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    Morning! Who gets the day off?


    snowed-wow awesome run on your 'rest day'! that is the best feeling ever, when it feels effortless and amazing!

    mia-aw, sounds like DD's new boyfriend is very nice and treats her well. nice that you get to see her also! hope you had fun visiting with an old friend, that is the best. have you been checking job listings?

    seattle-saw you ran an awesome long run this weekend! no cold can slow you down!!! way to go. ugh, mid-terms are the worst, you can't be finished with them (unlike hw), til you take the test....

    RR: got in 13 miles outside on saturday! it was a little cold and spitting snow, so not sure i could've lasted longer without changing clothes, but i figured back to back 13 milers was good enough! 7 yesterday on the t-mill since we had more snow. and 10 this morning.

    NRR: nothign going on, at work today, no holiday for me. had a relaxing weekend. DBF and i went out with friends for dinner friday night, then met some other friends for drinks on saturday night. yesterday did nothing since it was so miserable out.

    FR: made sweet potato orzo last night--sort of risotto-esque. and had green beans and baked chicken with it. was delicious.


      Morning!  I am up early for work Sad


      RR - Got my 14 miler in on Saturday (felt great!), played some frisbee w/DBF after that, and not much else over the weekend due to the continuing cough and sniffles. Hopefully it will clear up soon! Today is 4 mi lunch break run and then lifting chest/tris/abs after work.

      NRR - Had a nice relaxing weekend - I wish it was a 3 day weekend but alas, I am off to work... boo. DBF and I went to happy hour and played cards on Saturday, then cooked up some delicious ribs and watched some TV before going to bed early... it was lovely. Hoping to get lots done today and then spend most of the evening studying for my midterm tomorrow. I think it will go well but I need to do some brushing up just to make sure!

      FR - Steak salad for lunch, then rice noodles w/stir fry chicken and veggies for dinner.



        RR: meeting my friend for a run in a half hour. Didn't run this weekend so legs should be rested.

        NRR:  went to TLC's house on Saturday night. We just begged because he was tired from his long bike ride in the wind and The rain. went for breakfast on Sunday and then worked on a jigsaw puzzle with TLC for a while. Home in the afternoon and hung out with DD. then she went out with a friend and I made TLC dinner and we watched Amazing Race and the SNL special. He took off early this morning to get some work done. FR:  ginger beef with bok Choy last night And brown rice. It was yummy. Unfortunately DD has been eating all my leftovers so i'll kneed to cook some more.


        Back for shouts later.



          sjp - yeah, I am a little anxious for the midterm since I haven't had a test with this professor yet.  I feel like they are much easier once you figure out the style of the prof and how he or she grades.  Oh well...  I will be glad when it's over with!  Way to go on your running over the weekend... you are so consistent and such a rock star!  Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend - sweet potato orzo sounds delicious!!


          Mia - mmm, ginger beef sound yummy - too funny on DD eating all your leftovers!  Hope you can find something yummy to cook up this week.  Glad you had a nice quiet weekend with TLC - sometimes the super low key weekends are the best!  I still feel like it went by way too quickly though!


            Had a nice run this morning. Legs felt good after a couple of days off.


            sip:  sounds like you had a nice weekend. Back to back 13 milers is awesome.  And that sweet potato orzo. . . Yummy

            Seattle:  14 miles is great when you had the cold. It seems like that's hanging on for the peeps who arE getting it. Yes, the weekend did go quickly. Good luck on your midterm.



              Hi everyone!  I followed you over here from Runner's World.  I posted a couple times over there, but life got in the way and when I went back you were all here Smile


              Anyway a little refresher- I'm from Chicago-area, 29 yo.  I did the Chicago Tri and Chicago Marathon both last fall.  I PR'ed at the marathon with a 3:30:01 so I am currently training for Boston (!!!).


              Even though I am training, the holidays got to me and I just feel a bit softer and know I need to get back with it.  My running is fine, but it is definitely needing to make sure I eat cleaner, cut back on the wine in the evening, and make sure I get in my weight training and core workouts.


              ANYWAY, I'm happy to "see" you gals again. I'll start with some dailies tomorrow.- Abby