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    Morning! is it cold where you are?

    seattle-that is great your new roommate is cool and has an opposite schedule. i find roommate situations work best when you both have some time at the apt alone--at least have a balance!

    mc-ooh, do you have a marshalls/tj maxx there? they have great deals on softshells and good brands. i got dbf a marmot softshell for $39 there this weekend. its $140 in retail stores. yikes, i've seen the delays on the news about the airports, hopefully ds will make it soon! though he may not want to make it back to maine, its cold here right now!

    RR: ab ripper x2 last night was hard but i'm not sore today and could make it through the workout, so must be working! 7 miles on the treadmill this morning and then 35 min on the elliptical. we are doing a lifting workout tonight.

    NRR: eh, kinda slow at work still so that isn't very fun. have 1 project due friday and my boss is super frustrating/can't make up her mind so its sort of annoying to deal with. otherwise, only tuesday i guess...

    FR: need groceries but trying to stretch another day so can use up the rest of my stuff...


      Good morning!

      RR: I ran both Sat and Sun this past weekend and it felt nice.  Definitely a stress reliever. Still trying to fit it in during the week.

      NRR: We are back to a normal schedule again and learning pertinent information for our job again.  The things we did the past two weeks was definitely just fluff and filler.  Not complaining because I did get paid but the day goes much faster when it's interesting.  Back to school work again as well.  I only have 5 more weeks - I can do it! Also back to just DD and I in the house and it's not feeling as small.  This house is good for 2 or 3 people at the most and then it feels very claustrophobic.

      FR: I feel like I have my food under control again, just did a shop so have lots of healthy things in the house and didn't buy any sweet stuff or trigger items.  I still crave them but they aren't around to grab easily.  I've been packing lunch everyday just because I'm frugal.  Just have to work on exercise more again.


      Sjp: Glad you had such a nice weekend with your family.  Is this the "come to Jesus" weekend with DBF's mom?  Wow she must have been a witch while you were there.


      Seattle: Glad you are settling in to your place and enjoying it.


      MC: Sounds like you had a great vacation, I hope taking two weeks off didn't cause massive amounts of work to catch up on.  Will you still be traveling lots?


      OFS: Nice job on keeping your weight under control during the holidays.  I think that is the hardest time to keep focused.


        1F at my house this morning.  Think it will stay in the single digits today.  But honestly, anything above 0 shouldn't get too much complaining in January (even though we complain anyway).  In February I expect more nice days around 30F, an inexpensive ski resort, no crowds, no wind, and groomed cordurory!


        RR, soccer game last night was cancelled, so I instead did calisthenics this morning.  Would like to run this evening, but have Cub Scouts to go to, so don't know if I will make any time to run tonight.  Plus, I know the trail must be icy as heck, since everything melted quite a bit before the Artic freeze came back.


        FR, was out of cookies yesterday so didn't have any for lunch.  But I brought bag of 9 dates and survived.  DW made a new batch of cookies last night.  It is definitely easier to eat less while at work, because I bring a lunch and pretty much measure out exactly what I bring.  As long as I don't hit the snack machine or go to a sub shop during the day, I'm set. (Takes another swig from Poland Spring water bottle).


        MCinFoCo, alcohol is tough for me with regard to a diet.  As far as just drinking goes, I'm fine in never gettng addicted, only drinking in moderation, yadayada.  But as relates to food, it is crushing.  Alcohol makes me so hungry, probably lowers my dieting inhibitions.  2 beers and then I'm looking for a bag of chips, and a pizza.  A glass of wine is followed by a brick of cheese and a bag of crackers.  So I try to hold off on my alcohol until Sunday night, if possible.  Go out for an afternoon of sledding in the cold, then come back inside, feed the woodstove, sit down, warm up, and relax and have a couple of beers, watch some football and then eat.  Ahhh, so sleepy.