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    Happy Friday everyone!

    RR: run this morning, looks like the rain has stopped for a few days and it's supposed to get sunny and nice.  Tomorrow I am doing a kettle bell workout at a neighbors house at 7 AM (wish she scheduled it later but oh well) and I think I have my crossfit orientation on Sunday but I have to email and make sure I was registered.

    NRR: Kind of bored.  No classes to work on until Monday, no plans for the weekend, DBF hasn't mentioned anything about coming down here and I can't go see him since I have the dogs.

    FR: Had a very good day yesterday.  went to the store and loaded up on fruit and veggies.  If I eat eggs in the morning they keep me good for pretty much the rest of the day.  I had eggs and fruit for b'fast yesterday and then had an fairly early dinner (taco salad) and I was good for the day.



      Good morning!


      RR- 3 mi lunch break run today (looks like it will be warm!), and then a 7 mi run tomorrow morning.  Hoping to get some swimming in over the weekend as well since it looks pretty nice out!


      NRR- Yesterday wound up better than it started...  it wasn't too crazy expensive to get a new window, plus DBF's roommates found my pack with my climbing shoes in it in the bushes near their house!  I guess the dudes were pretty bummed to window smash and only find smelly climbing shoes Smile  DBF and I went to his friend's birthday party last night, which actually ended up being quite fun.  I offered to dog sit for a friend today and tomorrow, so I will be checking in on him and taking him for walks and whatnot, which should be fun!  One of the employees at our sister company (who lives in Boise) is visiting Seattle for the weekend, so I may try to do happy hour with her or something.  Possibly floating or lake swimming with DBF tomorrow...  I think it's supposed to be in the 80s for the next week or so!  And lots of laying out in the yard and getting reading and homework done!


      FR- Thinking tonight will be baked chicken w/veggies and mashed potatoes...  I already have leftovers of all that so won't have to cook!



      Mia - woohoo on the awesome day yesterday!  I kind of caved and had some chocolate, but I had a bad morning so that's my excuse!  I hope that you can find some nice plans for the weekend or just relax and enjoy the sunshine!  I can't believe what an amazing sunny and warm spring we've had here, I love it.



        rtr-i wish there was a discount theater here, there are a couple where my parents live, i hate spending $12 for a movie, could just wait and buy it when it comes out for that! hope your back is feeling better.

        java-haha, i like 55 to run in, but in the summer, i'd rather have runs a little less perfect and have good temps for the day. if its 55 here in the morning, its prob only 60s during the day.

        seattle-boooooooooo about your car getting broken in to. that is terrible. but glad you found them, that is sort of hilarious to find them dumped in the woods.

        mia-i am going home while dbf is fishing, i was considering a quiet weekend here but want to see my  niece and nephew. sweet! you are trying crossfit?!

        snowed-monster run!!!

        mc-way to be running in the morning! that is hot, see high temps in the west right now.

        RR: 10 tmill miles, it was pouring here this morning which i'm okay with, but hate t-storms so didn't want to risk it.

        NRR: friday! going home right after work. i can't wait to see my nephew and niece. hoping dbf doesn't get soaked all weekend fishing. its pouring here today.

        FR: nothing exciting. my banana got shocked/smashed in my bag so had to throw that away...no afternoon snack today i suppose




          RR: Planning a few miles this afternoon.


          NRR: Off to the lake after work (and running, showering, packing, etc.). Hoping it isn't too hot. It was 100 or above when I did yoga outside yesterday - didn't miss the heater at all.


          FR: I'm so boring lately. We do plan to roast hot dogs and make smores at the lake this weekend.



          mia - Wish I could eat twice a day and call it good! I have to eat every 2-3 hours. Sounds like you have a perfect opportunity for a relaxing weekend! I'll be interested to hear what you think of crossfit.


          seattle - glad things worked out with the car. Thieves suck. Hope you have a great weekend!


          sjp - have fun with your niece and nephew!! I'll send dry weather vibes to your DBF!




            RR- Easy 4.2 yesterday. Slept in again today. Kinda disappointed I did because now I really don't have time to run since I need to walk to work. I think I just need to make myself get up.


            FR- Meh, portion control, portion control.


            NRR- Figured out what the problem is with my pick up. Need to order parts so I can have a vehicle again.


            MIa- Nice eating yesterday! I think I missed this, you have dogs now?


            Seattle- Wow! What are the chances of finding your shoes?! Still over sucks you had to get a window replaced, but glad you don't have to buy new shoes too!


            sjp- I run in the rain all the time and I think I would be hesitant to run in a T storm too.


            Java- Have a great weekend at the lake!


              Had a nice run this morning with my TP.  We went when it was still overcast and humid, but now it's sunny and definitely going to get hot.


              Seattle: Glad you got your shoes back.  Where was the car when the window was smashed?  Do you have any other place to park?

              sjp: Enjoy your niece and nephew time!  What ever happened with your security deposit?  Do you keep in touch with your old housemate? I got a GC for crossfit for my birthday so going to try it out.

              Java: The protein really helps me stay full longer.

              Snow: We had two dogs pre-divorce - both miniature schnauzers.  I couldn't keep them after the divorce due to my work schedule and the cost - one has seizures and his vet visits are expensive.  My ex wasn't providing any $ for the kids since they are over 18, so I was paying for their stuff for the most part.  Ex has been living with my son in a small one bedroom apartment since he is now unemployed.  Son isn't supposed to have pets there and son is finally at his breaking point with his father there and the dogs and had a meltdown.  I am keeping the dogs for a week until ex gets his poop in a group (as Simon used to say) and heads back to the east coast.  Long story.  Haha



                sjp - I just love picturing the jerks all excited to find a laptop and being like "wtf, it's just clothes and smelly weird looking shoes!!!!!".  I bet they were pretty angry!  Which makes me happy Smile haha.  I wouldn't want to run in thunderstorms either... rain is cool but getting struck by lightning, not so much!


                Java - have a fantastic weekend at the lake, that sounds lovely!  Hopefully it won't be too warm while you are there, but you can always go swimming to cool off right?


                snowden - I know I am going to have to wake up early to get my run in tomorrow since it's supposed to be in the 80s and I just want to sleep in!  hopefully I can keep myself from hitting the snooze button too many times.  Yeah, it was a fleeting thought that the shoes might be somewhere close but I wasn't really holding out much hope!


                Mia - I was at DBF's house north of Green Lake, right across the street from Blanchet high school... kinda weird, it's a decent neighborhood and cops are always drving up and down that street because of the school.  I just parked a couple streets over last night so hopefully that will help.  the house DBF's parents bought has a garage and a fenced in parking spot so that will definitely be nice!