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    Morning! its hot here! finally feels like summer, 80* Smile


    java-hoe you are feeling better today. sinus infection is not fun.

    mia-I am looking into the charges/state laws here. I think they charged us and aren't not legally allowed to for normal wear and tear. I doubt I'll get my money back though.  Sorry about the rejection letter, something will come up!

    seattle-all carbed up?! glad the weather looks good.

    rtr-how was your massage? at least with grades in that early--you'll be all set for the last few weeks of school? that doesn't make sense, there must be more grades after that?

    MC-so great you got some answers from the pt!!! that must be such a relief. can you KT tape yourself, seems like you'd need DH to help tape your back.

    snowed-that is so cool you get to see all that stuff on your boat. i'd be a little nervous with the big animals too--but how many people get to see whales?!

    RR: 8 miles this morning and then 2 miles of elliptical. i felt a little tired this morning. it was warm though, so that felt nice for a change! not sure how long tomorrow, might try 10-11 and then 6k with my sister sunday.

    NRR: think dbf and i are hitting golf balls after work with a couple friends. trying to get another couple to play with, so his wife is trying out my extra set to get started with golf. hope she likes it!

    FR: tried trader joes chocolate almond granola clusters, and wow, yum.


      Good morning!


      RR: Nada today. My sinus infection seems to be a bit better, but now (TMI alert) I'm in the coughing it up phase. Decided that wasn't too good for running so I'm giving myself off until Sunday. Yoga last night was killer - between the heat, humidity, and my sinus infection I felt like I was going to pass out.


      NRR: Hopefully a fairly quiet weekend. My mom's yoga studio has its grand opening tomorrow, but I'm only going for the first class and maybe the reception later in the day. I've done a ton of legal work for her and her business partner to get it off the ground (and there is a lot left to be done), so they invited me by tonight for a surprise, which I'm sure I will love. DH is working Sunday, so I'll probably take the boys to the neighborhood pool and just hang out.


      FR: picked up sushi on my way home last night - YUM!! Tonight is either pita pizzas or something out after I meet up with my mom and her partner.



      sjp - I so wish I could golf. My dad goes 5 days a week and I went a few times before I got pregnant with Big B. Now I just feel like I don't have the time to try taking it up again.  I'm sure you'll be able to do your 10 with no problems!


        Good morning!  I tried to post earlier but my internet wasn't working very well and it kept getting eaten...


        RR- Rest day today, 2 mi tomorrow, and then North Olympic Discovery Marathon on Sunday!  My legs feel pretty good, and I've run 14 and 10 as long runs since my last marathon.  I guess I will find out on Sunday how recovered they really are... haha!  I am not really going for any time goal, just hoping to have a fun and strong race!


        NRR- DBF and I are leaving work a little early today to head over to the Olympic peninsula.  I am pretty happy about that, work has been super slow the last few days!  Funny how it goes so quickly from crazy busy to not much at all to do once the month end stuff is over.  I am getting even more responsibilities this next month though so that's good!  Just really looking forward to spending a weekend away with DBF...  it was really nice of him to book the room for us, he is just so thoughtful!  Smile


        FR- Not sure tonight, spaghetti tomorrow!


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Happy Friday!

          SJP:  We're supposed to get some hot weather in the coming week as well.  I"m still wearing capri's and long sleeve shirts for running right now.  I am looking forward to the sun and heat, but not running in it.

          Java: I don't think a yoga and sinus infection would be good with the different positions.  Hoping you feel better soon.

          Seattle: I can't wait to hear how you like NODM.  Hope you beat the traffic.  Are you taking the ferry from Seattle or driving the whole way?


          RR: Yesterdays run was cold and wet, but ran about 7.5 miles.  Today planning to do the hills in my hood.

          NRR: no plans right now for the weekend.  Was supposed to go to a movie with (not sure if I should call him this) DBF but he said he didn't sleep well last night so said no movie.  Not sure if we're still getting together or not.

          FR: not much to say here, it's boring cooking for only 1.  not getting too creative.





            RR:  I'm planning on heading to the pool after work for 1200-1600 yards.  I'm sure I'll love it as it is super hot here!  I'll probably take tomorrow off and then go for a run on Sunday.


            NRR:  Finally Friday!  Tonight DF and I are hanging out, then tomorrow we're going to meet with the pastor who's marrying us.  Sunday I'm meeting up with a friend to go see the Great Gatsby.  It should be a very nice weekend.  The massage last night was very relaxing.  Too bad I can't get one of those on the regular.


            FR:  The usual.



            SJP:  Nice job on the eight miles!  Are you actually golfing or just hitting balls at the driving range?  I've only done the driving range thing and if that was any indication, I would be a terrible golfer.


            Java:  Ooh, a surprise sounds nice!  Do you have any idea what it is?


            Seattle:  Good luck with the marathon on Sunday!  Enjoy your weekend away with DBF!


              Good Morning!


              RR- Yesterday's run was just not working out. I tried to take the dog with me and we ended up doing under three miles in just over 40 minutes. We do that faster walking! I dropped her off at home and went out again hoping for a long run. It ended 4 miles later. It was pretty humid, making tons of bugs come out. So many that I kelp inhaling and choking on them. All I wanted to do was stop and walk, which is when I decided to cut it short. Then I got home and was walking up the stairs and realized my trail shoes(New Balance WT1010) were already torn. I'e had them for exactly 2 months and they are already falling apart. I looked and I only have 150 miles on them(Brooks are doing great). The soles are doing pretty good and I'll keep wearing them til the fabric totally falls apart, but ow frustrating!


              NRR- same same.


              FR- Went grocery shopping and avoided that crap. Today's a new day and I need to get it under control!


              sjp- um.. those chocolate clusters sounds amazing. Race with your sister? Does she run as much as you do?


              Java- Have a good time at the yoga opening! Hope it all goes smoothly.


              Seattle- Have a great weekend! Its great that your legs are feeling so good. Have an awesome race and enjoy the hotel!


              Mia- Problems with DBF? Is he still acting weird? Maybe he just has other stressors in his life? Enjoy your hopefully sunny weekend!


              rtr- How awesome would it be to get massages regularly?! I get them maybe once a year, if that. And every time I do I tell myself I'll put some money towards massages but it never happens.


                Hi all,


                RR: Will do a quick 3 miles at some point. Focusing on doing some bridges for back recovery today.


                NRR: Hoping to get some yard work done this weekend -- our lawnmower is broken and the grass is going wild. Plus, we have a horrible bindweed problem that I have to do battle with every spring. Other than that, not much. Hoping to get the raft out on the river before the water drops much. We're gearing up for a family beach trip, leaving one week from today. So looking forward to it ... my mom, both sisters and their families at a beach in North Carolina for a week. I seriously can't wait. Love to run on the beach, too!


                SJP: Wow, your temps are hotter than ours right now. Hope it goes better than you think with the rental cleaning charges. Yes, I am really happy about the PT, especially that she felt like what she does is compatible with the chiro. I had an adjustment yesterday, too, and the chiro really approved of the PT -- not sure why she didn't recommend that earlier, honestly.


                Java: I share your love of sushi -- my favorite "fast" food sushi (sounds horrible but was really good) just switched to a full-service restaurant, which bums me out. I loved just stopping in there for a quick tiger roll and edamame. Will be fun to see what your surprise is!


                Seattle: Have fun in the race this weekend! Hope your perfect weather holds. And enjoy that hot tub post-race.


                Mia: Good for you to knock out those miles in the rain! Hope you get a chance to have a good talk with DBF this weekend and see what's up.


                RTR: I thought you'd like that massage -- I try to get one once a month, but wish I could afford once a week, honestly.


                Snow: That is weird that your NB shoes are falling apart. I wore NB for years with great success. Maybe the effort to keep them light has made for sacrifices in some of the materials. Good job on soldiering through the run even when it wasn't going well. Better runs ahead!