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    Seattle-glad to hear you are recovering from your marathon so well! are you planning any summer races?

    java-how are you feeling? kicked that sinus infection yet?

    ou-are you taking any summer classes?

    snowed-there are good and bad weeks for training. are you taking recovery weeks? I'm sure you are in good shape for your marathon--how many weeks until the race? I am a structural engineer, so bridges and buildings and such.

    RR: 13 (!!!) on saturday for the first time in a while. I was a little tired bc of a strong headwind the last few miles, but glad i did it. yesterday i ran 4 miles and then we did a 10 mile hike. whew...and still ran 8 miles this morning.

    NRR: had a good weekend. saturday dbf and i each ran, we cleaned/organized and then ran a bunch of errands saturday afternoon. made dinner and went to bed early. yesterday we headed to nh for some hiking. did a 4700' mtn, with 3400 ish elevation gain. it ended up being 10 miles.

    FR: pizza and beer tasted so amazing after that hike Smile


      Good morning!


      RR - Pretty much didn't do any running over the weekend - want to make sure that I recover fully from my marathons! Climbing class on Friday night was great, my coworker did awesome and really enjoyed it. I also took a climbing class on Saturday that was safety oriented and it really boosted my confidence a lot and was great. Can't wait to start to start top roping (climbing taller things while roped in, as opposed to climbing short things with no rope - which is what DBF and I have been doing)! Today is a 3 mi lunch break run, and then climbing after work. DBF and his friend are trying to summit the mountain today, and I am trying not to think about it!

      NRR - Had a pretty low key weekend - did a lot of cooking yesterday, so that was good. It was relaxing but somehow went by way too quickly, even though I didn't do all that much! Argh. Hopefully today will go by quickly at work. I am looking forward to a long weekend for 4th of July... got spoiled by the long weekend for memorial day I suppose. I may see DBF tonight if he gets back at a reasonable hour, but if not, will probably just read some and go to bed early!

      FR - Thinking toasted turkey and swiss sandwich and tomato soup for dinner - it's such a tasty and yet quick and easy weeknight meal.


        Good morning!


        RR: Probably a rest day. Nice run Saturday and some tough yoga yesterday.


        NRR: Crazy weekend. My sinus infection came back with a vengance last Wednesday night. I was feeling really bad Thursday, so I finally went to a doctor. Turns out that in addition to the sinus infection, both of my ears were infected. Didn't even know that could happen to adults! So, I got a steroid shot and some antibiotics. Luckily I felt better by Saturday. We went to a local amusement park for my company picnic, then to my neices birthday party, and then DH and I went out to dinner for his small business group summer get-together while the boys stayed with the ILs.  Yesterday I just went to yoga, ran erands, and took a nap with little b (I may have had a bit too much wine at dinner Saturday night, so I was pretty tired). Tonight is karate and laundry!


        FR: Didn't do great this weekend, and it showed on the scale. Back to normal today though. Making pita pizzas tonight.



        sjp - Wow!! That is some major running lady! So glad you are better! You certainly earned your pizza and beer!


          Good morning!

          Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

          SJP:  you got some good running in and a great hike.  sounds like a good weekend for you.

          Java: Glad you finally went to the DR.  I was wondering if you were going to break down or not.  Hope you get to 100% quickly.

          Seattle: More awesome days ahead!  you are really getting into the climbing.  Sounds like fun. Let us know how DBF does with his summit.


          RR: Ran 12 K on Saturday.  Went pretty well, not as good as when I was in full training but I was happy.  It's VERY hilly so before I mentally gave myself permission to walk some hills if needed.  Didn't need to, and I finished in 1:01:42, which was within my goal.  I was 7th in my AG out of 110 - so not too bad.  No run yesterday.  Run today but not sure how far, depends on if it's with my daughter or my friend.


          NRR: After the race, Ex came over to bring a lawnmower and then he string trimmed part of my yard. I visited with my puppies.  Then he came in and talked, talked, talked(in other words he talked I listened).  He left when I said I had plans.  My plans were of course going to DBF's.   Went to DBF's had a nice night.  He made me dinner and then we watched "Flight" and cuddled.  Sunday I went to pick up younger DD from school and she is home for part of this week. I need to get lots of school work done and my apps/resumes done since I'm heading to Portland for my birthday this Thursday and spending a couple of days with older DD.  DS is coming over for dinner tonight.


          FR: not too bad.  Saturday had fish and some salad for dinner.  Sunday had a meatball sandwich with DD for a late lunch and then we walked and had fro yo for dinner.  LOL