Weight Loss Dailies


The Thursdailies! (Read 9 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Um nothing yesterday, but I did swim 1200 yards on Tuesday.  We had a snow day then, so I was able to go to the Y by my house, which was really nice.  It was my first time going to that Y.  Today I probably won't have a chance to workout either because I have to hurry home so I can be there for the cable guy.  Tomorrow I will either go for a run or a swim.


    NRR:  We had a snow day on Tuesday, which was really nice.  Since then, I've just been busy at work.  Trying to get caught up on my grading as usual.  We've been trying to get our cable fixed for months, and they're coming out here again tonight, so hopefully they'll finally fix the problem, otherwise we'll have to switch providers.  Nothing else really going on here.


    FR:  I made crockpot chilli that DH was supposed to plug in yesterday, so we went to Carabba's instead.  He remembered to plug it in today, so we'll have that tonight.



    Seattle:  Your office party sounded like fun, but who schedules a holiday party with an open bar on a weekday?  Clearly they should have that on a Friday!


    OFS:  Nice job on having to adjust your belt!  It sounds like you're really doing well with the weight loss!


    MIA:  It sounds like you're getting in at state farm at a great time!  Good luck with your training!


    SJP:  A concrete seminar?  How was it?  I guess I don't realize what could possibly be said about concrete that would take all day!


    Have a great day!



      mia-i agree about the vacation time. if you aren't traveling, working on the friday after won't be that bad to do. typically its slower during the holidays and you can 'catch' up on work if you need to! glad you are enjoying it so far.

      seattle-don't be hard on yourself, i'm sure you looked great at the holiday party! however, I understand the photo thing and knowing that you aren't where you have been or want to be. you are great at diet/excercise so i'm sure the vanity pounds will be gone in no time.

      rtr-yay for a snow day, that is a great surprise mid week. concrete seminar was fairly interesting, it was on design so a lot of math and building code stuff. its sort of boring in a math sense but concrete as part of building design is the fun part. i say fun in an engiNERDing sort of way. haha. mmm chili!

      oldfatslow-great job rocking the weightloss. that is fantastic!

      RR: 5 easy miles this morning and then 55 min of elliptical. we did ab ripper last night. i am definitely getting stronger and can make it all the way through the workout.

      NRR: weather looks frigid for our race this saturday. high of 15-20*. looks like a double spandex, 3 shirt kind of day!

      FR: had chicken stir fry last night, was pretty good.

        SJP, 5 miles and then 55 minutes of more exercise on top of that?  Wow!  Thought I was doing good when I get 40 minutes total, but you must have had about 2 hours.


        FR, plugging in the crockpot is definitely a DH skill.


        RR, tonight will either be a run (in snow) or calisthenics.  Think DW has to go out, so not sure I want to leave DS watching tv alone while I run.  Otherwise I'd run tonight.  Honest I would.


          Good morning!  a little late today!


          RR- Had a nice but cold 3 mi run over lunch today, will lift at the gym with DBF after work tonight.


          NRR- Slow day at work yesterday and not much after work either since I was so tired.  I went to look at a room in an apartment that is close to work and month to month, my roommates and my commute are both driving me a little crazy at the moment.  There were several other people looking at the place as it is a really good deal so we will see if anything comes from that.  DBF and I are still thinking of moving in together in the spring but it'd be nice to be close to work/etc until then!  Probably just cooking dinner and watching TV with DBF after the gym - so nice to not have schoolwork hanging over my head right now!


          FR- Thinking honey baked chicken thighs with roasted veggies and potatoes.


            Only 1 day left this week.


            RR: UGH!

            NRR: I did get all my school work done this week.  Just in time to start the new week on Saturday.

            FR: I've taken my lunch everyday this week and my DD has actually made dinner which is nice.  Last night we did eat mexican because she had to get some things so I took her to the store (she doesn't have a car and isn't on my insurance yet) and then we ate out.  I may buy at the cafeteria tomorrow but I haven't decided for sure.


            RTR: Sounds like everything is going great with your pregnancy, new house, new husband - Wow LOTS OF CHANGES!!


            SJP: no work for me to catch up on since I haven't really started working.  I'll still be in training.  I guess for those of us who come in that day we are going to get to do a "sit by" - or job shadow someone who is currently doing what we will be doing.  How far is the race on Saturday?


            OFS: nice job on the belt tightening.


            Seattle: even if you are looking at other rooms/apartments, DBF won't budge on moving in together earlier?  Sorry you aren't happy with your living arrangement.