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    Let's get going!

    A little sleep deprived over here from staying up to watch basketball game last night.  Nursing the coffee


    rr: Legs are definitely feeling better.  Muscles aren't hurting anymore and my knees are just a little sore.  I've left the KT tape on as a support the last few days because my knees were feeling pretty beat up, probably take it off tonight.  Might try running tomorrow, and I'm trying to decide when the legs will be ready to try out Crossfit - excited to get into it!


    nrr: It's so nice not having school work today.  House is a disaster so each night I am tackling a new project to clean it.  Last night was vacuuming all the living areas, tonight is the kitchen.  Tomorrow will be my bathroom (dread!).  I have a huge project at work and yesterday I was useless because I just don't bounce back from vacation well.  Hopefully today I can get on it.


    fr: did good yesterday until I ran into ice cream for dessert - it was sugar free made with splenda and low fat however...totally offset by the chocoloate sauce and waffle bowl I put it in...



      ou-did you run with KT tape? do you think it helped? i got some for my foot but am having a hard time with it sticking....

      RR: foot didn't hurt this morning during my 2 miler, followed with 80 min of elliptical. i am not going to bust out long runs but its nice that the swelling/pain has subsided.

      NRR: it was so nice to hang out with dbf on the couch and watch tv last night. we will probably repeat it tonight. haha.

      FR: our avacados are looking perfect for guac, so maybe some of that tonight.


        Good morning!


        RR: 3 miles with Winston very early this morning. Even he was dragging!


        NRR: We were all traveling or in meetings for administrative assistant's day, so we are taking them out to lunch today. Hope we go somewhere where there is at least a few healthy options. Karate for BIg B tonight!


        FR: Doing well, although tracking with MFP yesterday was surprising. I was way under my calorie allotment for the day, and I need to not make a habit of that. (I guess I don't since I'm certainly not underweight!!)



        B: smoothie w/ spinach, Greek yogurt, rolled oats, chai seeds, strawberries, mango, pineapple, oj, and a bit of honey; coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

        S: quinoa energy bite, tea or coffee

        L: out with co-workers

        D: probably out after karate



        OU - kinda glad I didn't stay up for the game. Boo. Cleaning is no fun, but it's so nice when it's done!


        SJP - glad your foot is on the mend!!




          RR - Probably another rest day.  My legs are still a little sore but not bad, but I want to make sure the blisters on my pinky toes have time to heal up a little before I run on them again. Thinking of a short easy run tomorrow and some climbing either tomorrow evening or Friday!  I'm happy my boss is a marathoner too, I have been wandering around the office in flip flops this week and she hasn't said a word.


          NRR - One of our accountants is on vacation for a week and a half so I should be keeping plenty busy with her work on top of mine.  Nice that she's gone at the slower time of the month so maybe the slowness won't drive me too crazy this time.  Just trying to re-focus and get back in the routine.  DBF and I have a groupon for one of our favorite pizza places on the beach, so I'm thinking tonight might be a beer and pizza night.  It's been in the high 70s/low 80s all week, pretty nice!


          Will be back in a bit for shouts!


            Good morning!


            RR:  I'm planning on running about three miles after work, unless the thunderstorms they are predicting happen.


            NRR:  Busy day today.  We had a protest before work to protest the "Doomsday budget" our school district has proposed, then work.  Basically the budget calls for a sharp reduction in teachers, no counselors, no nurses, no aides, no secretaries, no textbooks, etc.  Well worth a protest if you ask me.  After work I'll hopefully squeeze in a quick run and then tonight DF and I are going to meet with the venue where we're having our wedding reception to iron out all of the details.


            FR:  I think DF and I are going to Carrabba's after the meeting with our venue.



            Java:  I don't think there's a way to differentiate the natural sugars from the artificial ones.  I just ignore that part since I eat so much fruit its always in the red.  What are these quinoa energy bites?  Obviously quinoa, but what else is in them?


            SJP:  I'm sorry to hear that your foot is still on the mend.  Hopefully all this resting will help it heal.  Homemade guac is delicious!


            Seattle:  I would wear flip flops every day if I thought I could get away with it.  I'm glad your boss understands!


            Have a great day!


              seattle - we finally have nice weather here too. Enjoy your rest days! You earned it!


              rtr - I guess I'll just have to ignore the sugars.  Quinoa energy bites are quinoa, pb, a flax egg, oats, and some sort of filler. This week I used dried cranberries.  I'm sorry about the budget. Hopefully you were heard this morning by those who can change things.


                Hi all,


                RR: Ugh, no run yesterday but baseball game was fun. Still a chance today.


                NRR: Need more sleep. Out too late with coworkers.


                OU: Will be really interested to see how you like Crossfit! My house has been a nightmare lately, too. We kept getting snow, so the dogs were tracking in mud. Couldn't seem to get on top of it.


                SJP: Hope the lack of foot pain means you're about healed up. I think I'm going to hang out in my hotel room and just veg tonight. Maybe a movie, maybe just some TV or read some magazines. And go to bed early.


                Java: So is Winston turning out to be a pretty good running companion? It's great to be able to get him out with you. That always helps our dogs' behavior. :-)


                Seattle: Nice that you can wear those flip-flops. Sounds like you're recovering very quickly. I'm envious of your truly warm weather. Glad I'm headed to North Carolina next. I won't even complain about the humidity!


                RTR: Way to get back at it with the 3-miler! Doomsday budget sounds terrible -- I would protest, too. Any expectations that the protest will have an impact? What sort of venue is the wedding reception?