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Fridaily, we made it!!! (Read 11 times)



    mia-i met dbf through friends of friends of friends, really! haha. I am going with my sister to see our old roommate from college. lots of running for you lately!

    seattle-ugh, that sounds like a not so fun party. maybe you can sneak out early?

    rtr-we usually buy the premade dough too, its good! are you enjoying your car still?

    snowed-how did the emt test go? i think you had it?

    RR: 10 this morning on the treadmill.

    NRR: its freezing here today. well feels freezing compared to what we've had, 20* and windy right now. met dbf's friend/gf out last night for a drink. it was really fun, but i'm tired. they wanted to get thai food, i've never had it and dinner at 8:30 and running at 530 just don't go well with my stomach, especially food i've never tried before.


    FR: had a chocolate milk stout last night, yum!




      RR - Had a lovely 8 mi run after work yesterday, it was a bit breezy and drizzly but not bad. My legs were really loosened up by the last mile or two and it felt good to run easy again after being so tired this week. I really want to climb again, but I am going to make myself take a complete rest day today since I barely do that anymore. Tomorrow will be an 18 mi long run, and Sunday will be 4 mi St. Patrick's Day road race + climbing with DBF, so I will be keeping myself plenty busy over the weekend!

      NRR - Work is definitely starting to pick up this week, has gone by really quickly! I am just trying to get as much done and stay caught up and try not to get overwhelmed about the next few weeks. Not sure what the plan is tonight, possibly taking Grandma out to dinner - she has been having a lot of health issues lately and it's sad Sad Hoping to also get the rest of my homework done so I can spend some good time this weekend just reviewing for the final.

      FR - Probably spaghetti and french bread... it always works for me as a pre-long meal so I will keep on doing it! The homemade pizza conversation yesterday had me thinking that DBF and I will need to try that again soon too!


        Good Morning


        RR- My run yesterday was wonderful. I usually stay away from this road since its a main road in town and right on the water so it's windy. But the sun came out again yesterday and the wind wasn't blowing and it was a week day so there weren't to many cars on the road. It was so beautiful. I had DBF meet me at the end of the road system where we hiked a shorter hike. I must have been worried that he was going to have to wait on me and I end up running pretty fast and waiting for him to show up.


        FR- Grapenuts with some honey have been my go to snack at night lately. It's been filling me up some, but not stuffed and satisfying my sweet tooth.


        NRR- I slept in today. I think I'm going to take the dog for a longer walk and clean up the house before work. So it may be a rest day for me today unless I run after work.


        sjp- I had my midterm for EMT class. I went in early to study and some other people were also studying and asking some really stupid questions so I didn't even study and did just fine. The certification testing is on the 30th. That stout sounds good!


        Seattle- You have been doing a lot lately, good choice on the rest day. I hope your grandma is okay. It's always sad to see them get older, especially when we are old enough to know and understand what's going on. It's sweet of you to spend time with her!


          Happy Friday!

          SJP: I love Thai food, we have a really healthy Thai place nearby and you can get it as spicy as you like (1 to 5 on the spicy chart, i usually go with a 3)  Pho (although it's Vietnamese) is a great pre-run food.

          Seattle: You are going to need some rest days after your busy weekend.  Hope your Grandma is okay.

          Snow: You've been getting in some great runs lately.


          RR: Resting today, tomorrow I'll go for a run on the beach. : )

          NRR:  Went to TLC's last night.   He made us dinner and then we just relaxed, talked  and watched some TV.  Slept in today and he decided to go for a bike ride so I headed home to pack for the weekend.

          FR: Feeling much better about things lately.