds terrible!  Luckily there are a lot of 5ks out there so you don't have to run one put on by the same people again.  Do you have a goal for your 10k?


                        Snowden:  I stir fry the veggies.  Usually a tomato, some onion, red pepper and jalapeno.  Then I add a bit of cheese (usually pepper jack) and some hot sauce.  Clearly I like spicy foods.  As far as FR goes, I think you have to experiment to see what works for you.  When you're tracking do you try to track constantly do you give yourself a cheat meal every week?  Also, it might help to create a specific goal, that way it doesn't seem like you're working to no specific end.  Good luck figuring it out!


                        Seattle:  Yikes, that's really scary!  Be careful tonight.   Did the cops catch the guy?


                        Foco:  Nice job with the six mile runs!  I think we're going skiing St. Patty's day weekend.


                        MIA:  Thanks!  What about cooking TLC man dinner and buying some nice wine?  Are you two exclusive?  If so, I don't think a nice Valentine's Day dinner would scare him off.  Also, feel free to disregard that question if its too nosy.


                        OU:  Happy Fat Tuesday!  I'd love a milkshake right about now.  Are you giving anything up for Lent?


                        SJP:  Wow, that is a lot of snow!  We barely got a dusting here, which was pretty disappointing actually.  Nice job keeping the streak alive!


                        Have a great night!