Weight Loss Dailies


The Thursdaillies! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm not sure on this yet, but probably a run after work.  I'm thinking four to six miles.


    NRR:  I have been dragging all week, just feeling tired and lethargic.  Boo.  Last night I went to bed at 9:45 and am still super tired this morning.  Here's hoping my coffee does the trick.  Not too much going on today.  Work, then I need to grade some tests, go for a run and that's about it around here.


    FR:  The usual.  I made black beans with mixed veggies and avocado last night.  It was delicious.


    MIA:  That's great that you and DBF were able to distract each other about the things that are bothering you.  I hope they get the bike back!


    Have a great day!



      seattle-i think homemade pizza and beer is my favorite meal. can't beat that combo!

      snowed-hope the weather cooperates for your boats first voyage today! have you noticed a difference with upping calories with night snacking/feeling less starved etc?

      rtr-maybe just hard to get in the groove after vacation?

      RR: ran 10 this morning but no elliptical. kind of half tapering this week i suppose. haha.

      NRR: the landlords are showing our house tonight (6 showings! every 15 min from 6-730), its crazy how fast nice places get snapped up in this town. i'm thinking possibly a haircut. otherwise i am going to scope out some wedding shoes for my sister and peruse by myself. i'm excited. dbf has a work function so won't be coming with me.

      FR: made cornbread to go with my salad last night, yum!


        Hi all,


        RR: I got my 10 miles in last night and they felt great! I was kind of surprised at how fast the miles flew by. My phone died about 3 miles from the end so I'm sure what was pace was (I use the RunKeeper app) but I at least feel like I'm not going to choke on my half coming up. I just did a flat course last night instead of the hilly course that this race is on. I think I'll do a 12-miler next weekend on that hilly course.


        FR: I grilled some sweet potatoes and carrots and those little sweet peppers in the oven last night with olive oil and garlic. So good! Also cranked up the grill and did some salmon fillets that I had in the freezer.


        RTR: I was really draggy on Tuesday ... just couldn't shake it. So I took myself to a movie (Admission, it wasn't that great) early in the evening and went to bed early. It seemed to work miracles because I felt much better yesterday. Philly marathon in November sounds great! Do you typically follow a particular training plan for marathons?


        Mia: Your dinners/chats with DBF sound so restorative and relaxing! I love your running + gardening cross training program.


        Snow: Hope your boat outing goes well! How did your 10-miler go yesterday?


        Seattle: Did you get your hike in or did it turn into climbing at the gym? I bet learning the accounting software is fun -- it's always interesting to check out new tools.


        SJP: My half is coming up on April 21 -- I do this one as a prep/practice run for one in early May that I always do to try to beat my time from previous year. The April 21 one is a big elevation climb, and the second one is an easy downhill. Yes,  I think the road trip with my mom/sister will be really fun! Just a lot to get ready tonight ... I have procrastinated on doing laundry/packing, as usual.


          Good Morning!

          RR: Not sure today, friends are running at 11 and I can't run then.   I may rest today, my body is achey from yard work.

          NRR: I was hoping to plant some things yesterday but ended up spending most of the day waiting for the police to show up, so I cleaned house instead.  I cleaned both bathrooms, kitchen, dusted everywhere, vacuumed all floors and did laundry.  Other news - I got an email yesterday with a questionnaire and a test for a job I applied for about a month ago, did them both right away and got an email back yesterday night for a phone interview today!

          FR: Meh.


          RTR: I think the week after vacation is always hard.  Do you have anymore time off before the end of the year?

          sjp: So is everyone moving out or does the landlord find someone to take your place and the roommate will still be there? That's a lot of showings, but what  a PITA you have to be out.

          MC: nice job on your 10 last night!!  Is your DH out of town or did he go to the movie with you?



            Mia: DH did not go to movie with me: He had a pile of work to do and wanted to listen to baseball at the same time ... he's not much of a movie guy. Usually my mom's my movie buddy but I just thought up this plan at the spur of the moment. Great news on the job interview!! How did it go?


              Interview went great!  I have a face to face tomorrow for a better position!  She said I did great on the test - especiallynthe math and insurance questions, so has a finance position that I am interviewing for.