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    Wow I have been a terrible forum friend lately...

    Seems like I just need a few more hours in the day to get everything done sometimes!


    rr: had a pretty good 10K on Saturday.  Took 4th in my AG, and had a 50 sec PR.  Legs were a little dead around the 7K, and I was running out of breath so I walked through a water stop, but besides that I tried to stay strong.  Had positive splits so I probably ran the first half too fast.  I never run 10ks though so I'm not good at trying to figure out the pacing and how I should run it.  15 miles on Sunday = dead legs.  So I didn't get up to run this morning, decided on one more rest day so 4 tomorrow.


    nrr: so busy lately!  and as I was trying to study for a test last night a friend called to say his house had flooded so I went over there to help him and some others move stuff into the garage, so was up late studying after that.  I wish I would have had yesterday off work - that would have been really nice, I could have caught up on sleep!


    fr: trying to be good.  I don't think I've really done too bad - did stop for Chick-fil-a saturday after the race, but besides that...


    wr: down to 147!!! very pumped to see pounds coming off.



      Abs-congrats on boston, that is fantastic!!!! glad you posted again.

      mia-how long is DD home for?


      RR: 10 this morning, felt really good running except that i started to get a headache again at the end...

      NRR: sort of had a migraine last night/this morning. went to be, woke up and thought it was okay. now its back and its really hurting. i took ibuprofen so hopefully it goes away. though somehow i doubt it. ugh. and to top it off, no hot water at the shower this morning...freezing cold shower then 20* outside is not a good combo.

      FR: eh, didn't eat much last night bc of headache. some leftovers and a cookie. chocolate fixes everything?




        RR - 4 mi yesterday + upper body/abs lifting. 4 mi over lunch and 3 more after work... I don't normally split my runs up like that but I want to get home and started on my midterm at a decent hour, and I just could not wake up to go this morning.

        NRR - Busy day at work today with lots of meetings and such. I've been waiting on paperwork from a few people that has kind of held me up, so hopefully they'll get their stuff together by tomorrow so I don't get too behind. Just want to get home and get my midterm over with so I can relax a bit for the rest of the evening!

        FR - Made stir fry beef, veggies, and rice noodles last night - pretty tasty but needs a little more seasoning next time. Leftovers today and then chicken/veggies/baked potato for dinner tonight. So far so good on the Perfect Health Diet!


        I'll try to be back for shouts in a bit!


          Good Morning!  Cold one out there today


          RR- 5 mi last night, 8 mi tonight. Hoping to get in a killer core workout as well after the run.


          NRR- IU/MI State basketball game tonight.  Super pumped, go IU!!!


          FR- My kitchen is empty.  I think I have some grilled chicken bites in the freezer.  I need to start logging my calories again on MFP.  It at least holds me more accountable when it can be so easy to just have an extra snack or something when I'm watching tv.




          ou- CONGRATS n the 10k!!  That is awesome!  I actually really like the 10k distance.  It is JUST far enough that you really have to dig deep I think to keep a tough pace. Are you training for a marathon right now?  Which one?


          sjp- Thanks for the congrats!  You were signed up for NY last fall if I remember correctly, right?  Did you end up doing a different marathon? Are you a big treadmill person in the cold weather like I am?  I do all of my long Saturday runs with a partner so we are outside no matter what the weather is year round, but during the week- FORGET IT!   I am fine getting on my treadmill and watching my DVR'ed mindless tv shows like the Real Housewives or something Smile


          seattle-  Do I remember correctly that you are looking for a house?  Are you looking in Seattle-proper or in a suburb? How exciting and yet, so darn nerve-wracking!


            Good morning!


            RR:  I'm headed to the pool after work for a swim, probably 1600 yards.


            NRR:  I had yesterday off and it was glorious.  The whole weekend was really nice and relaxing actually.  I didn't do anything too exciting.  I read a lot, hung out with a friend Saturday morning, went out with another couple for dinner on Saturday night, saw a movie (Beautiful Creatures, save your money) and slept in.  It was amazing.  Back to the grind today, though.  Work, then a swim and then tonight a friend is coming over and we're going to start watching Downton Abbey.  I hear its really good, so I'm excited to check it out.


            FR:  I did well on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but yesterday I took a major fall off the wagon.  Back on it today.



            OU:  Nice job on the race!  That's an awesome PR!  Also, great job on the WR!  Consistency really pays off.


            SJP:  I'm sorry to hear about your migraine.  Those are the worst.  I hope it goes away soon.  If not, can you take a half day?


            Seattle:  What's your midterm on?


            Abs:  Welcome back!  Congrats on qualifying for Boston!


              Hi all,


              NRR: So sorry I disappeared this last week.. just popping in for a minute but will be back on for real this coming weekend. Just too much travel and burning the candle at both ends. DH and I did a power drive to Montana to ski with friends (well, he fished and I skied). So  much fun, so little sleep. Now it's off to Vegas tomorrow for some work meetings and back to the thesis this weekend, and hoping to catch up on runs. Last week was horrible for running, this week will be similar. Next week everything will be back to normal.


              RR: Not much.


              OU; You have not been as bad a forum friend as I have! I hear you on the sleep deficit, although mine is mostly self inflicted. Congrats on the weight!


              SJP: Ugh, migraine and cold shower sounds terrible. And yet you  knocked out your 10 miles! You are amazing.


              Seattle: Smart to split the runs like that when you're tired.


              Runnerabs: Hi!


              RTR: You will love Downton! I'm hopelessly addicted.


              Hi to everyone else I've missed .. I'll try to catch up on posts in the next couple of days.


                Abs: welcome back and congrats on getting into Boston. I hope this year the weather cooperates.

                ou:  congrats on the 10k pr. What is your fave distance to run?  I think I like halves the best.

                sip:  DD went back to school yesterday, so just home for the long weekend. Hope your headache goes away soon.

                Seattle:  I forget what type of business do you work in?  How is your cold?

                RTR: sleeping in is lovely. I am able to sleep in when TLC is with me but for some reason i wake up early when I'm in bed alone. Did you shop for bridesmaid dresses?


                rr:  meeting my friend at 9 for a run. We'll run between 5 and 7 depending on his work schedule.


                NRR:  not sure what today holds.  Probably some job searching should happen. I'm meeting friends for a glass of wine this evening.


                fr:  so glad I don't keep sweets in the housE. Nuffield said.



                  ou - I know what you mean about needing more hours in a day...  I wish I'd had yesterday off too, I could have used a study day for my midterm today... oh well.  I don't have to start it until 8 PM so I have a few hours after work to finish studying.  That's so nice of you to help your friend with the house flooding!  Way to go on the 10K pr - they definitely do take some practice to figure out pacing for (I've only done 3 and it took me until the 3rd time to get it somewhat right!).  NIce work on the weight loss too!


                  sjp - oh man, cold shower + migraine and cold weather outside sounds like a miserable morning...  hopefully your day can only go upward from there!  I always eat like crap when I'm sick, last week was so horrible!


                  abs - welcome back, glad you found us again!  Enjoy the basketball game - wish my team was better this year (Washington... blah).  I am sort of looking for a house - DBF and I are wanting to move in together, and his parents want to buy a rental house in the outskirts of Seattle (probably 15-20 min south of downtown, more affordable by a lot) that we could live in and help them fix up, just as sort of a fun project - his dad had to retire early because of something to do with the electrician's union and I think he is bored, haha.  Anyways, they put in an offer on a short sale house about 5-6 weeks ago that was accepted by the seller, so now we are all just impatiently waiting to hear back from the bank whether it is approved or not... who knows how long it will be!


                  rtr - that long weekend sounds lovely!  I've heard people say that Beautiful Creatures is really good, but I'm pretty meh on that type of movie.  I saw Warm Bodies a few weeks ago and that was way better than I expected for a zombie rom-com (hah) but aside from that... not so much.  My midterm is on depreciation and current and long term liabilities (mostly bonds)... hopefully not too bad!


                  MC - yikes on being so busy - take good care of yourself!  We will be here when things settle down, and so will running Smile


                  Mia - I am an accountant at a real estate investment firm (and taking accounting classes as well).  My cold seems to be mostly gone, but I still have a lingering cough that's more just annoying than anything.  hopefully it will clear up soon!  Good luck with the job searching, and enjoy some wine tonight!


                    Tired is correct! I drug myself out of bed today.


                    RR- I got in a great 10.4 after work last night. I was bookin' it. From my first 10 milers 3 weeks ago I've cut ten minutes off. I've been thinking I should add some speed work one a week. And I know I should add strength training. Those two would do great together at the gym. I might do that today. Emphasis on the might. It takes a lot of "umph" to get me to go to the gym.


                    FR- Doing okay. Nothing too great, nothing too terrible. I brushed my teeth last night after dinner(10pm) and it did keep me from snacking on anything.


                    NRR- I had the evening off from EMT class last night because of President's Day. There were a number of things I could have done, but instead I went for a run and called my mom, then got a drink with DBF. I was really nice to just chill for an evening.


                    OU- Awesome running! 4th on AG is great for not really running 10k's! And awesome on the 147! That's a good jump below 150.


                    SJP- Chocolate fixes everything.


                    Seattle- Nice going on your new diet foods.


                    abs- Hi! My kitchen is empty too. I have some moldy tortillas in the fridge.. Hard to eat a decent meal like that and not just snack a lot. I recently started on MFP again. If you want to be my friend on there my user name is m4snowden. I like seeing other's food diarys just to get ideas on different food. I find I get stuck eating the same foods I know and then get bored and then eat like crap.


                    rtr- Your relaxing weekend sounds wonderful. I'm a book reader too and I just haven't had the time. Or energy, whenever I get a chance to pick up my book again I'm just too tired.


                    MC- Skiing is great cross training in place of running!


                    Mia- Agreed on the no sweets in the house. I'm still figuring this out. I know enough that I can't be trusted, but about every other week I go buy ice cream or something that I eat til its gone and it just kills me.


                      Got some really good interval/speed work in at the gym. I warmed up a really slow 2 miles then did .25 mile at 6mph and .25 mile at 8mph and then repeating 8 times. Each time I bumped up the speed .1. Stupid treadmill didn't give me an option and went into "cool down" mode right at the very end of my last internal. I had .04 left. Irritating! I turned it off, then I turned it back on to cool down for a mile with my own settings. When I turned it back on the treadmill reset it self and I noticed it going down, like I was on an incline. Not sure if I was or not, I didn't mean to be. I planned on doing strength training too, but I was beat from the intervals, so I only did some quick push ups and sit ups. Intervals are hard work!


                        Good afternoon!


                        I decide to bail on the swim today, but I ended up running 3.1 miles instead.  I had to stay after work and by the time I left, I just wanted to go home and warm up.  The heater in my room was broken today so I was freezing all day.  Luckily it started getting a little warmer by the end of the day, so hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.  By the time I left, I had no desire to swim or workout, I just wanted to warm up and relax on the couch so I picked up a starbucks coffee and took a hot shower, thinking I'd take a rest day.  I had my coffee and took my shower and finally felt warmed up.  And lazy.  So I decided I'd work out after all and went out for a rather great feeling 3.1 mile run in the rain.  I'm not sure I've ever changed my mind about working out once I've decided not to and taken a shower, so I'm quite happy with myself for that.



                        Foco:  It sounds like you can see the light at the end of the tunnel for your thesis.  That must be fantastic!  The running will be there when you are done, I wouldn't worry about it.


                        MIA:  No, my one friend canceled, her family came into town at the last minute, so I postponed dress shopping until next weekend.  I was kind of bummed, but I wanted her there, so I waited.  Have you narrowed down what you're looking for in a job?


                        Seattle:  Good luck on your midterm!  That topic sounds like something I know nothing about.


                        Snowden:  Nice job on your long run!  It sounds like your relaxing evening was the perfect post run activity.


                        Have a great night!