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    rtr-mmm i love sweet potato chili, its so delicious. hope you got a head start on your grading this weekend, that is a lot of papers!

    seattle-those are the best weekends, long runs, football and a good mix of social stuff and relaxing. hope your teams faired well!

    MC-how was the race, sounds like a blast! i love busy weekends, but its hard when you never get down time to catch up and sleep.

    RR: I ran 5 after work friday and it was chilly, so that put me at 15 for my long run. SAturday i ran 10 and it was pretty cold again, but not too windy. Sunday i ran 7 and it was really nice out, did p90x last night after my friend left.

    NRR: weekend was okay. my friend is doing okay but the truth is that I don't really have anything in common with her, we really were only friends at college because we had the same classes and i haven't really been in touch in a while. we talked and went shopping then out for dinner. it was a little hard bc i felt like she was stirring up drama/liked the attention and was texting everyone from her job (small town news travels fast sort of thing). ah well, friend duty fulfilled right?!

    FR: went out for mexican, it was okay, but probably won't go back there


      Good morning!


       RR– Up early for a 5 mi run before work this morning… probably do the first half on the treadmill since it will still be dark out!  Had a nice 12 mi run on Saturday, my legs were a little tight/tired but I finished the run with no problem.


      NRR – Busy but good weekend!  Went to coworker’s baby shower on Saturday, then made pizza and watched the Husky football game with DBF on Saturday evening (much better this week!).  Got lots of homework/laundry/etc done yesterday so I am happy about that.  Today should be the tail end of the business at work, and then it will ease up a bit later in the week I think.  Heading over to watch the Monday Night Football game with mom and brother after work tonight.


      FR – No idea what’s for dinner, but probably something healthy…  my mom joined WW a few weeks ago and has lost almost 15 lb already so that’s great!


        Hi all,


        RR: The silly "Dead Celeb" 5K was really fun Friday night. DD and her DBF cheered me on, then DH met us all for a marg or two afterward. This is the first year for the event, and it was quite successful, so I'm looking forward to next year already. I was quite slow but didn't much care. I am really on a mission this week to run or do yoga every day, though. My weight is starting to creep back up. So will focus on no alcohol during the week, and watching the snacking after supper. Hoping that gets it under control again.


        NRR: Really dreary day today here after a beautiful weekend. Not  much exciting on the horizon this week, so maybe I'll tackle some house projects in the evenings this week.


        SJP: Great that you were able to keep up the runs even with your friend visiting. Yes, I would chalk that up to friend obligation checked off. It's so hard to know how much effort to put into old relationships.


        Seattle: Sounds like a fun Monday night for you! That's a great way to start off the work week. Congrats to your mom for losing the 15 pounds, that's terrific. That's pretty much what I need to lose.


          Definitely going to be a slow week at work... sometimes it's so hard to shift gears back and forth between super busy and super not!


          sjp - Huskies won and hopefully the Hawks will tonight as well.... then I will be happy!  bummer on your friend causing drama, but that is super sweeet of you to put up with it and spend time with her so that she can vent (especially if you aren't super close and don't have a ton in common!).  I have been craving mexican food recently... need to go get some ASAP and maybe a big fat margarita too Smile


          MC - glad you had a nice weekend with beautiful weather and a fun costume run!  I'll have to try and find one of those to do next year.  I am with you on the needing to cut back on the alcohol and the snackies during the week...  winter is always my tough spot, especially when daylight savings time hits and it's dark the entire time I'm off work... argh!