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    We made it to Friday.  Actually my week seemed to go by pretty quickly.

    RR: Ended up being lazy yesterday.  I asked DD if she'd wog with me this morning at some point.  If I don't go out in the morning, it doesn't seem to happen

    NRR: After doing some schoolwork yesterday and then cleaning the house a bit, DD and I went to see a movie - We Are The Millers - and then hit up some stores so she could find some supplies for an art project she has in mind.  The movie was funny and enjoyable but now fantastic.

    DBF asked me to head up his way this evening, so I'll head up after he's done with work.

    FR: Better with the snacking but my food choices weren't the best.


    SJP: Have a fantastic weekend!  Can't wait to hear about the wedding.

    RTR: Will you be doing more house stuff this weekend?  When are you planning to actually move in?  How did the dinner with the friends go?

    MC: Good to hear from you.  I am in shock that summer is just about over.  Have you been seeing DD much?  Older DD is home still, her first trip from CA to Montana was cancelled due to her mono.  She was going to help a friend move from CA to Montana but they decided so many days in close quarters in the car wasn't a good idea (the friend more than my daughter).  Older DD has been seeing her HS friends though and went Salsa dancing the other night and had a great time.

    Younger DD took the train from CA to NM and is now staying with my mom and sister and her family until the first week in September.  She seems to be bonding with my sisters children who are 5 and 9.  More the younger one since the older one is a BRAT.  She is planning at this point to take the train back here, but maybe will change her mind depending on the length of the trip.



      Hi all,


      RR: Yoga sculpt this evening at 5 ... I honestly can't wait. Was going to go at noon but of course a meeting got changed. Going to run tomorrow 4-5 miles before I even start loading the paint sprayer to finish the workshop.


      NRR: Continuing to paint this weekend, and hoping for some quiet time to catch up on reading.


      Mia: We are the Millers sounded pretty funny, I'll have to check that out, although I'll probably wait for it to get to Netflix. I seem to have a backlog of stuff to watch. We do see DD and her DBF fairly frequently - it's been just the right amount. Plus, when DH and I both were gone for work this week, they came over and house-sat for us. We're going to watch their dog for them this weekend when they go see some friends in Wyoming. That is a really nice barter agreement! It's great that both your daughters have so many interests and things going on, and you all do things together as well.


      Have a great weekend!