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    Mia- The forums are giving me trouble too, have the time they work, and have of the time it returns an error.

    RR: 8 easy miles and 2 mi elliptical. without knowing it, was running faster toward the end with definite negative splits. felt good to go faster, cutback week must be working!

    NRR: dbf and i went to the driving range last night. tested out my new driver and hit it pretty well. no big plans for the weekend yet, which never happens so its nice to choose what we want to do! thinking golf one day and a bike ride the other. also have to go to the outlets so dbf can get some stuff for fly fishing at L.L Bean.

    FR: definitely grocery shopping tonight--i am out of food.

      morning all!  Happy Friday, and longest day of the year.  Take advantage of the extra light and get out for a run!


      rr: crossfit super early this morning.  Lots of upper body work today, gonna be sore!  Hope to get in a longish run this weekend, maybe 8-10 time depending.


      nrr: yesterday was another crazy busy day, ran around like mad. hate days like that!  So glad its the weekend (and my birthday), i'm looking forward to some drinks and relaxing tonight.  No big plans - just going to a local bar for some grasshopper milkshakes!!!  Weekend should be fairly boring, going to see Monster U with the fam on Sunday for fathers day/ birthday celebration.


      fr: throwing it down today! been good all week.  Got a venti iced hazelnut machiatto at starbucks this morning!


      sjp: I love when the end of my runs get faster and I don't even realize it.  Just like your body loosens up and you get in the groove.  Hope your weekend stays open and relaxing!  Our tornado building: they are taking it down to structure/ slab/ deck.  I think that will be harder then wiping it clean- you have to deal with old column placement and roof heights, better then lots of random walls though!


      snow: I need to open up this message and send that watch!  I look at it every morning- thank god for weekends so I have the time to do it!


        Good morning!


        RR: DH fixed my treadmill!! Apparently one of the boys had hit a switch on the bottom of it that caused it to not work. Trying it out this afternoon!


        NRR: Nothing much tonight. Maybe just hanging in the backyard with the boys. Tomorrow is yoga and I'm getting a haircut, and Sunday we are taking the boys to a water park.


        FR: Same as always.



        ou - Happy birthday!! Enjoy your evening!


        sjp - woo hoo for negative splits!! DH is a fly fisherman too and is like a kid in a candy store when he gets to get new stuff! Hope DBF enjoys!


          Good morning!  Didn't have a chance to make ti back yesterday but hopefully today.


          RR - Had a fun 4 mi fartlek run yesterday, it felt good to throw some faster running in there and I actually passed some people on the trail! Hah. Today is a 3 mi lunch break run to break .in my new shoes, and then climbing at the gym after work.

          NRR - Yesterday was SO busy at work, and then traffic was awful - it took me over an hour to get out of downtown which is only 2 miles. I think it was just the first time it had rained in a while... yuck. After I saw my mom and grandma for a little bit I just went home, took a shower, read for a bit, and went to sleep. Today promises to be busy as well but hopefully nothing crazy stressful will go on. Need to get some groceries after climbing tonight and that's pretty much my only plan!

          FR - Skinnytaste chicken cordon bleu tonight w/leftover mashed potatoes and veggies. So yummy! Have been doing really well eating (and non-drinking)-wise this week


            Good morning!


            RR:  Yesterday I ended up with one barefoot mile during field day.  Part of my duties for the day was to go out and supervise the tenth graders during their run/walk for health at the track.  I decided to get some students to run with me, but I was wearing flip flops so I went barefoot.  After work I did arm weights.  Today I'm thinking a run of some distance, but I haven't decided what yet.


            NRR:  Last day of school for the kids!  I have to come back Monday for an inservice day, but then it is summer!  Last night DF and I had a lovely date night.  We went to an Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, then we went to this nice restaurant that over looks a fancy park and sat and had drinks and people watched.  It was really fun!  Tonight we'll probably just have a nice, low key evening.


            FR:  Nothing too exciting, besides the Ethiopian last night.



            SJP:  Enjoy your relaxing weekend with DBF!  Golf and a bike ride sound like great plans.


            OU:  Happy Birthday!  That grasshopper milkshake sounds amazing!


            Java:  Going to the water park sounds like fun!  Enjoy your weekend!


            Have a great day!


              Good Morning!  I had trouble dragging myself out of bed today.

              RR: I think I'm running with my friends this morning, waiting to hear from them.  If not I'll go for a run or walk on my own.

              NRR: No plans today, after the past couple of busy weekends that feels really weird.  DBF mentioned meeting him for lunch today since he's going away this weekend but I didn't hear anything from him after that, we still need to figure out where to meet.

              FR: Had a good day yesterday.  Bought lots of fruit and veggies at the store so really going to focus on eating healthy things.


              SJP: Do you like having a weekend with no plans?  I think it's more fun to have no plans with someone than it is to have no plans by yourself.   I don't think I've spent a weekend alone in a long time.

              OU: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your grasshopper milkshakes.  I don't think I've ever had one of those.

              Java: It will be nice to have your Treadmill working again I'm sure.  I miss mine. Ex brought over some parts of mine yesterday and claims he can fix it, but I'm not holding my breath.  I hope your water park is cleaner than the one by us.

              Seattle: DBF said traffic was really bad for him going home from Bellevue also.  You'd think WA peeps would know how to drive in the rain.

              RTR: Did you get lots of kids to run yesterday?  What did you have at Ethiopian?  I've never had it before.



                Hi all:


                RR: Great yoga session with DD last night ... big fun to go to yoga with her again! But I stayed up too late last night uploading beach trip photos and couldn't drag myself out for run this morning, so I think I'll do a hike with dogs this evening.


                NRR: After yoga, DD and I went to a restaurant, sat outside and had big salads and really good wine. It's so fun to have her back! She's going to get busy with grad school work and friends soon enough, but it's nice to have such a long stretch of time to really hang with her again.


                SJP: Sounds like you have a great weekend coming up -- fun stuff, but not so action-packed you can't relax.


                OU: Wow, I must track down a  grasshopper milkshake. That sounds tremendous. Do you usually do Crossfit in the morning? Great way to start the day. Have a great birthday!


                Java: Yay to getting your treadmill back!


                Seattle: Boo to traffic. Our whole town is under construction, it seems, so we have horrible traffic problems this summer. Your early night sounds lovely. I need one of those!


                RTR: I think I've only had Ethiopian once but I really liked it. DH is really stuck on Mexican, with occasional forays to Thai food. Yay for your summer starting for real now!


                Mia: Hope your run with friends comes through--it's great that you have people to run with! Low-key weekend sounds kind of nice. I need to figure out something creative to do with all my fruits and vegetables this weekend. Thinking about making a curry and also grilling some fruit -- peaches, etc.