Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up its the Wednesdailies!!! (Read 12 times)


    Morning! RR: 10 miles this morning! it was a little windy/cool but nice to not have it raining! NRR: not too much going on. i have more bridge inspections tomorrow and then a golf tournament on friday. the weather doesn't look great but should be fun. I need to hit the driving range before then, but weather is certainly not cooperating. FR: nothing exciting. got honey nut shredded wheat this week for cereal/snack--apparently I'm 80. seattle-glad dbf made it safely on the climb. did he enjoy it? did they have good weather? mia-eh, i guess if you have to see ex, its nice you got presents from it. haha. do you have any races this summer? snowed-you have plenty of time for marathon training left. maybe look up a rough plan online? you used the boat a lot?

      Good morning! RR - Rest day from running today, climbing w/DBF after work. I am excited to do more roped climbing and climb some taller stuff now that I feel confident I can do it safely! NRR - Looking forward to seeing DBF today, it feels like it has been a while. Exciting news - his parents are closing on the short sale house today, finally! So we may spend weekends helping them for a while. Hopefully we can still find some time to camp and hike and whatnot, but I am glad they finally got it. DBF will probably move in sometime in July/August to help them work on it, and I have no idea when I'd move in, but oh well. At least he won't be with so many roommates anymore! I got stuck in traffic last night and by the time I got home I was just not in the mood to do anything productive at all. Luckily I didn't really have to. I got distracted by the USMNT World Cup qualifier... World Cup soccer is so much fun to watch. Love it! I am trying to make the most of this short break between quarters/school and just enjoy it. FR - The kitchen at my place has been really crowded lately (my roommates all have boyfriends who come over fairly often) so I've had a tough time cooking. Think I need to figure out some good meals to make ahead of time (or at least mostly ahead of time) on weekends - any good ideas? I'm thinking of baking up some chicken breasts to use, and maybe some burger patties... possibly a casserole of some sort? I love to cook, but I hate competing for use of a crowded kitchen... hah.

        Good morning! RR: No run this am, but I did do a video on FitnessBender. It was only 25 minutes, but man it was hard! Followed up with some abs and pushups. NRR: Having a rough day at work. I think I'm just grumpy or something, but I have just been annoyed all morning. Sometimes its difficult being an attorney for a large company because the majority of the people I work with aren't attorneys and seem to think I say no to things just to make their lives difficult. I wish I had a say in the laws enacted in each state, but I don't, and I can't say in a lawsuit that we didn't comply with a law because it was just too inconvenient. GRRRR. Ok, rant over. Really looking forward to the weekend - DH and I are headed to the lake house to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. I know I'll miss the boys, but it will be really nice to have a few days with just DH. FR: Nothing exciting. Probably go out tonight after Big B's karate class. Shouts: snowden - Yoga has given me core and upper body strength, which I have never had in my life. It also keeps my hips balanced, which is really good for me since the few running injuries I've experienced have been in that area (apparently both of my pregnancies caused some problems with my hips). I think you'd like it - you should give it a try! sjp - It warms my heart to see 10 miles in your RR! Hope you get to the driving range before your tournament! seattle - so glad your DBF made the climb safely! I can't imagine how nerve-racking that must have been. Yay for closing too! I make a lot of stuff on Sunday, but it is usually snacks and lunches. I have made a few pasta bakes and such that I get all ready the night before and then just have to pop in the oven when I get home.

          Happy Wednesday!

          SJP: Sounds like you get some fun this week at work.  Hope the weather is decent.

          Seattle: That is great that the house is finally going to be in your sights.  Does a lot of work need to be done before it is move in ready?

          Java: Happy Anniversary!  That's great that you and DH will be able to get away on your own.  It is much needed when you have small children.  Couple time is very important.


          RR: Ran my usual 5 miles this morning with my friend.  Tomorrow both friends will be able to go and then they are taking me out to b'fast for my birthday.

          NRR: Need to finish a paper for my class this week and then I'll be done with assignments for the week, I just have to post some intelligent comments on the class board.  Friends came over for wine and apps last night, that was fun.  Tonight DBF is going to have dinner here and then head to the shore to go fishing for the next 2 days.

          FR: Probably not the best yesterday since I didn't have a regular dinner just appetizers and wine.