Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up Wednesdailies! (Read 9 times)


    Morning! we got 9 inches of snow last night.

    ofs-yum, eggplant lasagna sounds great. i have used zucchini and summer squash as noodles before too, they are delicious! great substitution. dw sounds like an excellent cook.

    mc-will DH get any time off while you are on vacation and your kids are home?

    mia-how's the job training going? are you liking/meeting fun coworkers? when do you go 'live?'

    rtr-when are you out for holiday break?!

    RR: back/biceps last night. 8 miles this morning and 25 min elliptical. tonight maybe abs, but maybe not.

    NRR: picking up some photo calendars and that is it for shopping, everything is done, has arrived and been wrapped. its my birthday today, so opening those presents tonight i think. otherwise, counting down to the weekend!

    FR: leftover baked penne last night and green beans.


      Happy birthday, SJP!!


      RR: I ran 4 miles on treadmill yesterday in between meetings. Yay -- kept a 10-min pace. My running has been so off-and-on since last summer, I was happy to make this milestone. (Knock on wood: back has been happy.) I've decided to put swimming on the shelf until I get back from holiday travel. Today I'll either treadmill or get outside for 3: It's actually beautiful here now that the arctic front passed through. I think it will be close to 60 today. Crazy weather.


      WR: I've been weighing myself every day so definitely seeing some fluctuations +/- a couple of pounds but general trend is about 6 pounds down still.


      SJP: DH is taking off Christmas eve through Jan. 1, so he'll get a nice break: Just not yet. I'm not taking this week off, either, but at least I'm not traveling while DS is home. Any plans to go out tonight, or just opening presents at home? You are super organized with Christmas presents. I have a ways to go ...

        MC, weighing yourself every day must be interesting!  I can only stand to do it once a week.  I pick Sunday morning, first thing, before I eat Smile  Actually I look forward to my weekly weigh-in now that I've been losing.  When I was gaining, I just didn't weight myself at all.


        RR, was tired last night driving home in the snow storm, so I decided to stick with the original plan of having that my SRD.  But today I have to do something!  Over a foot of snow on the ground at my house, so it will be interesting.  But I'll do something when I get home.


        FR, yes DW is a great cook.  Last night was Indian style chicken and cauliflower (as a substitute instead of rice, of course).  Not too spicey, because my son won't eat it if too spicey.  As it was, he left some cauliflower on his plate, until we reminded him no ice cream or snacks until that is gone Smile  He finished it.  And then he wanted more of just the chicken.  Ok, have more.