Weight Loss Dailies


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    java-oh wow, that is too bad about the yoga studio, especially since its so much work to get a new business off the ground. that is great she has a new plan though, hopefully it works out! new carpet will be great. how is winston doing?

    mia-i drive to the gym and then run from there/get ready before work. even though i only live 4.5 miles from work, it takes over 20 minutes to drive during rush hour (so dumb). i beat the rush at 6 am when there is no traffic, then only have to drive a mile from the gym to my parking lot and saves me a lot of time. saw mtn pics on fb, that looked awesome!

    seattle-glad you are feeling better. yay for finally being in the house! is dbf living there alone?

    RR: 6 rainy miles this morning, just light rain, so not uncomfortable. stretched and foam rolled a lot afterward.

    NRR: nothing too much going on, catching up on tv with dbf tonight since its raining probably. glad its already thursday. seem to be having some phantom girl issues, stomach is cramping as is my back, but no show for a real ttom.

    FR: need groceries, but kind of avoiding it...bc its raining. haha. i'm sure i can find something in the freezer....



      RR: Probably taking a break today, it's another rainy day and thunderstorms are rolling through.

      NRR: beautiful day yesterday up on the mountain.  Down at home it was cloudy, gray and overcast. Woken up by boomers this morning.  Orderd a couple of pair of jeans from Eddie Bauer, thought I needed to go up a size but they are swimming on me, so now I have to deal with returning them.  Oh well, feel better that I haven't gained that much weight, I'm just feeling it.  Think I may hit up an Eddie Bauer store today and see if I can exchange there.

      FR: Make some gnocchi primavera for dinner last night.  Pretty good.  DD came over and ate with me, she has been at her dog sitting/ house sitting gig.  I did get some ice cream yesterday and it kind a won last night.


      Seattle: Ugh sorry about you being sick!  Not fun!  Did you still do Whole30 while sick?  Cool that DBF is all moved into the house.  I bet it looks great.

      SJP: I am having the same thing going on, keep having monthly symptoms but then a no show.  I was attributing it to my age.  It's really annoying.



        RR- Rest day today, will probably do 3 or 4 over lunch tomorrow.  My lungs are still not feeling perky but definitely better than they have been for the last week and a half or so!


        NRR - Had a nice relaxing night with DBF yesterday, just watched Mean Girls and fell asleep early.  Woke up to a thunder and lightning storm this morning, which was kinda cool - we've been having some crazy bipolar weather lately.  Cooking dinner for my mom and my brother tonight, so that should be fun - it's a great day to stay cozy in the kitchen it looks like!


        FR - Making bacon wrapped dates, parmesan sage pork chops and roasted potatoes and veggies for dinner, hope it turns out well!



        sjp - DBF is living there alone at the moment (HOORAY HOORAY!!!) and I will probably move in sometime in the next few months or so Smile  I hate the phantom girl issues... hope they go away soon!  Sounds like we are cozy rainy day twins today!


        Mia - I mostly did Whole30 while I was sick, which wasn't too bad because I didn't have much of an appetite and didn't want to eat much of anything anyways!  I hadn't been sick like that in over a year, ugh.  Mmm, gnocchi sounds so delicious!  And perfect after a day of hiking/being outdoors.  Sometimes I feel like the best part of that is coming home to a hot shower, big meal and a cold beer!