Weight Loss Dailies


Welcome to spring Mondailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  The weather was so glorious this weekend that I wanted to spend some quality time outside, so I ran, a lot (for me, anyhow).  I ran 10.2 miles on Friday and 10.4 miles on Sunday and it felt great.  Both times my legs felt really good.  Today is a swim day, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  I had a very nice weekend.  Saturday, DF and I checked out wedding bands and I think we've decided where we're going to buy them from.  We also went for a walk in the state park where we got engaged.  Yesterday we went for brunch, then he went to play softball and I ran and hung out with a friend.  All in all, it was a very nice weekend.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting here.


    Have a great day!


      Good morning!


      RR - Climbing class last Friday was super fun! Can't wait to go again (it's the first Friday every month). Had a super rainy but good 12 miler on Saturday. Today is 5 mi lunch break run and then climbing at the gym w/DBF. Last big week of marathon training before taper starts!

      NRR - Pretty low key weekend... DBF was out of town (in Canada for a guy weekend) so I didn't get to see him or even really talk to him at all, was kinda sad. Looking forward to seeing him tonight. It was a productive weekend though - went shopping, got some good cleaning done, and got ahead on a lot of homework (and sleep!).

      FR - Spaghetti last night, need to do some meal planning for this week because I have no idea.



        Hope everyone had a good weekend.

        rtr: Very exciting about picking your wedding bands and great job on your runs!

        Seattle: I'm impressed you got out in that horrible weather and ran.  It was really pouring here and windy as well.

        sjp: HOw did your race go?  How did DBF do?


        RR: no running all weekend but I did do some more house projects.  Probably heading out for a run today.

        NRR: Went to the interview and the person I was supposed to interview with wasn't in.  ARGH!!  I interviewed with 2 other people and they were kind of like "we don't know where you fit in, you're too skilled for this position but not skilled enough for this one."  They were going to talk to the person I was SUPPOSED to interview with and see what she says and possibly I'll get called in for another interview - FINGERS CROSSED!!

        Nice weekend despite that.  Went to DBF's on Friday afternoon, we went for fish and chips for dinner and I actually went to bed early because I was tired out.  Saturday we went to the big REI in Seattle and I got my hydration backpack for my Rim to Rim trip and some trail shoes. Then we went to a bike store that one of DBF's friends owns and he introduced me and picked up some things.  Went to Fry's and DBF bought a couple of movies he wanted me to see, then went back to his place and watched the movies.  Kind of a lazy day but it was rainy so it was nice.

        Sunday I came home in the morning and bought paint and some supplies (borrowed a bunch from DBF too) at Home Depot because they were having a sale, then I got to work.  I painted my bedroom yesterday and it looks pretty darned awesome.  Today is kitchen day.

        FR: When I'm at DBF's we eat out quite a bit, although we try for healthy for the most part.




          rtr-sounds like a fabulous weekend, glad you got to enjoy the warm weather with lots of running!!!

          seattle-low key weekends are great, sounds like yours was productive too! have fun with dbf tonight at climbing.

          mia-ugh, that is ridiculous that the person wasn't in when you went to interview? hope it was an emergency. i HATE when they say 'you are too qualified', who cares, if you want to work, you want to work, that is your choice! race went well, dbf survived. we ran pretty relaxed and it was so windy and cold, so that was miserable but otherwise no casualties.

          RR: race on Saturday was ridiculous. It was 25 mph winds before we left our house in the morning, we knew it'd be bad bc the race was at an air base, so always windy. We could have done without the extra wind, at the runway it was easly 30 mph sustained. When we turned off the runway, it was a tailwind so strong we almost fell, and felt like we were sprinting out of control, haha. We ran easy/relaxed pace and ended up with a  1:47. We'll take it since it was also 28* out. yesterday ran 7 miles and it was sunny and warmer. today i ran 9.5, was a little late to the gym. not sore or tired from the race, so success!

          NRR: relaxed weekend after race. we watched a movie and made pizza for dinner saturday night. yesterday we ran some errands at the outlets and then met my sister/her df for dinner and a concert in town. we saw pentatonix (winner from NBC's the sing-off) and they were very talented.

          FR: eh, feeling like i need to track, i know that i can afford some of hte crap calories (like fried pickles at dinner) but I know i don't feel as good running when my food intake isn't as healthy...so going to track to keep myself accountable.


            Good Morning!


            RR- Not sure what yet, but I'll get out there.


            FR- ... meh. I don't want to talk about it. I need to get back to being consistent with MFP. I've returned to not logging once my day has gone to crap.


            NRR- I am so ready for a day off. I thought my life would be calmer after my EMT class but it's been just as busy. I got called in on both my days off last week.


            rtr- Nice! Back to back 10 milers! Exciting about finding wedding bands! The wedding is really coming together. Do you have much planning/ organizing left to do?


            Seattle- Glad your climbing class was a good one. It's crazy how you cannot see someone you live with. I walked in the house the other day and jokingly yelled "stranger danger" at DBF because I hadn't seen him in a few days.


            Mia- Sounds life you had a busy weekend. What colors are you painting? Hope this job interview works out!


            sjp- I'm impressed with your race time! Horrible weather and everything too! Way to power through.

              Hi all! Another round of mia for me.  Been a little crazy around here lately!

              rr: did another 20 miler on Saturday.  Went really well.  Did 10 with a friend, then 10 more afterwards around a lake.  I had a similar experience to SJP - excepts I almost blew off the dam of the lake!!! it was some crazy side winds that were pushing really hard sideways!  Was a little sore afterwards but not bad.  Had a really great pace (11 min with friend, 10 min on solo).  Was really proud of my efforts.  I haven't trained consistently or well this time, but I seem to be running well so guess race day will tell.  I need to do another long run this weekend, but I don't actually have time so I don't know what will happen there.


              nrr: went to a Medieval Fair this weekend and walked around and people watched.  Also got up way to early to work a water stop for running clubs 20 miler sunday and hit up the NBA game.  My weekend was busier then my week!  Final push of semester at school.  Finish one class this weekend so excited about that, and other classes are starting to wrap up.  One of my teachers really made me mad.  She wanted to meet with us all individually - i go for my time slot and she forgot to write me down so she left.  I waited 30 minutes before leaving a note, she emailed saying she forgot- ummm not a great excuse...  I've kind of checked out of that class now for the most part, thankfully it is the one over this weekend.


              fr: let's not talk about food.  besides the fact that I am starving and have not been eating well lately...


              rtr: Sounds like a wonderful weekend.  Our weather saturday was awesome also, makes running so enjoyable!


              sjp: good job on race in the wind.  I've had a few of those this year so far.  I'm really hoping for a calm day on marathon day so I can fly!!!  What is your next race?


              seattle: climbing class sounds really cool!  I want to get into climbing at our local place sometime.


              mia: saw the picture of your bedroom.  Looks awesome.  A little color goes such a long way!


              snow: why is that once you finish something that is making you busier your life doesn't get quiet???? I'm trying to figure that out as well!


                Had a nice 5 miler over lunch that turned into almost a tempo run because my legs just felt like going fast and I decided to let them every now and then Smile


                rtr - way to go on your running over the weekend, so great that you got to take advantage of the nice weather!  Our weekend was super rainy so I was glad to see a hint of sun over lunch.  Woohoo for wedding planning and reminiscing about your engagement Smile  did the park where DF proposed have any special meaning for you guys before or is it just an awesome place?


                Mia - it's been such wacky weather here lately, it was blue skies at the start so I'm glad I knew better and brought my rain jacket, I was absolutely soaked by the end!  Bummer on the interview, I've had that happen before and it's so frustrating when you're putting so much time and effort into it.  sort of a red flag on what kind of company it is unless they had a good excuse!  Glad you had a nice weekend with DBF Smile


                sjp - your weekend sounds awesome!  I love relaxing (and eating pizza) after race/hike/long run whatnot.  You guys rocked it especially with such windy conditions! From reading on here I think I am still pretty wimpy when it comes to running in the wind.  I am with you on getting back tracking - I know I am burning a lot of calories but that doens't mean I need to stuff my face constantly!


                snowden- I have been doing the same thing with MFP latley, ugh.  my goal for this week is to "complete" every day regardless of how good or bad it winds up being!  no point in logging in if I'm not going to be honest/consistent with it...  hope you can get a day off soon!  Busy is good but sometimes it gets super overwhelming.


                ou - way to go on your 20 miler, negative splits on long runs like that are always great!  glad the runs are going well even though you don't feel your training has been as good... muscle memory maybe?  I'd be so frustrated if a teacher kept me waiting for a meeting like that...  I'm glad that class will be over for you soon!  I'd definitley recommend checking out the climbing, they probably have a day rate or introductory rate so you can check it out and see if you like it before signing up for anything!