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    Moving on with another day... I seriously need a caffeine drip for my drive, I struggle to stay awake in the mornings.


    rr: did 2 miles hill on the mill this morning.  Made me think that there will be a new meaning behind "heartbreak hill" next year.   Also thinking about ES who was killed years ago right around this time - I try to remember her every year when I get ready for my spring race.

    My body is very thankful it is taper time, i can feel everything just ache right now.  I do enjoy some of the higher mileage, but sjp I don't know how you run 10 miles every day!!!


    nrr: I need to disconnect from social media for awhile after this, my mind is on overload.  Wishing it wasn't stormy here so I could find a park to spend lunch time at!  Turning in my last big homework project in one class tonight.  Spent 2 hours proofing a 21 page paper last night, I think I'm cross eyed now...  Have to do some touch ups on another project, 2 math tests and one more paper then semester is over.  Struggling with whether or not to take anything this summer...


    fr: had fajitas for dinner last night - i love fajitas!!!


    mia: your house looks fantastic.  love the colors you selected.  I'm really glad you and your friends couldn't make boston this year!


    mc: wow 12 in of snow? that's crazy that we have all been having this wacky weather so late this year!


    snow: good job on weight loss. need to funnel some of that to me please!!!


    seattle: I agree it was super hard to stay focused the last two days - I find myself constantly checking facebook.  I'm going to try to disconnect some today and concentrate, sometimes we get way to overloaded!  Are you ready for the marathon? I don't know that I am since my training hasn't been steller - but I'm ready to be off the training cycle!!!


      Good morning!


      RR:  I ran 3.1 miles yesterday and will probably run about six miles today.  I'm meeting up with the running group, so a mile to the meetup place and four or five with them.


      NRR:  I've been in a funk for the past couple of days.  A student I've had for the past two years passed away over the weekend, so I've taken it pretty hard.  I feel like I'm starting to snap out of my funk, which is a relief.  I got a great night sleep last night, so that really helps.


      FR:  Trying to stay on track, but I keep getting derailed.  Yesterday was good, so I plan on keeping it up today.


      OU:  You wrote the 21 page paper?  Impressive!  What's the topic?




        RR - Really enjoyed my 5 mile lunch break yesterday. The sun was shining, lots of runners out, and it just felt so good and appreciated. Another 5 mi lunch break run today, and planning on a 5-6 mi hike w/DBF after work.

        NRR - Got lots of work done yesterday and a little homework done as well. I was having some motivation issues with school trying to covince myself that it will be worth it eventually, but DBF gave me a pep talk that helped nudge me out of it. I got a little behind in this class because of that but hopefully I can get caught back up pretty quickly! I feel like I've spent most of this week in a daze, hopefully today will start seeming more normal.

        FR - Had mac n cheese last night because I needed comfort food. Tonight I think DBF is making some post-hike steak and baked potatoes.


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Good morning!


          RR: Hoping for a few miles after work.


          NRR: May go to the Thunder game tonight if we can get a sitter. DH has tickets, but if we can't get someone to watch the boys he will go without me. Otherwise just karate with Big B.


          FR: doing much better in this area


            ou - glad you are enjoying your taper so far, nice job on the hill run this morning!  I know what you mean about social media, I've already been avoiding the news sites...  ugh.  Wow, your homework schedule makes mine seem tame by comparison!  I am thinking of taking two classes over the summer but I will definitely need to work on time management to do so.  I definitely feel ready for the marathon, my long runs have all been really strong and I've run almost twice the weekly mileage that I did for any of my previous marathons.  I am actually in "don't want to taper" mode because I've been liking the higher mileage and my legs feel great!  That means that after 3 weeks of taper they will feel amazing right??  haha.


            rtr - oh no, sorry to hear about your student...  it seems like lots of bad stuff has been going around lately.  Sad  glad you have a run w/the running group to look forward to tonight!


            Java - hope you can find a babysitter and go to the Thunder game tonight, that seems like it would be a fun and relaxing evening for you guys!


              Good Morning


              RR- I'll run today.


              NRR- Run, clean, relax, walk the dog. No real plans. Day off work!


              FR- yum.. coffee..


              OU- Sometimes I take a step away from social media too. I've actually deleted my FB account a few times for well over a year. Sometimes it's nice to "lose" my cell phone too. Hope all your finals go well.


              RTR- I'm really sorry about your student dying. What happened? That's really hard when people die so young.


              Seattle- Mac and cheese is my comfort food too. It's great that your run was so enjoyable yesterday. I bet it's nice to have some really "feel good" runs at the end of your marathon cycle.


              Java- Hi again!