Weight Loss Dailies


Man, the Mondailies came early this morning! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!  I hope everyone is adjusting to Daylight Savings Time!


    RR:  I ran a 12k trail race this weekend and it was intense.  There were two hills that were straight up and down.  They were so steep that they were impossible to run down (and of course up).  It was really fun though.  I, in true form, did take a header and hit my knee and shoulder.  My arm is pretty sore and I'm kind of stiff from the insane hills, but DF and I had a really good time.  Today I have running plans with a friend, probably four miles.


    NRR:  After the race we went looking at cars.  I've decided I"m going to buy a new one since I had such a bad experience with my last car, which was used.  I'm thinking of getting a Ford Focus since they're pretty affordable (as far as new cars go) and they get good gas mileage.  It's also really nice to drive.  Yesterday I did some grading, then went and saw the Emperor, which was pretty good.


    FR:  I was off track a bit this weekend, so back at it today.


    Have a great day!



      seattle-haha i am glad to know someone else runs before they hike! hope you got in some climbing this weekend!

      rtr-great job at your trail race! they really are so different than road races. have to hike parts of them. hope you find a car soon, i've hear good things about the focus.

      RR: 7 saturday before a 7 mile hike, 6 yesterday and 10 this morning. i am a little sore today, my calf has a charlie horse in it. part of the hike was super steep and snow was sticky so our microspikes kepts getting huge snow balls on thh bottom and didn't grip--so thinking the really steep section did my calves in...

      NRR: had such a great weekend with dbf away. it was so gorgeous for our hike, we had awesome views and it wasn't even windy. we could even hang out at the peak for a bit without freezing. it was great. we went out for beer at a brewery and got food afterward. yesterday we hit the outlets and came home.

      FR: beer tastes amazing after a hike

        Morning all.  So happy that the last two weeks are over.  I hate being so insanely busy that I don't have time to breathe!  And can I just say that I detest time change!!!


        rr: lots of running this weekend.  did a 17 mile long run on SAturday morning, 10:15 pace (holy cow where did that come from???) then 7 miles yesterday.  Legs are exhausted and feet are super tired.  definitely rest day today, and tomorrow will hit up the elliptical.  Exchanging one run day for elliptical for a while cause my foot has been acting up a bit.  Just being cautious...


        nrr: after 2 weeks of craziness I'm looking foward to having some down time this week and with spring break.  At the moment the only plan I have is to see Oz on Thursday night.


        fr: haven't been great, mainly because I've been eating a lot of sweets lately...


        rtr: I never get used cars, I just don't trust them, and in the end I think you get a better deal with new when you factor in warranty and perks for the first few years that everyone has these days.


        sjpBlush wish we had places to hike around her. I really enjoy it, but the areas we have almost aren't worth the drive to get there... back to the treadmill for a few weeks now?


          Morning!  That weekend went by way too fast...


          RR - Ran a strong race at the half on Sunday - I finished a minute over my PR, which I was initially pretty disappointed over, but I keep telling myself that I'm adding miles/endurance training for the full, and I haven't done any speedwork or half marathon specific training, so oh well. It was really nice to be able to kick it in gear and spend the last 3-4 miles flying past just about everyone. Taking an extra rest day today as my legs are still pretty tight/sore - planning on climbing with DBF after work though.

          NRR - Had a pretty entertaining weekend - DBF and I went out to our favorite pizza place on the beach on Saturday (it was really pretty nice out!). Right after we sat down, the waitress was bringing a tray full of sodas to the table next to us and somehow wound up dumping them all over DBF and I! At least we got a free pitcher of beer and a chuckle out of it, and the pizza was tasty as always. I got a good amount of homework done yesterday, just one more week until the final! I'll be glad to have a few weeks off from school, especially since I think it will start getting pretty busy at work soon.

          FR - Chicken quesadillas last night, pan fried pork chops w/veggies and sweet potato fries tonight.


            Good morning!  I agree with everyone that the weekend DID go by way too fast.

            RTR: So sorry about your accident but glad that you weren't hurt.  Did you and DF stick together during the trail race?  I have a new Ford Focus (2012) bought it last April.  I LOVE IT!  Great car and Ford seems to have great service as well.  I've had a couple of little problems with it and they have fixed it all without charging me and given me a loaner while they were fixing.  Mine is an SEL and it's a beautiful Sea Glass green color.

            SJP: Your weekend sounds lovely. Did you get any good buys at the outlet mall?

            OU: Are you on spring break now?  Are you on quarters or semesters?  One of my DD's is finishing up her 2nd quarter this year the other is in the midst of her last semester.

            Seattle: Which pizza place is your fave?  Did you like the trail?  That is very close to where TLC lives.  You did have a great day for the half, that's for sure. : )


            RR: Ran on Friday and also did stairs in the middle of my run.  TLC has a place in his hood where there is a 100+ step stairway, so I ran then did the stairs 5 times and finished the loop.  I did that twice. It took a little over an hour.  I was going to run another time over the weekend but we got involved in a painting project so it didn't happen. Meeting friends for a run at 10 this morning.

            NRR: Went up to TLC's on Thursday thinking I'd be heading home early Saturday, didn't work out that way.  We just hung out and wound down on Thursday night.  Woke up Friday morning and we knew we were going to see a jazz group that night but had no plans for the day except TLC going for a bike ride and me going for a run at some point.  We went to Home Depot because TLC wanted to look at colors to paint his living/dining area.  That turned into a spontaneous painting project.  So the weekend was spent painting and then doing various things while paint dried - run/bike ride, going to concert, went to Seattle Bike Expo, went to the mall to walk around, etc.  I ended up staying there until 6 PM last night when we finished painting and got his house put back together.  He chose "Moroccan red" for two walls (opposite walls) and "spiced gingerbread" for the other two walls.  Very bold, southwestern looking colors.  It turned out awesome.  We worked great together too and had fun doing it.

            FR: Lots of eating out this weekend - but most of it fairly healthy except for the fish and chips at the English Pub.  Other than that we mainly had salads and soups when we went out.



              I ended up running an easy 4 over lunch, my legs are still pretty tight but it felt good to get them moving and loosened up a little.


              rtr - that trail race sounds tough but awesome!  Glad you weren't too badly inured in your fall - I've taken plenty of tumbles myself.  I am definitely a klutz when it comes to hiking/trail running!  Woohoo for buying a new car, that will be exciting!  Hope you can get a good deal on one.


              sjp - no climbing over the weekend, I was wiped out from the half... planning on lots this week though (and maybe a hike as well)!  Your weekend with DBF sounds awesome - I agree, beer is amazing after hiking.  Hope the charlie horse goes away soon - I had one that stuck around for almost an entire day the first time I ran a full and it was pretty awful!


              ou - enjoy spring break, you've been so busy lately you deserve a rest!  Way to rock your running over the weekend - that is a great LR pace!  I hope you are able to get lots of sleep and relaxing time in this week.


              Mia - favorite pizza place is Pegasus Pizza on Alki - it's so good!  and they have huge pitchers of beer Wink  I really liked the trail, it was fantastic to run on!  Super cold at the start but it ended up being great weather.  Glad you had a lovely weekend with TLC!