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    Good morning!

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've been pretty busy.


    RR:  I ran five miles after work yesterday, it felt pretty good!  Today's a rest day.


    NRR:  Grades were due yesterday so I was really busy getting that done.  After work, I met up with the running group (turned out to just be one other girl actually) for a run, then hung out with DF and cooked dinner.  Today is work, then a surprise baby shower for a coworker, then I think DF and I might go bowling, not sure yet though.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have  a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later!


      Good morning!


      RR: Hoping for some hot yoga tonight after work if time permits.


      NRR: Supposed to have dinner with a girlfriend, but we haven't firmed up yet. Wondering if I go to hot yoga right after work if she'll still want to eat with me all sweaty and gross.... I'm considering some life changes right now, so maybe a good talk with a very good friend will help me make some decisions. DH is no help and just tells me to do whatever will make me the happiest, which if I knew the answer to that I wouldn't have a hard decision to make!


      FR: Doing much better in this area the past few weeks. Just wish it was showing on the scale more.



      B: ww waffel w/ pb and apple butter, 1/2 banana, coffee w/ ff creamer

      S: 2 quinoa energy bites, tea

      L: salad topped with leftover chicken from the chicken tacos last night, guacamole, ff cheddar

      D: ?? either out with my friend or sandwiches with the boys (picked up some Boar's Head ham over the weekend and it has been calling my name)



      rtr - hope things slow down for you now that grades are turned in. I had a surprise baby shower with Big B from my co-workers and it was so sweet. Made me feel very special Smile



        RTR: Only 1 more set of grades due this year right?  Are you involved in advising extracurriculars or helping with any proms this year?

        Java: Hope your friend is able to help you with the life changes.  At least you can bounce ideas off of her and think them through out loud.  Would the yoga be at your mom's studio?


        RR: Running with friends midday.   I ended up doing a short run yesterday after my interview before my MRI, glad I got it in.  I ran the big hill nearby.

        NRR: Interview went well.  I interviewed with the one of the owners who does the business side of the PT CLinic.  After that I observed what happens behind the front desk and asked the employees who work there questions.  I got my books for my classes yesterday and started my work.  Lots of legal terms yesterday, today will be medical language.  It seems like it's going to be a pretty intensive program.  MRI was not fun.  I kind of freaked out going into the tube and realizing I was going to stay in there for 30 minutes.  She had my arms strapped down and I just felt very vulnerable. I asked to be pulled out and she suggested she put a wash cloth over my eyes and she unstrapped me.  That was much better.  I just had my eyes closed and imagined I was at the spa. (Haha) Then they had to put dye in my arms through and IV.  Well my veins like to "run away" and they had to jab me numerous times in three different locations.  In one spot the needled popped out of my vein and the dye started going into my arm which was super painful.  They finally found a spot in my hand and back into the machine I went.  So glad that's over.

        FR:  Busy yesterday so not bad at all.



          MIA - No, my mom's studio is still under construction, so it will be a month or two before it is open. She picked a spot that is really inconvenient for me, so I will probably only be able to go on the weekends anyway.  So sorry about the MRI - I'm sure that wasn't fun. Hope everything turns out well for you - both with the MRI and the interview!


            Good morning!


            RR- Looking forward to a 4 mi lunch break run in the sunshine!  Can't believe the marathon is coming up so quickly, I hope the tapering and small mileage doesn't drive me crazy! DBF and I also watched some videos on climbing technique last night that I think will be really helpful!


            NRR- Had a really productive day at work yesterday and hoping for another one today.  Just getting through all my month end stuff so I don't have to stress about it while I'm visiting the bro.  For those of you who asked, it's a pretty short trip - my mom and I (not DBF sadly) are flying out Thursday evening and coming back Sunday evening.  It will be fun to take a mini-vacation though!  Tonight will probably just be homework and laundry and getting myself organized and maybe starting to pack for the trip a bit.  I think I will need a breather after this week for sure!


            FR- Thinking teryaki salmon and rice this evening.  I am not a big seafood fan but we shall see...  fish can be so good for you that I am trying to like it/incorporate it more.


            I'll try to make it back for shouts a bit later!



              rtr-whew, i bet getting grades in is a relief. hope you enjoy the shower and bowling if you go!

              java-aw, hope your girlfriend has some good insight or at least helps you work your way through the decision. can always do a sink shower after yoga! wet pony tails are hot.

              mia-glad you survived your MRI. ugh, scarce veins are the worst. do you think that interview will lead to anything? or is this a cart/horse thing with the classes?

              snowed-been out on that boat any more?

              MC-ugh, your weather is AWFUL! hope you are surviving.


              seattle- a short trip is better than no trip!

              RR: 2 miles then, 80 min of elliptical today. my foot feels the same. it just seems to be one of those things that nags for a long time.

              NRR: ugh, work stuff, was here late last night bc had a crisis on a project at 5 pm (awesome). and then my roommate was packing or cooking or something until 10:45 last night and was being super loud. she bangs cupboards, doors, dishes anyway, but it seemed excessive to cook from 730-1030. its not thanksgiving. ugh/rant.

              FR: nothing exciting. trying not to buy too much so we have less to move.


                sjp: work has really gotten intense for you lately.  do you like your job?  Do you think the roommate stuff is bothering you more since you know it is almost over?  I am hoping this interview leads to something.  The certificate I'm getting isn't required for the position but they thought it would be a benefit.


                Seattle:  I know you are loving the sunshine as I am.  Your trip should be fun, do they have snow there now?  I am heading down to Portland tonight to see my daughter's art exhibit and probably go out on the river for crew practice as well. BRRRR!



                  Had a lovely fantastic 4 miler in the sunshine today, so nice!  Everyone is always so happy here when the sun comes out Smile


                  rtr- glad you got your grades in, bet that's a relief to have off your shoulders.  hope you and DF have a fun night whatever you end up doing!


                  Java - hot yoga and dinner w/a girlfriend sounds like a great way to spend an evening.  Hopefully a different perspective will help you figure out what you want to do Smile


                  Mia - yuck on the MRI...  that would really freak me out I think.  I am not usually claustrophobic but that just doesn't sound fun.  glad your interview went well, keeping my fingers crossed for you!  I don't think it's snowing there now, it's pretty warm and sunny I think but it's supposed to rain when we are there... hopefully that will change!


                  sjp - boo to annoying roommates... people can just be really inconsiderate sometimes.  I've been guilty of spending a few hours at a time in the kitchen cooking/baking, but if it's late (or in general) I try to be quiet about it!  Hope your foot starts feeling better soon Smile