Weight Loss Dailies


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    ou-the cabin sounds great. do you have to go to texas a lot for work? are you going with other people? fun to make a weekend out of it.

    mia-they are leaving tomorrow morning. they've been doing day trips. so only see them for an hour or so at night, and i leave before they get up. its been fun to hang out with them at night. how is older DD feeling? my sister had mono, and she didn't really take care of herself when she had it  (college, turned 21, her friends are idiots) and her immune system has never been the same. tell her to lay low!

    rtr-painting is fun when there isn't furniture/floors to worry about!

    snowed-boo to life kicking your butt, work just stinks sometimes.

    RR: 10 foggy miles this morning. it was pretty cool/perfect though. i am a little tired this week, never had a chance to recover from last weekend. and won't get a chance for a while. busy.

    NRR: work today then last night with the kids/bro/sil. they were super cute last night, we played some songs and they danced, then we did baby bench press, and i bench pressed my niece and dbf bench pressed my nephew. little kids are easy to entertain haha.

    FR: chicken tacos were a success.


      MORNING!  I feel like I'm a day or two off and I can't figure out in which direction.


      RR: Went for a walk with older DD yesterday and we'll probably do the same today.  I'm still sore but in places I'm usually not sore after a marathon.  My ankles are sore and my left knee is also.  I rolled my ankles a few times so that explains ankles.

      NRR: Yesterday was lots of homework and some errands.  Went to TJ's and loaded up on groceries.  Did some laundry. Played scrabble with  older DD last night.

      FR: Got some good stuff.  Lots of fruit and veggies. Made a carne asada salad last night for dinner.


      SJP: Older DD is laying pretty low.  Most strenuous thing she did yesterday was go grocery shopping with me and a walk.  She has a DR appt this morning to check out her throat, the mono just needs rest.

      OU: How long were you at the cabin with everyone?  Was it awkward or is this a yearly event?

      RTR: Have you decided on any colors yet?  I painted stripes on one of my walls in the family room.  Both the same color paint but different finishes. So it's very subtle

      Snow: Sounds like you need a big hug!  Hope things get better soon.



        Good morning!


        RR:  I met up with a friend this morning for a 4.4 mile run!  I had a few rough moments, but overall it felt pretty good!  I've been in a massive running slump, but I feel like I am slowly emerging from it.


        NRR:  We close on our house tomorrow, so just tying up loose ends!  There's a mistake on the mortgage commitment (they listed the hoa fee as a monthly fee, but its quarterly), but other than that everything seems good to go!  Today I'm going to get some coffee and to read for a bit, then probably work on cleaning up the apartment a bit.  Tonight DH and I are hanging out, probably watching either Parenthood or Orange is the New Black on netflix.


        FR:  I'm making a quinoa and potato dish I found in "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian."  I made it last week and DH actually requested it for tonight, so I'd say it was a success.



        Snowden:  I wouldn't worry about not running much lately.  After I ran my marathons, it always took a solid month to get back in my running groove again.  I'm sorry work sucks, is it the boss again?


        SJP:  The weather for your run sounds fantastic!  It was cool here this morning too.


        MIA:  Ooh, I love scrabble!  I don't play it enough though!  I'm thinking a light green (not bright, but not too muted, hard to describe), with white trim for the dining room and living room.  DH and I haven't decided on the upstairs yet.  It's exciting picking out colors and decorating!


        Have a great day!


          RTR: remember that you can always paint over something If you don't like it. That's why painting is so fun. There is a great scrabble app if you'd like to play some online games. Let me know.



            Hello Everyone


            RR- I think I'll get out on the trails today. Even for a something short, just a run with no one around.


            FR- I know I've gained weight lately. I went crazy carbo loading for the marathon and I haven't stopped yet. I was just realizing there are a lot of things in my life I cannot control. And no matter how hard it is I can actually control what and how much I eat. So I'm going to try and focus on that for a bit and get myself back to eating better.


            NRR- It's my work weekend which is well needed. I almost walked out of work the other day for good. I talked with my boss(again) about the Director of Maintenance(who everyone has problems with) and he basically told me that he know the DOM is a terrible person but that he's not going to change because it's his personality. He also STRONGLY implied that he would not do anything it fix it because it's hard. So anyways I didn't storm out, but DBF and I decided to save money like crazy for when I do quit.


            sjp- Nice job running as always! Any racing plans coming up?


            Mia- My knees are still sore from my marathon and knee pain is not something I get anymore after fully developing so I was surprised by that. Do you have easy access to trail running regularly? I found that helped a lot with sore ankles.


            rtr- YAYA on closing! When would you move in?


              Snow: Sorry that your company isn't going to do anything about that lousy manager.  I think they'll be sorry down the road when they start losing the good employees.  Yes there are trails around here, not super close by though. I don't feel comfortable running alone on them either.