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    Good Morning!

    Not sure what happened to Tuesday except that it flew by while I was at various DRs with my sick daughter.

    RR: Didn't happen yesterday but I plan to run today with my friend.  Yay!

    NRR: Yesterday was spent at DRs offices all day long.  When I woke up my daughter was in really bad pain and had taken a turn for the worse the day before.  She couldn't even open her mouth at all so, of course, pills weren't going down that she needed to take.  Off to the DR, long wait, Mono positive, Strep negative, tonsillitis and possibly a peritonsillar abscess.  Off to an ENT, more waiting, got in.  Had to give DD IV pain meds, antibiotics, fluids until she could open her mouth enough for the DR to look in and see what was going on.  Yup an abscess, so  the DR had to do some cutting of her tonsil and then drain it.  AFter 3 cuts, and lots of sucking/spitting it was drained well enough for us to go home.  We  had been at the DR from 9 until 3:30 at this point.  First a stop at the pharmacy to get 3 prescriptions filled.  Got home about 4:30.  Really long day.  I had to buckle down and do my school work when I got home since I hadn't done any all day.  Finally finished at 10 ish last night.  DD seemed much better as the night progressed and is still sleeping now so that's good.  She had to get up numerous times during the night to rinse her mouth though.

    FR: Didn't eat much most of the day, so I was pretty hungry when I got home.  Had a half a wrap I had gotten a couple of days earlier.   Later I had a taco salad also.


    RTR: Are you doing much prep for your big move.  Will you be moved before school starts?  WHere is the house in location to your school and DH's work?  I think you asked . . . there were 36 women in my AG so not a huge number.


    MC: Your summer has been crazy! I bet you are loving having your DD closer.  Have you been seeing her lots?  I LOVE WATERMELON also and could eat tons of it easily.


    Snow: I think you are supposed to take breaks from running after a marathon. ;-)  How is your recovery going?




      MC-I do p90 about 2-3x a week. Just the lifting routines, haven't done the yoga or cardio videos. I have 2 races, 1 in september and 1 in october. Too busy to do more! you? congrats on the weight loss!

      Snowed-CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! you rocked that race, that is so awesome. How are you feeling now, recovered? ugh sorry about work being annoying, i hate being the last to know especially if it is concerning your job.

      mia-great job on your half! that is great. sorry DD's have been so sick. glad she is on the mend now, that is a long day at the doctor.

      rtr-maybe i missed it, you found a house?! are you enjoying some downtime after wedding and before school starts?

      RR: lots! 20 miles on saturday (11.5 morning/8.5 at noon w/dbf). 2+hike on Sunday, 10 mon/tues/today. we also rode bikes and went golfing. oh and did p90x. haha we like activities.

      NRR: back at work today. okay with it, i like having a couple days off then back to a routine, it was nice to have a 'weekend' after traveling for a wedding saturday, it was our 3rd weekend away in a row. this weekend is bachelorette for my sister and my bro/sil are coming down for the weekend/beginning of week.

      FR: not too bad on vacation. we end up so active, i don't just sit and snack.




        RR- I'm going to do it today! I'm a bit antsy to run some.


        NRR- Tonight is the first night of a Hazmat Ops class for the fire department which is a precursor to the FireFighter1 class. So, just like my EMT class I'll be fairly busy again until the new year.


        FF- Okay. We're not going to talk about it. Today is new.


        Mia- WOW DD was Really sick! That sounds terrible! Recovering is going well. Today is my first day off work. The only thing still sore is my left knee. It hurts to manage stairs, crawl on, bend down. All of which I do throughout the day at work. But other than that I think my muscles are just a little tight.


        sjp- Thanks! I'm recovered fairly well. My left knee is fairly sore to movement where I put my body weight on it(stairs and such) but other than that I feel pretty good! Wow, you've really rocked out the miles! That's great! 

          OMG someone stop the train so I can get off!!!! I have been so incredibly busy and haven't had a chance to breathe since I got back from vacation!!!

          rr: last week I took off crossfit and ran...it was terrible.  Weather here is hot and muggy and I couldn't breathe - my first "long run" for my half in October was pathetic.  Probably walked 2 miles of it.  Anyways, I cannot wait till fall!  Got back to crossfit this week, but have not been doing heavy lifting, want to make sure that my back is happy first.  Lots of lower reps and faster times.  Yesterday we had this nuts workout (looked really tough, but doing it wasn't that bad if you took it at "marathon" pace instead of "5K" pace).  1500m row, 30 kettleball swings, 120 single under jump ropes, 20 kettleball swings, 30 burpees, 800m run.  took 21:00 and jeez I was tired, but if it hadn't been as hot and I hadn't been coming off a break I could have shaved off atleast a minute!  Today is some sprints.


          nrr: Work has been nuts.  I have two time demanding projects that suck the life out of me, plus I had 3 days worth of all day meetings which just put me behind with the formentioned life sucking projects.  Been getting to work early and working at home at nights to stay caught up!  I'm ready for a weekend for sure!.  Oh but my weekends aren't fun either, been playing the "work fun" game last weekend and this coming one.  Had a dinner last weekend and this weekend is a summer party.  oh well.  Just trying to stay above water!


          fr: not the greatest week.  Have had to eat a lot of fast food because of my meetings.  I slip up more with temptation, but I made sure to keep it true the other meals of the day.  Hopefully it didn't set me back.  Bought pre-made sweet potato fries and baked them last night.  Yum!


          be back in a few with some catch up shouts!

            mia: wow so sorry to hear about DD!  I bet she is glad to be home and not going through this at school alone!  Got to tell her to watch out who she is kissing ;-).


            rtr: I've been waiting for Winter of the Worlds to come out of ebook at my library.  I"m pumped to read it, but I don't want to spend $20 to buy it!!!  How is married life?


            snow: awesome job!!!!!! that is an amazing RR for the marathon.  And I agree that the firefighter support for you was amazing.  Great friends you have out there!!!!  I bet if anyone from the mainland came to that race on the Active.com description they were bummed!!!  althought I can't say that I see scenary about the first 5K of a race...unless the shoes of the person in front of me is consider scenery!!


              Hello!  It's nice to see it a bit busier here today!


              RR:  I just got back from a 3.1 mile run, which felt alright.  It started raining in the middle of it so I had to dodge a bunch of people with umbrellas, but otherwise I liked the rain.


              NRR:  Today has been pretty nice so far.  Woke up, perused a cookbook (How to Cook Everything Vegetarian) to find a recipe for tonight, went to a coffee shop and read for a while, then went to Trader Joe's to buy stuff to make dinner tonight.  Once I got home, I went for a run, and now I'll probably do a bit of cleaning.


              FR:  Since I have a lot of spare time this month, I'm going to start trying out new recipes.  Right now I have two or three specialities and I really want to add on to that.  Tonight I'm making this cheesy potato quinoa recipe I found in the cookbook.  It looks good!  Also, I think we'll have corn on the cob on the side.



              MIA:  I'm sorry to hear that DD has been so sick!  That sounds really scary.  I'm glad to hear she's doing a bit better today!  We're moving the weekend before school starts.  We should close next week, but our lease on our apartment isn't up until the end of August, so in that time we're going to paint and switch out some of the floors.  It's kind of far from my job (45 minutes), but its straight up a major highway, so hopefully it won't be too bad.  I think it'll be a half an hour for DH.  3rd out of 36 is fantastic!


              SJP:  Wow, that's some amazing running!  I forget, do you have a marathon coming up?  Yeah, we found a townhouse about a week before the wedding!  It was crazy, but so far (knock on wood), everything has been going really well!  We should close on it next week and move in the last weekend of August!  I'm loving this downtime after the wedding, before school starts.  It's pretty fantastic.  What are you doing for your sister's bachelorette party?


              Snowden:  Hazmat class sounds interesting.  What does it entail?


              OU:  How was your vacation?  Where did you go?  Winter of the World is so good!  Do they have the regular book at your library?  I've been listening to it, which is great. It's really long, so it was perfect to listen to in my car, which is also what I did for Fall of Giants.  I'm excited for the third one to come out next year.  Married life is pretty great, thanks for asking!