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    Seattle-yeah, i'm sure dbf will eventually get to wanting to live together. how long have you been dating? and you're right, better not to rush into it.

    MC-good for you for going to a new fitness class! and i've heard weather in CO is crazy, we get weird swings too but not as drastic as you i'm sure.

    RR: 10 miles this morning, actually flew by and i felt good despite a leg workout last night. i think i was all amped to watch red sox highlights/interviews.

    NRR: red sox! and now halloween. my best friend's birthday is today so we are meeting for a drink after work. not sure if we'll have trick or treaters...we didn't even get candy yet! whoops.

    FR: still coffee. i'm sleepy!


      Good morning, forgot it was Halloween!


      RR – Got my 6 miler in over lunch yesterday, it was a great break from a slow day in the office!  Tonight will be lifting and hopefully some climbing at the gym w/DBF.


      NRR – Super super slow at work this week, hopefully I will find enough to keep myself occupied.  Coworker that we were having the happy hour for last night was not feeling well so we had to postpone it for another time.  I got lots of homework, grocery shopping and cleaning done instead, so not as much fun but still productive.  Tonight I am cooking dinner for DBF after the gym and then we will just relax and watch a movie or something at my place.


      FR – Making chicken stuffed with gouda cheese and wrapped in bacon, with baked potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts… I hope it turns out as good as it sounds!


        Hi all,


        RR: Going to get our for a 3-miler this afternoon in between meetings. And I'm continuing to investigate the swimming thing. I found a master's swimming group that has competition element but they're still open to newcomers/beginners. I'm excited to see what that's all about. The workouts are 90 minutes, so that's kind of intimidating. But it sounds like they do some core training with it, plus sprint and other types of workouts. They have 2 morning practices, one at 5:45 and one at 7:15, and I would be much more likely to attend the second one, so I've contacted one of the organizers to find out what the difference is between those two practices.


        NRR: We'll have people bringing in their little ones for trick-or-treating soon, so that's always fun. Might go see Carrie with DD and DH tonight. I've heard the remake is really good.


        SJP: Congrats on the Sox! That was a really great story ... Boston definitely needed the lift. We never have trick-or-treaters at our house because it's set back from the street, and we're just outside the city limits so we don't have much lighting on the street.


        Seattle: I guess it's good that you got so much accomplished last night: It's hard for me to motivate to get those things done. I just have to break it up with fun stuff. I still haven't tried your roasted Brussels sprouts idea. I need to do that.


          sjp - congrats to the Sox, glad it was worth staying up late for after all!  DBF and I have been dating for a little over three years now.  I think he is just slow because he is going based off his parents' relationship in which they didn't move in together for five years and didn't get married for two more after that...  but hey they are still together and happy now so I guess it worked!  Have fun with your friend after work!


          MC - yeah, I am definitely in need of a fun night with DBF tonight!  only so much boring stuff you can do before you need a break!  masters swim workout sounds great, I wish my gym had something like that!  I'm a pretty average swimmer so I'd probably be a little intimidated as well but I'm sure it will be awesome!