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    Mia-i bet its nice to have DD home for a little bit. do you have to see ex very often?

    java-glad you finally got some answers at the doctor. that is tough, ear and sinus!

    RR: 8 miles on the treadmill this morning, it was pouring. i'd run in rain but its tough when my shoes don't dry in time for tomorrow!

    NRR: eh, tuesday. dbf and i fell asleep early last night, tired after the hike. tonight looks rainy. may do some organizing in the spare room or something. otherwise, not too much tonight.

    FR: had a chicken salad w/avacado and mango yesterday. was good!




      RR: A quick run with Winston this morning - maybe 2.5 miles. Thought I had to hurry back to get ready for work and get the boys out the door but DH decided to sleep in with the boys a bit, which meant I didn't need to get the boys ready and could have run an extra couple of miles. Really wish I'd know he was going to do that! Probably some power yoga after work.


      NRR: Nothing really exciting tonight. Hoping to get in some yoga and then cook dinner and do laundry. Maybe have DH take Big B to the neighborhood pool while little b and I do some chores.


      FR: Spaghetti night.



      sjp - I love running in the rain, but hate wet shoes - not quite sure how that works. That chicken salad sounds really good!


        Good morning.


        RR - Had a nice 3 mi run over lunch yesterday (enjoying the sunshine while it's here), and then climbed for a bit at the gym after work. My legs feel pretty good for being only a week out from the marathon! Today will be another 3 mi lunch break run. I am planning to take it easy for another week or two and then slowly start adding in some speedwork and some trail running.

        NRR - Was kind of stressed out most of the day yesterday waiting to hear from DBF... he finally called me at almost 6 PM and said they made it to the summit and back down and were heading home. I know he is smart and safety conscious but I can't help being a worrier, argh! Glad that is over with. He is going to a baseball game tonight so hopefully I will get to see him tomorrow night and snuggle him.

        FR - Stir fry chicken & veggies w/Mexican rice. Been much better about eating healthy lately and it feels good!


        Back for shouts in a bit.


          Good Morning!

          SJP: Yes it's nice have younger DD home for a bit.  She is a talker so it's much noisier.  Yesterday she had a friend over and they talked nonstop for 5 hours.  Hard to concentrate on my reading.  Oh well.  I usually don't see ex too much.  He's coming over to see DD, drop some things off at my house that weren't fitting in his storage unit but I can use (i.e. gas lawn mower) and he's offered to fix some things on my house.  I wasn't going to let him but decided what the heck.

          Java: so glad you are feeling better.  Nice your DH could sleep in with the boys.

          Seattle: I bet you were relieved to here from your DBF.  Here comes the rain again.  Oh well I guess it's just in time for some watering of the yard.


          RR: Will head out for a run a little later either with friends or DD if she wakes up at a decent time.

          NRR: DS came over for dinner last night and we had a nice time.  He looks like he's trying to lose weight which I'm happy about.  Doing more schoolwork today and then I have some friends coming over for wine late this afternoon.

          FR: With DD home it's more fun to cook.  Made chicken with chile's and pepperjack cheese on it last night.  Beans and rice, and a salad.



            Woo Hoo Tuesday!


            RR- Took a rest day yesterday and DBF and I took the dog for a short hike and then spent a bit of time on the beach in the SUN! Headed out soon for a run in the... SUN! I think my shoes may actually be dry when I put them on today.


            FR- Terrible yesterday. But overall I'm not doing to bad.


            NRR- Work has been busy and a bit stressful. I feel like I'm the one doing all the work lately. But its my work Friday!


            sjp- I do take cut back weeks. I don't schedule them but life hands them to me frequently. I realized I've been thinking "marathon" since I December. And it's not til August. Maybe I just need a mental break from it.  I'm considering going out and running with out my watch for a few days to just enjoy the run.


            Java- Enjoy your yoga! Do you find it helps keep all your other muscles in working order? I tend to neglect my upper body.


            Seattle- I hate waiting for phone calls. Not that I ever doubt DBF or think he's doing something stupid. But when I don't hear from him for a while my brain just gets going and I always think the worst. It's awesome that your legs are feeling so great!


            Mia- Afternoon wine sounds so wonderful! I'll be over soon. Big grin


              Back from a nice 3 mi lunch break run.  It rained today for the first time in a while, but it was still warm out and it actually felt really good, with the air all fresh and clean!


              sjp - I have a feeling DBF is going to go to sleep early next time I see him, he sounds super tired from the hike.  I can't even imagine doing that at this point, it's 16 mi round trip and it's 60 degree snow slopes at some points.  Yuck!  I've been eating a lot of chicken salads lately too, so good!


              Java - still amazed at how well you and DH manage to juggle everything... it's crazy!  Glad you got a run in this morning even if not as long as you wanted - hopefully DH will know to tell you next time so you don't rush back.  Enjoy spaghetti night!


              Mia- glad you are enjoying having DD home!  I always have fun cooking with my mom when I go visit her, and it's usually more fun to cook for two (or more) people anyways!  I actually don't mind the rain right now since it's been so long since it's been here (I am a true Seattleite I guess!), and it looks like it might be nice this weekend!


              snowden - happy work Friday!  enjoy the sunshine!  I totally know what you mean about the brain getting going... I have to constantly talk myself out of it and be like "ok, come on, be logical, I'm sure everything is fine"...  I can't even imagine having kids O-o!


                Seattle- I just finished the newest Jodi Picoult book The Storyteller. It was very good. She moved away from her typical court room setting and stuck with a story. I bet if you like her other books you'll like this one too.


                  snowden - the one that I most recently finished of hers, I forget what it was called but it was about wolves - super interesting.  I feel like her books are entertaining and well written but you can also learn a lot from them!