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    Morning! flying through this week?

    mia-glad you had a good weekend! trip sounds exhausting but amazing. hiking is tough but can't get those views in marathons Smile yes we were back up and running on Monday, was smoky in here but otherwise fine.

    seattle-mmm sweet potato fries. haha i do the same thing when lifting without dbf, i just keep going right through it without stopping.

    MC-are you looking to summit katahdin? if so, will want to stay in millinocket and get in line early, they only let so many people up and have to be there early to be 'let on' the mountain i think. people really like knife's edge trail bc of the views. otherwise its your hiking preference, up steep, down less steep is typically my choice. haha.

    RR: 10 miles this morning. was chilly but okay. did 9 outside, 1 inside to warm up again. looks like nice weather this weekend so hoping for a hike!

    NRR: eh, still fighting something. my throat is dry. probably  nothing tonight, per usual, make dinner, watch tv or something. it gets dark early!

    FR: i think we are making mediterranean chicken, new recipe, we'll see how it goes! looks easy


      Good morning!  Took me an hour to get here this morning... ugh, hope the traffic settles down soon.  It's an 8 mile commute.


      RR- Had a nice lunch break run yesterday.  Probably a rest day today as I think DBF is going to be super tired from his travels.


      NRR- Still super busy at work!  Hoping it will slow down a bit in the next day or two so I can relax and enjoy the weekend.  Got lots of reading, laundry, etc done last night so that was good.  Thinking of just snuggling up and relaxing with DBF tonight.  Definitely much needed for both of us I think, we've both had busy weeks!


      FR- not sure on dinner tonight, but I am thinking some roasted brussels sprouts for sure.. so good.


      Back in a bit for shouts!



        RR: Possibly a walk today.  My body is still stiff from the hike, that really did a number to my legs.  I also fell and got a HUGE bruise/swollen area on my upper thigh/hip area.  It is the blackest bruise I have ever had.  FUGLY!!

        NRR: Yesterday did mostly school work and some laundry.  I was feeling stressed because I hadn't started my school work on Sunday or Monday like I usually do.  I got home on Tuesday and the broken printer threw me for a loop.  I have another printer but it wouldn't work because it was out of ink.  ACK!  Anyway got that issue resolved yesterday as well. Today more school work, have to run some errands - go pick up a prescrip for my daughter and mail some stuff.  If the lawn dries out I might mow, but that's up in the air.  I need to clean to, but it's not going to go away so that will probably wait for the weekend.  DBF is going fishing with his nephew this coming weekend so I won't see him again.

        FR: Finally feeling like I am getting back to "normal".  I was so bloated after the trip, I think from all the electrolytes and carbs we ate before the hike and during the hike.  I am trying to get back to a normal eating pattern and try to drop some weight.


        SJP: Mediterranean chicken sounds yummy! What's in it?  Let us know how it turns out.

        Seattle: Why do you think traffic is so bad?  Is there construction or do you think it's just because of school starting.  That has to be annoying.

        Do you have a set start time at work?

        MC: Is your race this weekend?  Did you decide to do the shorter distance?  Glad your back is getting better.

        RTR: how did the floors turn out?  What are you going to do to the house next?  Have you met any neighbors?

        Snow / OU: Are you out there???



          Hi all,


          RR: No run today but will try to squeeze in yoga this evening.


          NRR: Need to shop for a wedding gift for the friend's wedding we attended last weekend. We were so engrossed in helping them with preparations, setting up sound equipment, etc., that I forgot to get them anything. DD will shop with me, so should be fun.


          SJP: I think the plan is to summit Katahdin but we (DD, DS, and I) haven't really spent a lot of time talking about it. In fact, I'm just scrambling around the last couple of days figuring out where we're going to stay. Should have started on that long ago! I love all the lodges and cabins in the area, but they are really booked up. I finally took a very primitive cabin at Penobscot Outdoor Center -- which will officially be closed for the winter but they told me we could stay there if we're OK with pretty much roughing it. But at least some shelter will be better than having to haul our tents there. It will be an adventure! At any rate, we'll be there through a Monday, so maybe that would be the best day to do Katahdin, or at least I'm assuming there would be fewer crowds on a Monday.


          Seattle: Your planned evening of relaxing sounds so good. I really have a pile of cleaning to do, in addition to errands. We'll see how much I get done. How do you roast your brussel sprouts -- just douse them with olive oil and put them in the oven? That's how I do carrots, potatoes, etc. but haven't tried with brussel sprouts.


          Mia: Ouch, sorry about the bruise. I am prone to whacking my legs on counters, etc. and know how painful that is. You're probably retaining a lot of water weight right now from the hiking ... I bet the pounds start to slide off quickly. Sorry about your printer troubles. The race I was going to do last weekend got canceled because of the flooding, and no word yet on whether it will be rescheduled. I'm doing a little 5K the end of October with DD and her DBF --  a "Dead Celebrity" run, so it'll be more about the costumes than the running. Should be fun!


            sjp- fingers crossed the weather holds for you this weekend so you can get a hike in!  DBF and friends and I are planning on doing a trail 10K on Saturday and the weather looks pretty nasty - 50s, 100% chance of rain, and 16-20 mph wind.  should be fun!  I am definitely noticing the getting dark early thing as well...  it's always tough to get used to!


            Mia - good luck getting caught up on schoolwork today!  I feel like walking around as much as possible always helps me stretch out after a hike, even if it doesn't always feel the greatest.  I think there was a Microsoft company meeting near my work that made traffic especially crappy today... but mostly probably just school starting and winter coming.  blah!


            MC - man, I hope you get a relaxing evening soon - it's tough to come home from business at work to lots more stuff to do at home.  at least it's almost the weekend!  for brussels sprouts, I like to coat them in olive oil and toss them with Johnny's seasoning (yum), then bake at 400 for ~25 min until they start to crisp up and turn a little black on the outsides.  so good!