Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on going for a swim after work, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  We didn't end up going to the game last night, because it was raining and we knew there would be a rain delay.  We're just going to buy stub hub tickets on the day of next time when its a really nice day.  Today is work, going to the gym for a swim, then graduation tonight!


    FR:  The usual.



    OU:  That photo journal sounds like a good idea!  Nice job on the speedy six miles!  There’s a few things left to do, but I’ll be doing a lot of relaxing leading up to the big day.


    Java:  That’s nice that your stepfather is an orthopedic doc.  Hopefully he’ll have some answers for you.


    SJP:  I’ve seen a little bit of that North America series.  It looks really interesting.


    Seattle:  So, all this time you’ve been climbing without a rope?  Do you just do small walls?  Congrats on passing the test!


    MIA:  I imagine coffee shops that are not Starbucks are hard to find in Seattle.  I usually go to Starbucks myself because I love their mochas.


    Snowden:  Your fire fighting training in Texas sounds fun, but I can imagine that you’ll suffer after living in Alaska.  Especially since you just said it feels like winter again, even though its June!


      Good morning!


      RR - Today will be a rest day from running, might go climbing with DBF this evening, we shall see how everything NRR goes. I have been kind of tired this week so maybe a complete rest day would be a good thing.

      NRR - Starting to get busy at work again which is good! I've been in productive mode lately so I hope that sticks around. Had a nice relaxing night last night and even started reading for some of my classes which start next week! Tonight DBF and I are going to happy hour at our favorite pub with my cousin who just turned 21 a few months ago, so that should be fun! We'll see if we wind up going climbing after or just going home to curl up in bed and watch a movie... I am fine with either one, really - my arms are still sore from climbing on Monday!

      FR - Had grilled chicken w/mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts last night. Think I will treat myself to a grilled cheese sandwich tonight (with a side salad!) - they are delicious there, a mix of cheddar and swiss on sourdough. Mmm, I love grilled cheese!



        RR: Waiting for my TP to call with a running time.

        NRR: Wasn't very focused yesterday but I can get the rest of my schoolwork done today if I focus.  I have a test, a paper and my keyboarding left to do.  Went to DBF's last night and we went to a "Jazz Club" to hear a gypsy jazz group we like.  DBF made me dinner before we went which was a surprise.  He likes to cook now, it's kind of funny.  We had chicken with a chipotle/raspberry sauce on it and a salad with oranges, grapefruit and avocado.  Very yummy.  The Jazz Club wasn't what we were expecting.  It was actually a group of people (members of the club) who get together and listen to Jazz once a month.  They met in a hotel ballroom.  It was fun, we were seated  with some people we didn't know, chatted with them, and it turned out DBF knew some of the same people they know.  Small world.  It was a nice evening.

        FR: Did quite well yesterday.  No sugar - trying to wean myself off again.  Salad for lunch, lots of fruit and then the chicken and fruit salad for dinner.


        RTR:  Is the graduation at your school long and drawn out or short and sweet.  I suppose I could go to Starbucks but the one near me really isn't very big.  Not much seating.

        Seattle: Nice job on passing the climbing test.  Do you feel ready to tackle some of those outdoor climbs with DBF yet?  Sounds like you need a rest day.  Enjoy happy hour and your grilled cheese.  There is a place in Portland that only serves grilled cheese sandwiches - all different kinds.





          RR: Resting today.  Trying to workout every other day this week to give my joints a bit of a rest.


          NRR: Karate tonight and then a late Father's Day dinner with my dad. He has the boys today, so I'm hoping he's not too tired!


          FR: Nothing exciting.



          rtr - have fun at graduation!


          Seattle - I love grilled cheese too! Have fun tonight!


          Mia - Sounds like a very nice evening last night! Glad you and DBF had fun even though it wasn't what you expected.


            Hi all,


            NRR: Sorry for dropping off for a while ... beach trip, then long drive back with DD (was actually fun to talk for miles), then just got slammed with work as soon as I hit the office Monday afternoon so just now getting my head above water again. Really nice to be home, but beach was great time, too. Had some good hang-out time with my family.


            RR: I ran about 15 miles last week at the beach -- certainly not as much as I'd planned, but I'm OK with it. Now my mission is to get up early for a short run as many mornings a week as I possibly can. Went well this morning, at least! We have a big focus on biking to work this month as well, so I think I'll add some bike rides to work -- that will be about 16 miles round trip.


            RTR: Too bad the game got rained out. I'm with you -- I like just getting the tickets on StubHub so we can figure out whether the weather will cooperate first. Hope your swim today is great!


            OU: Did you run yesterday feel easier because of CrossFit? I bet you're getting smaller even though the scale might not be cooperating. I'm noticing a lot of running magazines adapting CrossFit workouts for runners lately.


            Java: I sympathize with you on your back. I think the thing that's really helping me lately is the specific exercises my physical therapist gave me. But the PT is very supportive of the chiro, too. So for now, I will keep them both on my team. In addition to the monthly massage! I guess I have to blame my advancing age for all this maintenance work.


            SJP: Has it been hot for your runs lately? You're getting some great mileage in again.


            Seattle: Congrats on the climbing test! That should open up some new possibilities for you. Cool that the house work is going gangbusters. I can see why DBF wants to get in there sooner than later. Grilled cheese sounds fantastic!


            Mia: Sounds like all is going great with DBF--that dinner he cooked is amazing! The Jazz club sounded fun.


            Snow: I'm with you on not logging food. I think the time that I really lost the most weight and kept it off for a few years was when I didn't log my food but just cut sugar, dairy, and alcohol (doesn't really seem possible now) and didn't eat any grains that weren't whole grains. I only weighed myself about once every 3 or 4 months. I like to think of myself as someone who can eat all that stuff in moderation, but in fact it just puts me about 10-15 over where I want to be. So I know what to do ... question is, will I ever do it again? Hmmmm.


              Good Morning!


              RR- Nothing for the past two days so something today!


              FR- I'm thinking veggie stir fry and rice tonight.


              NRR- Nothing special. Its my weekend and I'm really hoping work doesn't call. I'd like to run, walk the dog, need to clean, and... relax, or remember how to relax.


              rtr- Enjoy your swim.


              Seattle- Grilled cheese is so amazing. Enjoy your night out tonight!


              Mia- I need to wean myself off from sugar again too. I've had enough lately that my body thinks it sound be a normal everyday food.


              Java- Have a good belated Fathers Day with your dad. My family never really does much for holiday occasions but this year I was home for Mother's day and hiked with my mom so when Fathers Day rolled around I missed him a bit.


              MC- Sounds like were in the same boat food wise. I need to learn moderation again. But where to start?!

                hi all, late start today.  forgot about a meeting I had this morning so had to scramble and get ready for it!


                seattle: awesome that you will be moving into someplace nice! and without roomies!!!  I'm jealous of your climbing stuff. that will be so much fun.


                mia: real celebration was last weekend. I will probably go to the bar for drinks on my actual birthday but nothing too fun.  that dinner last night sounds really tasty!


                java: currently crossfit is kicking my tushy - but I can already tell a difference in getting stronger, can see muscles, and feel it when I'm running.  I just have to get that HIIT endurance up some - I've got great stamina and long term endurance, but my quick stuff is terrible! that and I have no upper body strength.


                mc: welcome back!  I think I am getting smaller in some areas - and I also think that muscle doesn't smush as easy into jeans as fat does!  I wasn't into crossfit until I noticed how many runner magazines were talking about it's benefits - and I was looking for a change anyways.


                rr: crossfit last night kicked me hard.  I didn't fuel properly during the day which was a huge issue I think.  That and it was just tough!  Did 6 minutes (as many reps as possible) of 6 box jumps and 6 kettlebell swings, rest 30 sec, then 4 burpees every 30 sec for 5 minutes.  I'm no good at burpees, and I was dying from the other stuff!  Oh well, I like it when I feel beat - makes me feel like I am trying my hardest.


                nrr: had a meeting first thing - one of our clients was hit by the tornadoes so we are doing a complete overhaul of the campus (its a vo-tech and almost all the buildings were hit and destroyed).  Was really sad to walk the site and see the massive damage.  Tornadoes do the weirdest things - you can't believe it until you see it (like leave half the building untouched while ripping the other side of it to shreds!).  need to vacuum tonight, but besides that I should have an easy night.


                fr: was really good yesterday and today I have been as well so far!


                  rtr - yes, so far we have pretty much been doing only bouldering, which is shorter walls with no ropes and big cushy mats on the floor to land on.  It is more strength and technique oriented (harder moves/shorter routes) and climbing with a rope is more endurance (at least at the beginning levels) since the routes can be a lot longer.  enjoy your swim tonight!  I can't wait to start getting back into a weekly routine with that again.


                  Mia - sounds like you and DBF had a lovely night last night, that jazz club sounds like a lot of fun!  Good luck buckling down and getting the rest of your schoolwork finished today.  It is more gray out than it has been so hopefully that will be less distracting!  A grilled cheese restaurant is pretty much my idea of heaven, haha.  I am not too sure about outdoor climbing yet but hopefully by the end of summer we will be ready to go try some easier routes.  I don't want to drive far and then have everything be too hard to climb!


                  Java - enjoy the belated father's day dinner - that's great that your dad gets to spend some time with the kiddos!  I think taking every other day off is a nice break every now and then, great that you are listening to your body and know when it needs a break.  I am getting better at that, although it's tough since I like to do so many different active/workout type things!


                  MC - glad you guys had a lovely beach trip!  It always feels kind of nice to get in the routine of things after a vacation but it's tough when you come back and are busy right away.  Hopefully things will start settling down again soon!


                  snowden - fingers crossed that you get a full weekend off and can get some relaxing time in, you deserve it with how busy you've been lately!


                  ou - man, I am so excited to not have roommates anymore...  although I've never lived with a bf before so I'm sure that will be a different sort of adjustment to make.  I think we will be fine though Smile  nice work on the crossfit last night!  I agree, I always feel like I've gotten a really satisfying workout in when I am just beat afterwards.  great that you have a relaxing night tonight to recover from it!