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    Morning! sometimes short weeks take longer!

    rtr-mmm chipotle, i feel like i say that every week when you have it! it is exciting to decorate for christmas, that will be so much fun. Parachute is alternative/pop type they had a hit on the radio 'she is love' a few years back, but i just really like them so was excited to have them come here to a small venue--not a bad seat in the house.

    seattle-i know, i agree, dbf's mom is sort of hilarious, you know if it was a movie or someone else's life! haha. you deserve a little break. what are you doing for thanksgiving?

    simon-hi!!!!!!!!!!!! M is so stinkin' cute. love the photos on fb.

    RR: 8 easy ones and elliptical this morning. dbf and i did chest/shoulders/tris last night, that workout is so hard. i'm definitely sore today. i did more real pushups than before though, especially for this routine where its not just standard pushups.

    NRR: may be heading home tonight. the deadline i had for wednesday got pushed back and we only work a half day. that and we have a big storm headed here--just rain, but downpours aren't fun to drive in either. so we'll see.

    FR: thanksgiving on the brain


      Good morning!


      RR:  I'm going to try to make it out for 30 minutes of running/walking around the neighborhood when I get home tonight.


      NRR:  Work, detention (I'm the detention monitor at school, which is the opposite of fun, but hey, it pays extra!), then grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving meal I'm making on Friday for DH and my brother and his kids who are coming down from Boston, then the run.


      FR:  Not sure, I'm planning on cooking a mini Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, so I'm not really interested in cooking tonight.  Maybe Subway.



      Simon:  Thanks!  I'm 16 weeks.  How's life treating you after your move?  Do you like your new town more?


      Seattle:  Are you going to chop down a tree or buy one from a lot?  We're contemplating chopping one down, but I think the places around here probably charge you more for the honor of doing it yourself so we might just buy one from a lot.  Either way, I cannot wait!


      SJP:  That's awesome that you might get an extra day off!  Who schedules deadlines for the day before Thanksgiving, anyway?


      Have a great day!


        RR – 4 mi easy run over lunch and lifting at the gym with DBF after work.  Getting nervous about the weather for the half this weekend, it looks like it’s taking a turn for the worse… Fingers crossed.


        NRR – Had a productive day at work yesterday and a relaxing night – did some laundry, read my last chapter of business law, and actually read a little for pleasure too!  Tonight DBF is going to help me with some excel homework after the gym, and then we will probably relax and watch Breaking Bad.  We are only on the first season but I hear it is worth catching up!


        FR – Baked chicken w/vegggies and potatoes tonight.  This is going to be my main focus once the half is over – need to keep my eating clean!


          Good Morning!

          RR: Been running and/or walking most days.

          NRR: I wrote yesterday but noticed it never made it up - not sure what's up with that.  Had a nice weekend with DBF.  We went to see a group we like on Friday - Pearl Django - a local gypsy jazz group.  Venue was like sip's not a bad seat in the house.  Saturday I met up with my college friend in Seattle again and then DBF had some friends to his house for dinner.  First time I met them and they were very nice - looks like we may go out with them in the future.  Sunday was a lazy day, slept late, did school work and went out to an early dinner with DBF.  Feeling a little stressed about Christmas and how I'm going to afford gifts.  I think I may have to give the kids stuff late after I get paid a couple of times.

          Picking up DD at college this afternoon and bringing her home.  Her flight to go to NJ is on Wednesday.

          FR: Been eating great lately and now my cravings are starting to disappear.  I have hot chocolate at night and that seems to help the after dinner sweet cravings.


          sjp: hope you are able to get to your parents today, not only miss the weather but also the traffic.  Is DBF able to take off early also?


          RTR: Just do what you feel like while your body is going through so many changes.  I remember being so tired my first trimester and then again closer to the due dates.  Have fun at detention.


          Seattle: Although it's been cold, we've been lucking out here with beautiful sunshine.  Hope the weather stays like that (and gets warmer) for your half this weekend.


          Simon! HOw are things in your new town and at your new school??  M is getting so big, has she made lots of friends?  Catch us up!