Weight Loss Dailies


Time for Thursdailies! (Read 167 times)

    I do love these short weeks!


    rr: 3 miles with run group tonight.  I've been a slacker this week with the holidays and the bad weather.  I just can't get out for 15* runs!!!


    nrr: So glad to be back home.  Spent 4 days at parents house for Christmas, which was nice but it was awesome to sleep in my own bed last night.


    fr: trying to eat healthier this week, even though I'm not truly committing till new years day... and I slipped and had chick fil a yesterday...


    sjp: glad you had a great Christmas.  Did DBF mom throw a fit at all that you guys went to your house?


    seattle: we had 3 of 15 in our office yesterday!  it's so quiet when everyone is gone.  did you guys decide on the town house you talked about last week?



      ou-DBF's mom knew we weren't home for christmas bc we were with them for thanksgiving, she was mad we didn't make more of an effort to get there BEFORE christmas to see them, but were booked every weekend--his sis/bil are out of town this coming weekend or we prob would have gone then. she is so passive aggressive she would never actually say something on christmas--she'll just use it later to guilt trip us. sad but true. it is nice to be back in my own bed, i agree!

      RR: 8 miles this morning and 20 minutes of elliptical. felt good. also going to have to shovel a little bit later, getting snow.

      NRR: snowing! we are getting 6-10 inches here, inland is getting 12-18 where my parents live. my brother is super excited because he plows in the winter. wish i was at home playing with the kids while he plows. my mom wishes i was too bc she watches them during storms! haha. otherwise, just trying to catch up on sleep, tired.

      FR: had some leftover turkey on a salad last night, back to my normally scheduled foods. i try not to go nuts on the food at holidays anyway, not like i can't make cookies on any random day right?


        Morning!  I went to bed really early last night and am glad I did!


        RR - Had a great 5 yesterday.  3 on lunch today and then lifting at the gym w/DBF after work.  We are finally (knock on wood) getting a little break from the rain it seems.


        NRR - Almost done with my month end stuff at work, and then we have another four day weekend coming up, so I am really looking forward to that.  Should be a little more time to just relax, Christmas was fun but busy!  I think DBF and I are probably just going to cook up some dinner and snuggle up with a TV show or something and go to bed early tonight.  Sounds good to me!


        FR - Had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner last night, maybe chicken salad tonight?


        Back a bit later for shouts hopefully!


          Here I go again!  Already tried this once and lost my post.  UGH!  Good morning!

          RR:  Ran 10 yesterday, not sure what I'm going to do today, maybe just a walk.

          NRR: Had a nice relaxing day with older DD yesterday. We just kind of hung out and read, talked, ran some errands, got coffee and then DD and I went to dinner with some friends.  I am really enjoying having time off of work before starting my new job.  Feels so good to sleep late and just veg a little.  Today, dentist appt and then heading to TLC's tonight. Blush

          FR: Had mexican and margaritas last night.  YUM!  The waitress/owner of the restaurant was supposed to run NYC marathon, her first and she was thinking her only.  We talked a little about that.


          OU: I have been a slacker in everyway except running.  It's nice to be able to run anytime during the day.

          SJP: It good that you are setting boundaries with DBF's mom early on.  I KNOW!

          Seattle: Hmmmm, we've still been having quite a bit of rain in my neck of the woods.  So sick of it!



            Morning Everyone!


            RR- I miss that thing called running we all chat about. I'm spending more time at the gym again today. I'm fairly certain my foot pain is from my bunion. Why it would flame up like is I have no clue. Or why its only on my right foot. I've never had pain in my foot like this before. Usually I'm just a bit sore after a long hike/run. I'm still taking it easy, although it sucks.


            NRR- Back to work today. Hopefully I don't walk into chaos, we have enough maintenance work already lined up.


            FR- I ate a bunch of random snacky food yesterday and nothing really resembled a meal. It'll be nice to get back into the swing of things with work and hopefully it'll be easier to eat better with a schedule to follow.


            OU- Enjoy your cold run with your running group. It's always nice to be back home in your own bed no matter how great the place where you were at. I never can seem to sleep as good anywhere else.


            sjp- snow! Its raining here. Winter in SE Alaska is weird. It'll snow and its wonderful and beautiful and ... then it rains... for days.


            Seattle- I went to bed early too. It was nice actually feeling somewhat refreshed this morning- after my coffee of course.


              Got my run in...  I really didn't want to go but lately I am finding that sometimes those end up being some of the best runs.


              ou - hope the running group helps you get your mojo back... winter is rough!  We ended up not getting the townhouse b/c the lease looked kind of sketchy, landlord "reserve the right to raise rent whenever" etc.  Oh well... something out there I'm sure.


              sjp - sorry on the drama with DBF's mom still...  I hate it when people are passive aggressive like that, ugh.  I bet the little ones just love the snow... I definitely did when I was little!  Props to you for not using the holidays as an excuse to go food crazy...  I did.  oops!


              mia - glad you are enjoying some more time off before starting work again!  Mexican food and margaritas sounds delish.  It is pretty dry up here and is supposed to be partly cloudy through the weekend...  keeping my fingers crossed!  I would like some sunshine but at this point I will take dry.


              snowden - hope your return to work goes smoothly!  I love having time off but it is definitely helpful to me to get back into a routine.  Bummer that the foot is still hurting - hopefully it will start cooperating soon, that must be so frustrating.


                Hey There - sort of went MIA for a few days.


                rr.  Been doing a lot of good runs lately - feeling relatively confident that I'll be okay to start training in mid-January.  Went to the massage therapist/chiro yesterday.  Sort of have a new plan of attack.  Trying to be more proactive rather than reactive.  Making monthly appointments for massage and adjustments and getting fitted for inserts/orthotics at my next visit.  He wants me to switch to a neutral shoe and then use the orthotics to see if that will correct some of my biomechanic issues rather than depending on a stability shoe.  That's clearly not working for me now so I figure this can't hurt.


                nrr.  M has been a hoot over break!  We've taken her sledding a couple times and she LOVES it!  Today she has her 15 month check up - which means shots.  Boo!


                fr.  Went out for dinner last night to the Brew Pub - it was delicious!  M was a great eater too - we can't always count on that when we're out and about!


                Happy Day all!